Rochester is in northern Kent, by the River Medway, the border between the Men of Kent and Kentish Men. It was invaded by the Dutch a few centuries ago. Now it is important again. On Thursday, 20 November 2014 it gets to vote for England. That means against Cameron & the Tories. It means for UKIP. Of course The Labour Party is an irrelevancy as well as a Marxist front operation.

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is a town and former city in the unitary authority of Medway in South East England. It is at the lowest bridging point of the River Medway about 30 miles (50 km) from London. The town was for many years the favourite of Charles Dickens, who lived nearby at Gads Hill Place, Higham, and who based many of his novels in the area. The Diocese of Rochester, the second oldest in England, is based at Rochester Cathedral, and was responsible for the founding of King's School in 604 AD, which is the second oldest continuously running school in the world. Rochester Castle, built by Gundulf of Rochester, has one of the best preserved keeps in England or France, and during the First Barons' War (12151217) in King John's reign, baronial forces captured the castle from Archbishop Stephen Langton and held it against the king, who then besieged it.[1]

Rochester, together with neighbouring Chatham, Gillingham, Strood and a number of outlying villages, makes up the Medway unitary authority area. It was, until 1998,[2] part of Kent and is still ceremonially associated via the Lieutenancies Act.[3]


UKIP Beats Tories & Labour Too Of Course 20 November 2014 ]
UKIP won a landmark victory in Rochester and Strood today, overturning a Tory majority of 10,000 to secure its second MP.

Mark Reckless, the former Conservative who defected on the eve of the partys conference, will return to Westminster wearing UKIP colours after beating the Tory candidate, Kelly Tolhurst. He won with a majority of 2,920 votes, or 7.3 per cent, a result closer than polls had predicted.
The margin of victory was smaller than the polls predicted; a disappointment but the result has given UKIP credibility. A vote for them is not a waste. Voting for the lesser evil is still a vote for an Enemy Of The People
                                                          Votes     Percentage    Gain
Mark Reckless        UKIP                16,867    42.1%            +42.1%
Kelly Tolhurst         Tories               13,947    34.8%            -14.4%
Naushabah Khan    Labour                6,713    16.8%            -11.7%
?                              Green Party        1,692    0.42%            +2.7%
?                              Liberal Party         349    0.9%               -15.4%