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This is a  case study in real time [ March 2006 ]. Frank Ellis is a doctor of Russian literature who served in the Parachute Regiment, the  SAS, was reasonably fluent in Russian and saw their propaganda output. He has views about politics and has taken public positions on them. He has been dealt with by suppression until recently. Now they are going for dismissal. There is the standard indignation from the left and from the followers of  Antonio Gramsci, the chief theoretician of the communist party who are exploiting our moral decay and destroying civilization.


University suspends lecturer in racism row who praised BNP
The Grauniad seems surprisingly fair about Doctor Ellis's position, factual rather than opinionated. They do not tell us that he is wrong but that is not because they like what he says.


Stephen Lawrence Murder_ Macpherson Report Disgraceful - Says Dr Frank Ellis
Doctor Ellis is quite right of course. Peter Hitchens, an ex-Marxist told us that Macpherson had made a pig's ear of it too [ A Brief History of Crime ]. Bill is the clan chief of the Macphersons and the honorary colonel of 21 SAS [ MACPHERSON OF MACPHERSON ] so he served for real and did his jumps but when it came to dealing with political shysters his bottle went and he pandered to them rather than taking it down the middle. Theodore Dalrymple makes the same point and rather well at Lawrence.

We were told about the antecedents of the presumptive murderers; they are career criminals but they were very quiet about Lawrence's rap sheet. Politics were far more important than justice. Rumour in Eltham at the time said that both sides were villains. One of the  witnesses, a black was dismissed by the courts as being a liar who could not be trusted.

The Macpherson Report Exposed !
'Anti-Racist' Hysteria
and the Sovietization of the United Kingdom

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Academic says that Macpherson Report was "disgraceful", and that freedom is threatened by ‘anti-racist’ agitators.

University lecturer Frank Ellis has published a devastating indictment of the Macpherson Report into the murder of black teenager Stephen Lawrence.

In The Macpherson Report: ‘Anti-racist’ Hysteria and the Sovietization of the United Kingdom, Dr Ellis, an expert on the Soviet Union, compares the Macpherson inquiry to the witch hunts and show trials of Stalin’s Russia, and calls for the commission for Racial Equality to be scrapped and all race relations laws to be repealed.

Dr Ellis says that the inquiry was conducted carelessly and in an atmosphere of hysteria, and that Sir William Macpherson was "naive" to lend his name to this "disgraceful document". Macpherson’s presumption that the murder was racially motivated, his uncritical acceptance of Marxist concepts and terminology, his “intimidation” of experienced police witnesses and his belief that only whites can be racist means that his Report is fatally flawed. His final conclusion - that the Metropolitan Police Force is "institutionally racist" - has exacerbated racial tensions, demoralised the police and opened the way for far-Left attacks on all institutions. In effect, Dr Ellis says, "The real target of the Macpherson Report is Britain itself".

Ellis continues: "Over the last quarter of a century, the racial-industrial complex, with its nasty, parasitic, semi-criminal fringe of self-styled ‘anti-fascists’ and ‘anti-racists’, has emerged as a very serious threat to our freedom". The experiences of dissidents in the former Soviet Union are increasingly relevant in the West, where certain subjects are avoided or discussed in an atmosphere of fear and hypocrisy. Most obviously, those who differ from the establishment line on race are today’s ‘enemies of the people’ and face vilification and even physical danger from ‘anti-racist’ zealots.

During an election campaign in which race has featured prominently - from the CRE’s gagging order, Conservative MP John Townend’s comments and the Oldham race riots to the slow hand-clapping of Jack Straw by disenchanted police officers - Dr Ellis’s booklet is a salutary reminder that this emotive issue will not go away. The booklet has been circulated widely within police ranks.


Right Now editor Derek Turner commented "We are delighted to publish this brave broadside against the ‘anti-racist’ fanatics. Only full and free discussion on even this most sensitive of topics will permit sensible policies to be formulated".

"A timely warning" Philosopher Michael Levin, City University of New York "An original contribution to what ought to be, but clearly is not, a public debate about the whole race issue" Ray Honeyford, journalist and author "Professor Ellis suggests the chilling possibility that the fear, loathing and self-censorship involved in contemporary race relations presents a clear and present danger to our civil liberties, free speech and personal safety" Professor J P Rushton, University of Western Ontario, and author of Race, Evolution and Behavior
"Dr Ellis writes powerfully and with conviction" Martin Mears, Past President of the Law Society

Dr Ellis is Lecturer in Russian at the University of Leeds. He has been a professional soldier, serving in both the Parachute Regiment and the SAS. He has also taught at the University of Las Vegas. He has published articles on subjects ranging from Soviet war literature, the Soviet media and censorship to Marxism and defence. He has written two books - Vasily Grossman: The Genesis and Evolution of a Russian Heretic (1994) and From Glasnost to the Internet: Russia's New Infosphere (1999).

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The Macpherson Report: 'Anti-racist' Hysteria and the Sovietization of the United Kingdom, Right Now Press Ltd., London, 2001, 48pps, pb, £4.95, ISBN 0-9540534-0-0


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