Pacific Politics

The Pacific islands have their own local politics but larger islands like Indonesia and Papua New Guinea have the potential to be much worse. Indonesia has a huge population of Islamics. PNG has tribesmen coming out of the hills into Moresby and other towns. If they are not socialized they could get bad tempered and things could go severely off. Moresby is already one of the world's less charming places. For a little news see under.

Papua and Realism in Foreign Policy
Papua is near to Indonesia and they hold it but various trouble makers have views about that. Inciting the Australian government to meddle by feeding them fairy stories is part of it. Indonesian resent this and their government is reasonable by Islamic standards. The meddlers are religious or political which seems to mean the same. They have achieved failure in the creation of East Timor with ethnics at each others throats but somehow it is not their fault.


Politics In Fiji
Pacific islands are not always idyllic. They have their local diseases and economic pressures. Then there are the racial problems caused by immigrants. Have you seen the same sort of problems being created in England or America? It is rather like South Africa with tribes fighting for power and wealth.


Two bills at heart of Fiji coup tension
Two bills are at the centre of the dispute between Fiji's military and its government -- the Qoliqoli Bill to give native Fijians proprietary ownership of foreshore land and the Reconciliation, Tolerance and Unity Bill, which allows for individual amnesties for coup perpetrators and supporters.
The real issue is Indians taking over from Fijians. To be fair Fijians have the good sense to fight back unlike Englishmen who are being screwed in the same way.


Fiji resistance 'will spark violence' [ 11 December 2006 ]
FIJI'S coup leader has warned Australian Foreign Minister Alexander Downer that his calls for peaceful resistance to the military takeover will result in violence.
Importing Indians is the cause of the problem and Fijians are getting a grip. Downer is not helping. The Australian government is importing Indians too, it is setting up precisely the same problems as Brits set up in Fiji.


NZ suspends aid and sporting contacts with Fiji [ 6 December 2006 ]
SUVA - New Zealand has today broken off sporting contacts with Fiji and suspended all aid after the military takeover. A ban on senior military officers visiting New Zealand, announced.
I bet they are all broke up about that. To be fair they play a very fair game of rugby so the All Blacks have a better chance of winning now. The Fijian Army have got its politics right. The incomers are trouble. The same trouble is being made in New Zealand - 
NZ population boosted by Asian and Pacific influx - The Asian ethnic group is growing faster [  a huge 48.9 per cent increase ]  than any other in New Zealand. It will be time for the army to take over there too. That will be why Clark, the PM is moaning.


Military tightens grip on Fiji [ 4 December 2006 ]
FIJIAN troops locked down the Pacific island nation's capital today, disarming police and government bodyguards and setting up roadblocks as the nation faced its fourth coup in two decades.
Importing Indians worked in the short term. They are a major nuisance. That is why Blair is importing them into England. Ditto for the blacks, Poles etcetera.


Defiant Fiji PM stares down threats
FIJI'S Prime Minister Laisenia Qarase says he will not resign in the face of military threats to oust him.
The PM wants to give an amnesty to men in the coup of 2000 AD so he is on the right lines. The army is 99% Fijian so there should be no problem with loyalty. Howard threatened the army - Howard gives sharp warning to Fiji military - he is bluffing. The Fijian Army is good.


Tongan king pledges democratic change [ 23 November 2006 ]
NUKU'ALOFA - Tonga's king has pledged to move ahead with democratic change in the Pacific nation despite deadly rioting in the capital last week. In a speech closing the parliamentary...
This could be good news but probably won't. Genuine democracy means every one having a say. Representative democracy is open to perversion and is deeply corrupt. England and America are two obvious examples. See
America as a Fascist State


Police raid home of Solomons PM [ 20 October 2006 ]
POLICE have raided the offices of Solomon Islands Prime Minister Manasseh Sogavare as his government moved to sack the Australian who heads the country's police force.


Multiculturalism Rears Its Ugly Head In The Solomon Islands [ 21 April 2006  ]
Islanders are annoyed with the Chinese.
Their political and financial influence is an underlying factor behind destruction and violence in Solomon Islands. The looting and torching of Chinese shops and businesses also exposed a time bomb ticking away at the heart of Solomon Islands politics: the not-so-subtle sway that Chinese capital, particularly Taiwanese money, exerts in the affairs of the country.
Any similarities to Jewish operations in England, America and Europe are purely coincidental no doubt but the Solomon Islanders have the good sense to do something about them. Similar problems arose in Fiji when the Indians tried to take over.


Multiculturalism in Fiji
Started when Indians were imported in 1879 AD. It has been going on ever since and will cause more trouble in the days to come.


Clash in the pan- Freeport frazzled [ 1 March 2006 ]
Mining gold in Indonesia has its problems. The technical ones are standard. The nasty ones are to do with people. Somewhere down the line the bribes mean that the game just isn't worth the candle. Then the local tribesmen cut up rough and it all goes down the pan.


Islamics in the Philippines [ 20 October 2005 ]
The most important terrorist groups in Southeast Asia - Jemaah Islamiah of Indonesia, Abu Sayyaf (bearer of the sword) in The Philippines, and the Moro Islamic Liberation Front, also of The Philippines - are connected by three golden threads.........

PJ O'Rourke has met them and has a much more relaxed view.


Chinese Politics Arrive in New Zealand [ 3 September 2005 ]
Extortion, murder, narcotics, whatever. Get enough Chinese together and they start acting like Chinamen. One career criminal has just come unstuck.


Tribal rows used to be settled by bow and arrow, now it's an M-16 [ 3 September 2005 ]
Politics in PNG are lively. Corruption is normal, incompetence is deep seated and the natives have guns. This is a propaganda piece from an anti-gun mob. Their position side steps the causes of the problems.


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