Palestinian Massacres

Palestine was a more or less settled and peaceful country before the first war. It was part of the Turkish Empire for some time earlier. The Brits took it over and there was a deal of finagling. Sykes of the Foreign Office and Picot of the French equivalent were the manipulators at the forefront. The Zionists were doing their plotting behind the scenes and to some purpose. Weizmann was a Jewish chemist who did important work on the manufacture of TNT, which was an important explosive during the war. The Cabinet was grateful. They had also swallowed Biblical tosh about the Jewish homeland. This took no account of the fact that most Jews are not and never have been Semites.

However the Brits passed Palestine over to Zionist crazies. See the Balfour Declaration which required the Jews to treat the Palestinians decently. They never did. They never had the slightest intention of treating them decently and their track record is at least as nasty as Adolf's. It has also been the subject of major propaganda operations by Zionist owned and controlled media. It is fair to say that there are honest Jews who say that Israel should not exist and that Palestinians have been treated disgracefully. See Israeli Massacres or Israeli War Crimes for more and better details.


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