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Hendo is a writer who has been active for a long time. Blair turned nasty because of some letters he [ Hendo ] wrote to Blair, a mean spirited rogue as well as War Criminal and traitor. The Wiki does not like him [ Hendo ] either. Mr. Henderson tells us about corruption in the Green Party. He also told us How England became the mother of modern politics. It is rather good.

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Robert Henderson
(born 1947) is a British writer who has caused public controversy with his views on racial issues and his letters to the former British Prime Minister Tony Blair.

Henderson spent his early childhood in Cheshire before moving to Hertfordshire, where he was educated at St Albans School, later graduating from Keele University. Since then he has lived in Central London. Before retiring due to ill health he worked for the Inland Revenue, while also retaining a strong personal interest in cricket. In 1995 he became the subject of attention from the British media after Wisden Cricket Monthly published his essay "Is It In The Blood?", which used language such as "negro" and inferred that foreign-born players would be less committed to the team.[1] A legal action taken against Wisden by the black England cricketers Devon Malcolm and Philip DeFreitas was settled out of court.[2]

Henderson claims media bias against him together with censorship of his views and wrote a number of letters to his constituency Labour MP, Frank Dobson, and later to Tony Blair (then the opposition leader) and also to his wife Cherie. In March 1997 Blair is said to have contacted the police asking for a means to stop this "pestering"; on March 25, 1997 a story accusing Henderson explicitly of "pestering" the Blairs appeared on the front page of the Daily Mirror.[3] Henderson has frequently claimed that Special Branch and the security services have, on Blair's instructions, interfered with his mail and tapped his telephone.[citation needed]

The only MP to have put forward an Early Day Motion in support of Henderson is the now-retired Sir Richard Body, a Tory MP who was sympathetic to nationalism and rejected the economic rationalism and pro-globalisation slant of the current Tory party, in 1999.[citation needed]

Robert Henderson has written most frequently in recent years for the political magazine Right Now! and the English nationalist/cultural magazine Steadfast. "Right Now", which ceased publication in 2006, could be described as of the Old Right, while "Steadfast", which also appears to have ceased publication [ but is on line  now, in May 2016 - Editor ], had wider political appeal (and was becoming increasingly "green"). He has not written for Wisden since the 1995 controversy. With his demise of his domestic outlets Henderson began submitting his writings to the American publication American Renaissance Magazine.[4]. He also writes an internet blog entitled England Calling, where he espouses English supremacist viewpoints and gives indications of his close dealings with the BNP.


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