Racism and the Media

Racism is the great evil of the Twentieth Century. The media tells us this repeatedly so it must be true or they must want us to believe it. We see black people being put in a favourable light in films, on television, in the newspapers and magazines. It is not just in England that this happens but in America and even Germany where they are [ were? ] rare.

For a practical of test of the racism question see the recent excitement [ 2005 ] in New Orleans. The pictures show New Orleans Looting. For another look at what Fred Reed tells us. He left the big newspapers because he wanted to write for himself. Being a crime reporter in Washington meant spending a lot of time in the ghettos. Yes, they do exist and no, you do not want to go into them unless you are feeling suicidal. He was in China when Katrina came along to jolt us out of complacency about our African friends. He knew that the looters were black before he saw the pictures. So did his companions. See Katrina Riots

Questions arise here. Why do the media ignore black evil and push multiculturalism? Why do they encourage illegal immigration? Cheap labour is a little part of the answer. Why are the media so keen to abuse white men for racism, real or imagined? Why are they so nonchalant about legally required and legally enforced racism in Israel, the Stolen Land? The fact that the media are largely owned and controlled by Jews is suggestive. Have a look at Jew controlled press folder for answers. They are there. Have a look at Rap Music Incites Murder and wonder who is marketing a stream of evil worse than anything that Julius Streicher did and he was hanged for his pains.


This is what a court might  call evidence of police looting.


Here is some more of the evidence:-

Color Of Crime, Sound Of (Big Media) Silence
Do blacks commit more crime pro rata than white men? Yes, a lot more. Do Hispanics? Yes, a lot more. Do the media tell the truth about it? No. Do they have an agenda? Yes. Who sets the agenda? Zionist Jews? What is the agenda? The destruction of America and Christendom using a demographic time bomb and any other weapon based on treachery.


Hate Crimes
Hate crimes are hate crimes no matter who commits them? Right or wrong? Right in fact and wrong in practice. Hate crimes were created to harass Englishmen and white people generally.


Storm Survivors Told To 'Expose Themselves
That was from the police. They didn't so they were left to die. This Yahoo report gives The Liverpool Echo of 6 September 2005 as the source. It  was no longer there on 9 September - for me at all events although there were Katrina reports either side of it. Was this a cover up? Perhaps. One event of this sort is one of those things. When it happens repeatedly it looks like a pattern of suppression.


Police chief defends officers
Police in Orleans are wonderful caring human beings who ran out of ammo and did not stand by and watch white women being raped, far less join in. The colour of aforesaid police men is unspecified and black.


New Orleans in Words
Look at what The Nation has to say and how they say it. Read it and play Spot the Agenda. Blacks are victims and white men are their oppressors. That is the theme. Then you could have a look at Media Distorts the News and see what an insider has to say about agendas.


Racist Propaganda   [ 18 October 2005 ]
The Grauniad, an English left wing newspaper tells us about how  awful racism is in New Orleans. They are telling us about white men being racist and they might even be telling us the truth in a very limited way. They are doing it to cover up the monstrous black racism  that showed up after Katrina hit. Pictures that show blacks thieving and black police collaborating are at New Orleans Special. It wasn't just looting either. There were rapes, murders, arson and you name it. Trust the media? Look at Media Distorts the News first.


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