Propaganda Targets

Propaganda has its uses. It is a major part of the Culture War being waged against England and the rest of Christendom by our self appointed Invisible Enemy. It is used to incite hatred among various groups to weaken them and take power while they fight each other.

England And The English
England is not the world's biggest country but it has a very respectable track record of achievement over many centuries. Now it is under attack from within. Various propagandists claim that we are a mongrel race, not English as an excuse for flooding us with foreigner undesirables; there are millions of them rather thousands. Arthur Kemp has written about it and firmly denies their claims. He has the evidence.
England created a great empire and ran it half way decently. The Indians had never known honest government before us. There are our scientific advances and other achievements. There are other countries which discovered how to peel a banana. That is about it.


Means the lands occupied by Christians. In practice these days it translates countries of post-Christians because Christianity is rapidly decaying while Islam is a growth industry. One reason is the attacks carried out by Zionists using their power in Politics and especially in the Media. They have collusion or at least tolerance from the vast majority of Jews
A major weapon in the Culture War being waged against us is Western Guilt which abuses our decent feelings, our sympathy for the unfortunate even if they are not our own kith and kin. The objective in this Culture War is Cultural Genocide. Our self appointed and Invisible Enemy is Zionist Jewry.


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