Silvio Berlusconi

Silvio Berlusconi had lotsa fun. Silvio cheated, Silvio lied, Silvio beat the rape raps. Good luck or good management? Whatever! Silvio come, back all is forgiven. You kept the Third World hordes at bay by getting the boss of Libya to stop them sailing to Italy, to civilization. it was the Moral Cretins who came after you that fouled things up, with malice aforethought at that.

Silvio Berlusconi Advert Caused A Fuss In India [ 28 March 2013 ] 
Ford Figo advert shows Berlusconi kidnapping three women for a Bunga Bunga Party

THIS Ford Figo* advert in India shows Silvio Berlusconi and 3 ladies on their way to a Bunga Bunga party. Is Silvio kidnapping them? Can Silvio only get women to sleep with him if he ties them up first? Who’s in the back seat, the Yorkshire Ripper? The caption reads: “Leave all your worries behind.” Is Silvio going to – you know – dispose of the ‘worries’ lest they tell all to the police? Maybe not. It’s not like he’s in an Indian mini bus, so chances are that the victims will get to live after they’ve been raped.
More to the point has Silvio got what it takes to do what it takes? There are two more interesting/amusing/challenging/exciting/lurid/suggestive/obscene/offensive/provocative pictures [ delete to taste - Editor ] in this group.

This one is about offending Silvio but he is used to that; he is sufficiently mature to be amused by the sneers of the envious.