Rivonia Trial II

This is more comment on the accused. The source is Stormfront which is highly unsympathetic. The comments on the villains sounds entirely likely to be right. It also mentions How To Be A Good Communist by Nelson Mandela a manuscript by Mandela, something that the propaganda industry is keen to keep quiet about. He is an unrepentant communist.


Source  http://www.stormfront.org/forum/showthread.php?t=123652 - a blog

Re: How to be a Good Communist, by Nelson Mandela

The Rivonia Trial was named after the suburb of Johannesburg where ANC leaders where arrested for activities 'designed to ferment violent revolution'.

The hideout was Liliesleaf Farm, which was owned by the abstract painter Arthur Goldreich who was able to purchase the farm using SA Communist Party funds.

Some of the arrested


Nelson Mandela who was already in prison joined the trial.

In 1962, Mandela was awarded the International Lenin Peace Prize, the USSR's version of the Nobel Peace Prize that Mandela would later receive.

The International Lenin Peace Prize was formerly known as the International Stalin Peace Prize. The Soviet panel awarded the International Lenin Peace Prize to individuals deemed to have "strengthened peace among peoples". Ilya Ehrenburg was one such person to be awarded this prize for his efforts.

Rivonia Trial Charges


Sisulu, Mbeki, Mhlaba, Motsoaledi, Mlangeni, and Goldberg were found guilty on all four counts. Kathrada was found guilty on one charge of conspiracy.

Bernstein, was found not guilty. He was rearrested, released on bail, and placed under house arrest.

The death penalty was changed to life imprisonment owing to world-wide protests.

The United Nations Security Council condemned the trial.


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