Paedophilia and Male Homosexuality

Homosexuals are odd, strange, peculiar, queer, deviates, perverts and all too often paedophiles. It seems all too obvious. They do strange things to each other; they do them to children. Cause and effect. The Homosexual lobby is very big in the Main Steam Media which is one reason why it gets covered up. You doubt? See   Homosexual Today, Paedophile Tomorrow or Homosexual Activist Is A Paedophile. Why do think the BBC was so keen on protecting Jimmy Savile, 'Lord' Janner, Ted Heath, Stuart Hall, Cyril Smith, Mark Trotter & doubtless others. Then of course there are thousands of Jews at it. Check with the Failed Messiah On Paedophile Jews

Sources:- archives from December 2004 until July 2005 archives from May 2006 until July 2006 archives from January 2005 until January 2009 archives from November 2006 to the present day [ i.e. March 2012 ] is off line. Operated from 2001 until 2011. It seems to have used anonymous reports, which are dubious evidence.


Homosexuals Die Younger, Much Younger
The evidence is out there. I am not shedding  a tear about it. There are unfortunate exceptions but an average of thirty years less is impressive.


Homosexuals Like Little Boys Even More -â??-january-2010/
‘Pedophilia’ and Male Homosexuality

Homosexuals have claimed for some time that they are no more apt than heterosexuals to molest children. Over the past three decades, professional associations have chimed in to support their claim. For instance, in Romer v. Evans, a 1994 brief by the American Psychological Association, the National Association of Social Workers, and the American Psychiatric Association told the U.S. Supreme Court “there is no evidence of any positive correlation between homosexual orientation and child molestation” (pp. 23, 24). The same claims are made in most college textbooks. In fact, this position is so ingrained that two expert witnesses for State Attorney Generals’ offices told me they were banned from addressing disproportionate molestation when defending Arkansas regulations against foster parenting by homosexuals (decided June 29, 2006) and Florida’s defence of its law against homosexual adoption (decided November 25, 2008).

The state of knowledge was historically very different. In pre-Christian Greece, Aristophanes observed that men taken with homosexual relations “when they grow to be men, they become lovers of boys, and it requires the compulsion of convention to overcome their natural disinclination to marriage and procreation.” More recently, a 1970s survey conducted by the Kinsey Institute reported that while aged 21 or older, 23% of 671 gays said they had sex with boys aged 16 or younger. And of 4,329 gays sampled by Jay and Young — both open homosexuals — about 22% reported sex with boys and over 30% openness to, or approval of, sex with boys.

Despite this evidence, Scotland has decided to protect homosexual practitioners in a very significant way. Recent events in Edinburgh, Glasgow, and Dundee ought to jolt Scots into rethinking those protections.

May of 2009 saw the prosecution of 8 Scottish male homosexuals, the arrest of another 35+ homosexuals across the UK, and still more arrests of others in the Netherlands and the U.S. for mixtures of child abuse and pornography. The 8 “gang members, all seemingly respectable professionals, led sordid double lives,” newspapers complained. [Why should the media expect education or professionalism to somehow shield one from becoming a child molester?]

The ringleaders were Neil Strachan, 41 (infected with HIV) and James Rennie, 38. Although “seemingly respectable professionals,” Strachan had already been convicted of raping a 5 year-old boy in 1997. Well, one might say, ‘he deserves a second-chance.’ Yet he was convicted of raping another 18 month-old boy in 2003. How many chances does a rapist get in Scotland? Plenty, since his latest victim was another 18 month-old boy.

Strachan charmed-up the parents, and then volunteered to babysit the little guy. Of course he was charming, attentive, and said all the right things — monsters such as he have the game down pat.

Do his three assaults on boys mean that Strachan is a ‘pedophile’ with no desire for adult partners? No. Strachan was infected with HIV and had a ‘gay partner’ (also indicted). He almost certainly got infected with HIV by having anal sex with another man, so his ‘pedophilia’ was far from an exclusive appetite. Like most homosexuals, these 8 individuals were sexually ‘flexible’ or ‘omnisexual.’

Rennie was a ‘gay star.’ A Scottish newspaper called him “the outwardly respectable boss of Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender Youth Scotland” (notice how far the Scots have fallen). As a secondary school teacher who had been invited to the Scottish Parliament for a debate on “helping young gay people,” his gay-rights activism was well known. His crime? Abusing a three-month old boy and permitting other members of the ‘gay clan’ to listen over the phone while he molested the tyke. Pictures, of course, were taken, and distributed far and wide. He too had a gay “partner,” trolled the Internet for gay sex dates, picked up “rent boys” [young male prostitutes], and “advertised a porn collection on toilet walls.” Yet another sexually obsessed ‘flexible fellow.’

Forgetting he had images of boys being molested on his hard-drive, the investigation started when Strachan took his laptop to get fixed. The repair shop noticed the 7,000+ pictures of naked and abused boys, etc. and notified police. The hard-drive turned up email lists of over 70 co-conspirators across the world. Police called it “the biggest and most challenging… paedophile network dismantled in Scotland.” A Netherlands comrade even bragged of having molested and ‘snuffed’ [killed] a little boy in France.

Rennie had exotic tastes. One of his emails indicated his longing to “see children with Down’s Syndrome sexually abused.” Sophisticated chap, eh?

All these perpetrators were “gay,” most were professionals. And the “church goer” who “helped with a kids’ after-school club” was married (but he also secretly had a gay partner, and used his wife’s email address to lure boys for sex).

Scotland has laws giving gays ‘super rights’ — they can’t even be criticized in letters to the editor. Clearly, giving super rights to the depraved results in super depravity.

How does a sexual taste for little boys come about?
A partial answer comes from South Africa’s Sunday Times (12/27/09). Seems “14 boys who live in a street in a working-class suburb of Cape Town” were caught having sex. “The children, aged between six and 13, have been… sodomising each other for months — allegedly after they watched a pornographic film together. A shocked parent told the Sunday Times that the case had come to light two weeks ago, when an eight-year-old was caught naked in bed with his three-year-old niece.

“He told (his father) that two of his friends, a nine-year-old and a 12-year-old, had sodomised him,” the parent said. The father took the boy to a doctor, who confirmed this. He then confronted the two alleged perpetrators, who said “they had been sodomised by another boy. The boys told us they had watched blue movies at the house of one of the older boys while his parents were at work,” another parent said. “The older boy then told ‘a group of about eight boys’ to ‘do what those people in the movie did.’ This started in September 2008, when the youngest was only five and the eldest 11” [by the way, this is fairly standard operating procedure — older boys induce younger boys to perform].

Notice what we have here: the boys ‘just happened’ to run across porn in one of their parents’ homes. Whether the pornography featured anal sex is hard to tell, but probably so. Kids, especially boys are curious. They know that adults do all kinds of ‘interesting’ and ‘fun’ things kids aren’t supposed to know about or do. This ‘sex ring’ ran for about a year before one of the parents stumbled upon it. Unfortunately, many of these boys are by now probably ‘into’ homosexual anal sex. No matter what their parents do or do not do to them, some of these boys will continue to sneak around and have homosexual sex. They ‘had fun’ and got away with it for a year — and getting away with something is yet another ‘coup’ on the parents.

Are they too young to ‘get hooked?’ No. Because of some parents’ purchases (or carelessness), all these boys are well-primed for an adult homosexual’s attentions while they are young. And homosexuals like the child-molesting Scots above make sure they are around kids whenever possible. When they reach their teens, who knows what these boys will do? Now that they have been ‘broken in,’ the trail of tears is just beginning — for them and their parents.

Which brings us to the UK Gay News (Warsaw, January 1, 2010). It scolded UK Tory leader Cameron’s new European Parliamentary allies, the Polish Law and Justice Party. What terrible thing is this Polish party doing? Why, “targeting gays as they demand a government clampdown on paedophiles and the Internet.”

This, the homosexuals assert, is “homophobia.”

Turns out that 27 Law and Justice Members of Parliament (MP) have signed a parliamentary question demanding the setting-up of a special department at the Ministry of the Interior and Administration, the Polish newspaper Rzeczpospolita reported. “The team would monitor homosexual websites because we are dealing with the promotion of ‘paedophilia’ by some homosexual circles,” said MP Stanislaw Pieta, author of the parliamentary question. In addition, the MPs are demanding that the Ministry disclose statistics on the number of cases of paedophilia uncovered over the past ten years — and detailing cases that were homosexual. Mr. Pieta: “I am not saying that every gay is a paedophile, but let us consider Great Britain where from 20 to 43 percent of uncovered cases of paedophilia are homosexual instances, while gays make only 1% of society,” he said.

The MPs who signed the parliamentary question also want to know if police are given training in finding paedophiles among gays — and if police undertake ‘reconnaissance’ operations to monitor clubs frequented by gays. The MPs cite a Rzeczpospolita article in which gay activist Karski explained how a homosexual can evade the law and adopt a child. He “has pointed out a legal loophole which enables a crime to be committed,” MP Kozak told the newspaper.”

When I toured Poland in early 2009, I shared some of the extensive research that shows that gays are much more apt to molest children. I challenged Polish authorities to assemble their own data on child molestation. I also noted research documenting that homosexuals are more apt to engage in criminal pursuits. Homosexuals often feel that they are justified in breaking the law because they are ‘discriminated against’ and further justified in assaulting children because they were often assaulted (often they want to share the ‘fun’).

As you can see, criminality and homosexual tastes just seem to ‘go together’ — even in Poland. The Scottish experience shows that vile molestations, child pornography, and homosexuality go together. Let us hope the Poles can keep similar situations from occurring in their country. Gathering hard, empirical data is the first step.
Homos are a pain in the arse.


Roger Casement
Was an Irish nationalist who was hanged for his pains. He was also homosexual and a paedophile.


Homosexual Today, Paedophile Tomorrow - MuslimWays - MuslimWays -
Monday, 19 March 2007
The society in the West is obsessed with sex and the satisfaction of one's sexual desires to the extent whereby anything goes. This has become an integral part of their life, and for many, it is their sole purpose. The people are offered various alternatives in which to exercise and fulfill their sexual desires, and very often just make up their own. Fornication is widely encouraged and children are taught it in schools together with issues of contraception and STDs. Sodomy, bestiality and incest are all crimes that are acceptable in these Kufr (un-Islamic) societies. Dating agencies, escort agencies and prostitution are widespread. The pornographic industry is one of the biggest in the Western world, using various mediums by which to convey their filth. The woman is degraded into a mere sex object, using her body to sell almost anything. Billboards will openly display nudity, and magazines, newspapers, films, soaps and dramas are full of it. In fact, the advertising agencies thrive off it, using women and sex to entice people to purchase their products. Plastic surgery, cosmetics and cosmetic surgery are multimillion pound industries forcing women to meet the demands of society. All of this is done in order to satisfy the hedonistic needs of society, a society where the fulfilment of one's sexual desires is the be all and end all.

It is not surprising then to know that people in these societies will go to any means necessary in order to fulfill their desires. They see no limits and no bounds as to what they can or cannot do, and they use objects, animals, excrement (for homosexuals) and children to fulfill their fantasies. The sickness and depravity of their actions is beyond belief.

Recently, the British government legalised homosexual marriages. It was not enough the fact that they allowed homosexuals to practice their vile filth openly, but they felt the need to take a step further into the pits of humanity. It is these very people who thrive off their sexual perversions that lead to the demise and depravity of society; people who believe that they can express their sexual desires in a manner that suits them, regardless of what it may be, so long as they get some enjoyment out of it. It is this very mentality that is bred in Western societies which causes people to rape women and molest and abuse children.

Recently there have been various cases highlighted in the media regarding the abuse and rape of children – a crime that is becoming increasingly common. There was a case in Tyneside where a 6-year-old girl was snatched from her bath, later to be found walking naked in an alley screaming after having been sexually abused. There was the case of a man in Northern Ireland who raped his 9-year-old niece, the choirmaster in Nottinghamshire who was charged for 19 accounts of indecent assault against children, the man in Plymouth who abused an 8-year-old girl after giving her cocaine, the swimming teacher in Devon who abused a 7-year-old girl, and the 2 babysitters from Hatfield who raped a 13-week-old baby are among some of the most recent incidents. There was a case last year of 65 men and women on trial in France for raping and abusing 45 children between 6 months and 12years-old. This paedophile ring involved more than a 100 acts of abuse, some of them involving their own children, in return for drugs and alcohol. The list of cases is endless and these are not isolated cases.

The problem has become so common that the government established a sex offenders' register where people who are found to have been involved in some type of child porn or abuse are blacklisted. Despite this register, the government still allows people who are listed on it to teach children in schools. In the past, many cases included teachers, policemen, politicians and celebrities who were found to have been accessing child porn, and these are only those who are known, who knows how many more are out there. It could be that the teacher of your child, your next door neighbour, or even the priest at your local church is one of those criminals.

What is even more startling are the sentences given for people who commit such acts. More often than not, people who are found to be viewing child porn are cautioned and allowed to walk free, and those that are sentenced are given a few years before they are out to walk the streets again. Like the case of a man who offered cocaine to a 12-year-old – who was also found to have abused dozens of girls under 14 – so that he could sleep with her. He was given 8 years, only half of which were to be spent in jail. Also the case involving 2 soldiers in Blackpool who sexually abused 2 girls and were let out on bail. Compare this to the treatment of Muslims, some of whom have been held in detention for years on end without even trial. How can it be that a person who is proven to be guilty of such an inhumane crime is given a lighter sentence than someone who has committed no crime at all? This is the justice of Western democracies, where paedophiles are allowed to walk the streets, yet Muslims are gagged and chained.

The truth is that paedophilia is an act that is increasingly common in Western democratic societies, where new cases are revealed almost daily. This is the extent of the perversion of this society whereby it has become uncontrollable. What on earth would make someone commit such an act you ask? What possible state of mind would a person have to be in to do something like this? The answer is very clear and obvious, it is a person who lives in a society where the fulfillment of one's sexual desires is the primary goal, a society that has no bounds and caters for people of all persuasions telling him that he is free to do as he pleases. It is a person who believes that life is about enjoyment and the fulfillment of his desires, someone who thinks that what he is doing is natural to him and therefore should be accepted by society. It is a person who is pushing the bounds of society to another limit, thinking that he can carry out such acts so long as he is able to get away with it. 

In democratic societies the sovereignty belongs to the people and it is them who determine what is acceptable or not; hence, the goalposts continually change to suit their demands. As time goes on, democratic societies are tailored to the needs of the people and thus become more accepting to certain ideas and practices. These societies do not have a fixed criterion for determining right or wrong and this is why in reality there is no such thing as ‘illegal’ or ‘wrong’; rather, there are temporary wrongs that, given time, will become accepted by the masses. This is why we find people publicising and campaigning for various things so that society becomes immune to the ideas eventually leading to the acceptance of them. This was the case with homosexuality and this will be the case with paedophilia.

Islam lays out clear principles regarding the way to satisfy one's sexual desires, it does not leave man to decide for himself how he should do this, as this will result in the vile and sick perversions we see in Western societies. The Islamic judicial system is a just and fair system that treats people in accordance with the crime they commit; there are no double standards in the Islamic judiciary whereby people are detained and imprisoned based purely upon suspicion, whilst paedophiles are allowed to walk the streets, teach in schools and become MPs and Prime Ministers.

Islam has a way of dealing with people who commit sickening acts of depravity – such as paedophiles – and that is to give them the death sentence; a verdict which no parent of an abused child would object to.
Muslims like boys? Lawrence said:- Better a clean boy than a dirty camel under the desert stars. See The Seven Pillars of Wisdom. Some are decent though.


Pro-Gay Bias In Study of Paedophilia
Homosexuals are considerably more apt to involve themselves sexually with the underage. Anyone actually in contact with the phenomenon has to acknowledge this fact, perhaps most strongly explicated by the chairman of FRI in 1985.1 While homosexual spokesmen have disputed his conclusion, in a paper published in 2000 by Blanchard, Barbareee, Bogaert, Dicky, Klassen, Kuban, and Zucker2 the authors noted that the best epidemiological evidence indicates that only 2-4% of men attracted to adults prefer men..; in contrast, around 25-40% of men attracted to children prefer boys…. Thus the rate of homosexual attraction is 6-20 times higher among paedophiles” (p. 464). These figures are quite similar to those we at FRI have used since the early 1980s — figures that for which gay activists have roundly criticized us. So how do Blanchard, et al., most of whom are from the Department of Psychiatry at the University of Toronto, handle this fact that seems so damaging to the homosexual cause? By telling people not to notice, or if they do, not to draw the obvious conclusions.
So being queer does mean being odd, having peculiar tastes. It all seems possible,  even probable.


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