Rigging The Admissions Game

Is a review of The Chosen: The Hidden History of Admission and Exclusion at Harvard, Yale, and Princeton by Jerome Karabel. It was written by an academic for academics. Professor Karabel is a sociologist at the University of California at Berkeley. The title of the review is rather more pungent. It is also honest. The theme is that the goal posts were moved to keep Jews out of higher education.

In fact they failed and now it has gone the other way. Jews are keeping honest people out. Kevin MacDonald who is also an academic sociologist confirms Professor Karabel's thesis in Jewish overrepresentation at elite universities explained 


Rigging the Admissions Game

By ADAM KIRSCH, Special to the Sun | October 26, 2005



It's a problem when Jews are insufficiently overrepresented. Even
though Jews didn't -- couldn't -- create a Harvard of their own, and
would laugh at any goy demanding overrepresentation in any institution
they could create. Today, when Jews control Harvard, the Christian
Whites they hate make up about the same percentage of each incoming
class as Jews, even though Jews are but 2% of the population whereas
Whites are 70%. Fair? No such thing. There's what's "good for Jews"
and the rest, commonly mislabelled "Anti-Semites".