Sex is one of the basic survival drives. Using it and abusing are the name of the game. Pretty well all forms of malpractice are covered by Adultery. It leads to Prostitution, the Pornography industry and lots of money for the unscrupulous, albeit there are some freebies out there, e.g. Girl, Girl of the Day, Girls Galore & Todays Girl. Sex has thrown up some odd things such as:-

Corrective Rape
Genocidal Rape
Statutory Rape

Female genital mutilation
- very bad because superstitious savage do it
Male genital mutilation
- very good because Jews do it
- is next on the BBC's list of things to market - once we have swallowed Paedophilia
Honour Killings


People Look At Her Breasts 36 Times A Day
To be fair she was showing herself off and had something to show. It was mainly blokes [ lechery ], then women [ envy ] and the odd exception e.g. a baby [ thirsty? ] and a dog [ God knows ].

She is carrying all before her, which is why we are keeping abreast of the situation.


Corrective Rape
Invented by blacks in South Africa, to cure Lesbians.

Statutory Rape
Invented by Westerners to discourage illegitimacy & Paedophiles

Female genital mutilation
It is bad, allegedly because blacks imported into civilization do it.

Male genital mutilation
Is all right, allegedly because Jews do it.

Is not marketed by the BBC  just yet because they are doing it with Homosexuality and they are still working on Homosexual Marriage.

Honour Killings
Are a Pakistani custom so the Main Stream Media hide the truth.


Genocidal Rape
Is a term invented to cover prolonged, wide-ranging rape of a tribe or a nation. The Wiki tells us that it happened in Rwanda [ blacks ] & Yugoslavia [ Islamics ]. It does not mention that it is being done to Sweden, that the government is using Third World aliens to cause the wave of rapes in Malmö, which have made it the Rape Capital Of Scandinavia, coming second only to South Africa.


Jews and Pornography
Porn is a multimegabuck industry so naturally Jews are big in it. They pretty much created it. It was not just for the money either. Perverting society was the plus point for them.


Is used to make lots of money and degrade people's tastes by showing unpleasant sexual practices and perversions. Libertarians would argue contra on the latter point. The producers are largely Jews driven by greed and malice.


Prostitution and Prejudice
There were Jews who objected to white slaving but other Jews made lots of money out of it.


Sex and Race in Okinawa
Make that sex and rape, then add in the colour of the perpetrators to get truth aggravation.


Sex Is Cheap
We keep hearing that young men are failing to adapt to contemporary life. Their financial prospects are impaired—earnings for 25- to 34-year-old men have fallen by 20 percent since 1971. Their college enrollment numbers trail women's: Only 43 percent of American undergraduates today are men. Last year, women made up the majority of the work force for the first time. And yet there is one area in which men are very much in charge: premarital heterosexual relationships.
Pop psychology has a virtue; it is readable. It can be illuminating as well as amusing. This tells us about the numbers game. More women means more availability.  Read for yourself. Think for yourself. Decide for yourself. Or even act for yourself.


Sexual Perversion
It has always been there to some extent. Now it is heavily marketed, by Jews of course. It is not just the money, even though there is lots involved; it is the pleasure of promoting degeneracy among white people as part of their Culture War against us, against Western Civilization.


Why You Are Not Married - A Woman Explains All
It is women that are desperate to get married. Blokes tend to be more relaxed about the whole thing.




Adultery is something that adults are prone to. The Wikipedia makes heavy weather of explaining it at Adultery but does tell us that it is forbidden, by the Ten Commandments in particular. Thou shalt not commit adultery, says that they do not allow sexual relations between close relatives [ Incest ], between persons of the same sex [ Homosexuality ], and between people and animals [ Bestiality ] and Prostitution [ sex for money ]. It does not mention Paedophiles. Lots of Jews go in for it - see e.g. Jews Rape Children In Bathhouses. This may be why they got a pass.

Thou Shalt Not Commit Adultery ex Wiki
"According to Exodus, the law forbidding adultery was codified for the nation of Israel at Mount Sinai. It was one of the Ten Commandments written by the finger of God on stone tablets.[5] Details regarding the administration of the law and additional boundaries on sexual behavior followed.[6] For example, an ordeal was established to prove the guilt or innocence of a wife whose husband suspected her of adultery.[20] Adultery was a capital crime,[21] and if adulterers were caught, at least two witnesses were required before the death penalty would be carried out.[22] Since men were permitted to have multiple wives, adultery was interpreted to consist of sexual relations between a man and a married or betrothed woman who was not his wife.[23] A man who had sexual relations with a woman who was not married or betrothed was not guilty of adultery, per se, but the man was then obligated to marry the woman, unless her father forbid it [ sic ].[24] Other boundaries on sexual behavior included the prohibition of sexual relations between close relatives, between persons of the same sex, and between people and animals; prostitution was also forbidden.[25] The prohibition of prostitution has been interpreted by rabbinical scholars to preclude sexual relations outside of marriage in general,[6][26] and a woman who, after getting married, was found to have been promiscuous before marriage faced the death penalty.[27] A woman who was raped was not guilty of breaking the law, provided she cried out for help (which was taken as proof that she did not consent).[28] According to Deuteronomy, the commandment against adultery was reaffirmed as the leadership of Israel passed from Moses to Joshua.[29]"