The Times Is A Propaganda Machine

The Times was THE newspaper of record. It had been since 1785 AD. The Times it was that reported the Charge of the Light Brigade on 25 October 1854 because their man, Billy Russell was there on the day. He coined the phrase; The Thin Red Line for another action on the same day, in the same Crimean War. Now England's oldest paper has been taken over and dragged into the gutter by Rupert Murdoch, the vulgarian oaf who brought us the News Of The World and phone hacking.

Today it is propagating lies that no reasonable adult can be expected to take seriously. Is anyone going to believe that that Vladimir Putin help Donald Trump using Vote Rigging? Is Vlad going to respond to American efforts to provoke World War III? Believe it & yes, Obama is a War Criminal, notwithstanding the Nobel Peace Prize.

Some examples follow:-

Putin moves his missiles in new threat to Europe [ 22 November 2016 ]
Russia is deploying short-range ballistic missiles to its western European enclave, it emerged yesterday as President Putin threatened “counter-measures” against Nato expansion.

A senior Russian MP said that Moscow would permanently station the nuclear-capable missiles in Kaliningrad, a region between the Nato states of Poland and Lithuania, in retaliation for a military build-up by the alliance in eastern Europe.

John Kirby, spokesman for the US State Department, said that the deployment of the missiles was “destabilising to European security”. He added: “We call on Russia to refrain from words or deeds that are inconsistent with the goal of promoting security and stability.”


Obama vows action over US election hacking [ 16 December 2016  ]
President Obama said last night that “we need to take action and we will” against Moscow as it was claimed that President Putin was personally involved in a Russian-led hacking campaign during the American election as part of a vendetta against Hillary Clinton.


Russia Waging Cyberwar Against Britain - Says The Times [ 17 December 2016 ]
Russia is waging a “campaign” of propaganda and unconventional warfare against Britain, government officials have acknowledged [ said/stated/claimed/alleged - delete to taste ] for the first time.

Moscow is behind a concerted drive to undermine the UK through espionage, misinformation, cyberattacks and fake news, senior Whitehall figures believe............

It is understood that intelligence officers and senior civil servants from across government expressed concern about the growing scale of the Russian threat during a high-level meeting at the Cabinet Office two months ago.

[ Who fed them this nonsense? - Editor ]


Kremlin sows discord with new weapon at heart of UK [ 30 July 2016 ]
They came from Russia to observe the Scottish independence referendum and found the oddest of reasons to claim the result was rigged.

At first, Russia’s accusation that international democratic standards were breached because an agricultural show hall used for the count was too big looked like harmless nonsense. Yet the disinformation campaign succeeded in provoking a 100,000-name petition [ Driven by sour grapes - Editor ], demanding a rerun.

Britain was accused by Moscow at an international forum of provoking riots and depriving Scotland of the right to peaceful self-determination, so risking the type of violence seen in Ukraine in recent years.

Oxana Brazhnik, the Edinburgh bureau chief for Sputnik, was a political adviser to one of Putin’s aides Black propaganda exercises like this are likely to become more familiar as President Putin’s Sputnik news service takes off at its new British bureau, based in Edinburgh. Russia was condemned worldwide…