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This is what I published in March. I confirm my fundamental view - newspapers are political weapons, propaganda machines being used to manipulate us, just like the rest of the Main Stream Media, i.e. Television, wireless, film, magazines and Books. For earlier offerings go to 2016 or contact me at Mike Emery

"Power tends to corrupt, and absolute power corrupts absolutely. Great men are almost always bad men."
Lord Acton quoted
Think e.g. of Blair, Brown, Bush, Cameron, Merkel, Obama, Netanyahu, Strauss-Kahn
Blair Is A War Criminal On The Run

31 March 2017
On this day in 1492 the King of Spain ordered Jews to become Christian or go - see  31 March, 1492 • Ferdinand and Isabella's Edict Against Jews in Spain. Another of the 109 Places Jews Have Been Expelled From. Columbus made off to America.

NGO Ships Caught Smuggling African Immigrants to Italy, Providing Shuttle Service From Libyan Coast
These NGOs [ Non-Government Organizations ]  are importing tens of thousands of blacks. Ignore the sob stories about the women with small children being victims. At least 90% of them are men of fighting age. It is Ethnic Fouling leading to Genocide, it is Treason, it is policy. Many operations are being financed by George Soros, a Racist Jew who hates us.


South Yorkshire Police Pensioning Off Old Police
Lots of them want out. It seems that they are 'burnt out'. They have plenty of practice at ignoring crime, at colluding in the wholesale Rape of English girls in Rotherham & Doncaster et cetera. The pay off to that was industrial scale Vote Rigging in favour of the Labour Party. The old ones will be replaced by new faces with lower pay; the "mix" will be controlled by the management. Hand picking the Brainwashed, the ones who have been propagandized; who will be used to keep Pakistani Perverts out of prison is the idea. Hiring a lot of Pakistanis, the real experts on corruption will make matters even worse. The oldies know where the skeletons are buried. Blackmailing them to buy their silence was not so easy.


30 March 2017

Theresa May Triggers Brexit - Horse Trading Begins
The Frogs will be the biggest pain but all of them are likely to be hostile. Of course if that nice Marine le Pen gets to be president it will be that much easier. Recall that  David Davis was 21 SAS so he did Selection and Resistance to Interrogation; he shouldn't have too much trouble with corrupt civilians.


Vicious Black Kills Woman Using Her Car
Her Majesty's Government imports criminals so crime is a growth industry. The black got off with a twelvemonth.


Livingstone Claims Hitler 'Collaborated' With Zionists
The 'Daily Mail' treats the fact that Ken Livingstone is right as a trifling irrelevancy. In fact they pretend it is not true, just like the 'Labour Party' See e.g. Jews Collaborated With Nazis. Recall too that Terrorist Jews Offered To Help Nazis Against England.


War Mongers Allege That Russia Is A Threat
Methinks the insane hysteria over Russia needs to stop. It probably will not. For reasons of domestic and imperial politics the American public is again being manipulated into a war frenzy by Washington and New York. It is stupid, without justification, and dangerous.

The silliness over Russia is, obviously, part of the Establishment's drive to get rid of Trump. Yes, the man is erratic, contradictory, shoots before he aims, backs off much of what he has promised, and may be unqualified as President–but that is not why Washington and New York want to get rid of him. It is about money and power, as is everything in the United States. Wall Street, the Pentagon, the Neocons, and the Empire run America. Trump has threatened their rice bowls...............

What sense does this make–apart from money and power? Russia is an economically challenged nation of 145 million, less than half of Europe’s population and much less than half of America’s. Its economy is a small fraction of the combined economies of Europe and America.............

The con is often silly. From time to time we see screaming headlines RUSSIAN BOMBER FLIES OFF AMERICAN COAST!  Or somebody’s coast. Recently it was A SPY SHIP!  The “bomber” is usually a Tu-95 Bear (NATO designation), an ancient four-engine prop job, though a beautiful aircraft, converted for reconnaissance. The idea that Moscow would send one lumbering plane to bomb America is too stupid–well, no, nothing is too stupid.
Fred has been to war. Fred made it back on a stretcher. How many of these trouble makers ever heard a shot fired in anger or had the slightest intention of serving? Gwynne Dyer lately a lecturer at Sandhurst makes the same argument, see the next one.


Russia Is Too Weak For World War
The crowds of protesters in Moscow and other Russian cities were far bigger the last time, in 2011-2012. Opposition leader Alexei Navalny was so intoxicated by the forty or fifty thousand citizens who demonstrated in Moscow against Vladimir Putin's rule that he boasted: "I see enough people here to take the Kremlin ... right now, but we are peaceful people and won't do that just yet.".......... At home, Mr Putin reigns supreme, with approval ratings around the 80% level.

He's not doing too badly abroad, either. On Friday he met Marine le Pen, the leading candidate in France's presidential election next month and Mr Putin's favourite Western leader after Donald Trump..................

Mr Putin has played a weak hand internationally with great skill, but Russia really is weak. Its economy is smaller than Italy's, and apart from defence industry the country is largely de-industrialised. (Have you ever bought anything made in Russia?)...........

In fact, Russia may be at peak Putin right now, with only mounting troubles in his future. The crowds were smaller this time than last, but they were not just in the big cities. When there are protests in places like Chita and Barnaul, you know that a lot of people are running out of patience.
Guns or butter was the question. Russians have plenty of guns. Butter would be nice. Ditto for games machines & other consumer goodies taken for granted by decadent westerners. I would like them to be happier. Prosperity might come to pass but how?


29 March 2017
On this day in 1991 Teddy Kennedy, the perpetrator of the Chappaquiddick Massacre set up the Florida Rape

Black South African MP Says Bury White Farmers Alive
A member of parliament for South Africa’s ANC party has called for white famers to be “buried alive” during a parliamentary debate on the ongoing genocide being perpetrated against white people in that country by blacks. According to a statement issued by the minority rights activist group AfriForum, the outburst was made by ANC MP Duduzile Promise Manana during a parliamentary sitting on farm murders.

While a member of the white Freedom Front Plus, Dr. Pieter Groenewald, was addressing the parliament on the topic of the ongoing genocide, Manana shouted: “Bury them alive!”.............. Groenewald said in his speech that the “world’s average murder rate is 7 per 100,000, while in South Africa it is 33 per 100,000. For white farmers in South Africa, it is 133 per 100,000.”.........

It was while recounting these horror stories that the ANC shouted out “bury them alive,” to laughter from the government benches.
Is the black Racist or grossly racist? Are the blacks running South Africa grossly racist too? [ HINT: YES ]. Is the BBC telling us the truth about South Africa or anything much else for that matter? It is a Propaganda machine run by the Enemy Within; it colludes with Her Majesty's Government in setting up the Trojan Horses and filling them with black free loaders in order to create a similar situation in England.


South African President Is A Grossly Racist Black Thief
Making the call—to loud applause—during a speech last Friday in the parliament building in Cape Town (a physical building built during the era of white rule),  Zuma called for support of a constitutional amendment to allow land expropriation without compensation.

A constitutional amendment of that extent would require a two-thirds majority in the parliament, something that would only be achievable by an alliance between the ANC and the viciously anti-white “Economic Freedom Fighters” (EFF) party, led by former ANC youth leader Julius Malema.
Racism is policy in South Africa in the same way as it is with Jews in the Stolen Land that they call Israel. It is allowed in England as well - if the perpetrators are blacks, Jews or other undesirables.
PS Zuma is a rapist as well as a thief.


Germans Vote For Merkel In Saarland Election
Angela Merkel's Christian Democratic Union (CDU) party has romped home to a convincing victory in state elections in Saarland, garnering more than 40 percent of the vote, up from 35 percent at the last election—while the populist Alternative for Germany(AfD) scraped into the state legislature with just 6.2 percent.
Germans vote for Merkel, Germans vote for Ethnic Fouling, for Genocide, for being overrun by Third World parasites. Have they been Brainwashed. Of course but are they fool enough to believe the lies, the Propaganda, the Holocaust® Story? It looks that way. The Dutch got it wrong recently too.


Third World Alien Will Sabotage Brexit Again
This woman is a sour faced Sikh from Guyana. Her old man Alan Miller, the one hiding behind the scenes is a Jew, a manipulator. Andrew Joyce has something to say about the perpetrators - see Jews Are Leading the Legal Fight Against Brexit. One is Alex Chesterman; the Wikipedia does not admit that he is a Jew. The Jewish Business News does, implicitly at all events - see  Zoopla's founder Alex Chesterman execute with $34.2 million deal.

She could do with a good wig and some Polyfilla® for her skin.


Metapedia Knocked Out Again - Another Attack On Free Speech
The Metapedia tells it like it is; at all events it doesn't do it like the Wikipedia. It's agenda is different because it is run by White Men, not Jews, not Zionist crazies. They are not anti-white Racists like the BBC, the Guardian et cetera ad nauseam. That is why it is hated.


Second Jew Arrested For Making Anti-Semitic Threats
The arrest of a second Jew [ See  Jew Threatened Jews' Centres To Incite Hatred Of Anti-Semites ] for the wave of “anti-Jewish hate crimes” against Jewish Community Centers (JCC) in the U.S. has left Jewish supremacist organizations and individuals scrambling to explain why the single greatest spree of “anti-Semitic” incidents in recent history originated in Israel.

According to a report in the Jerusalem Post, the second arrest is that of the father of the 18-year-old Jew arrested earlier for over 100 bomb threats to JCCs in the U.S. and elsewhere.

The father’s detention was extended until March 30, on charges that he was “involved in most of the same crimes and many of the threatening telephone calls.”...........

The Gazette report went on to say that “now many worry that the suspect’s identity will lend credence to anti-Semites’ common claim that Jews exaggerate threats and crimes against them.” This is of course a very valid “worry”—especially because there is a long record of fake hate crimes being perpetrated by Jews.

Fake Jewish hate crimes go back decades: For example, as early as 1963, five Jews were arrested in New York City while painting swastikas on the front of the Israeli Consulate-General building, a building which also housed the Israeli mission to the United Nations...........

“Analysts call this Jewish ‘false flag’ allegation one of the oldest—and most effective—anti-Semitic ‘dog whistles’ out there: silent to most, but loud and clear to others,” the Forward continued.
Jews cheat  again, Jews lie again. Do they ever stop?


Major Oil Strike North Of Scotland
Hurricane Energy said one billion barrels of oil could be contained within the Halifax well in the Greater Lancaster Area (GLA), 60 miles west of Shetland. The company found oil in two wells about 19 miles apart and says the combined discoveries have proved the presence of a giant field. It hopes to begin production in 2019.
Sturgeon will be gloating about this. This could be  good moment for the Shetland government to go for independence from Scotland. Becoming an associate of Norway would make cultural sense.


28 March 2017

Pakistani Thug Brutalises Wife And Walks Free
A Pakistani cricketer who beat his wife with his own bat and forced her to drink bleach while urging her to kill herself is set to join a top British club after being spared jail. Mustafa Bashir, 34, hit his hotel receptionist wife with his own bat during a jealous outburst, then warned her: 'If I hit you with this bat with my full power then you would be dead.'

During another furious attack, he held Fakhara Karim, 33, by the neck, poured bleach down her throat and forced her to take tablets while ordering her to kill herself. She told the court how her confidence was crushed by her jealous lover, who berated her for wearing westernised clothes and called her friends 'English slag girls'.

But Bashir was spared jail at Manchester Crown Court, where the judge decided that he did not pass the custody threshold because his ex-wife was not a vulnerable person.
You just might wonder if the judge is Perverting The Course Of Justice for the benefit of a vicious Third World thug. He wouldn't admit it but then he can't.


Pakistani Surgeon On Trial For Rape And Sexual Assault
Another Third World import.


Racist Nurse Is A Black Bully
Yet another Third World import full of hate. Our wonderful police will keep her out of prison. Of course she had been English the Main Stream Media would have been howling for blood.


Black Crook Took Driving Test For Five Others
She got seven months so some police aren't corrupt.


Tesco Gets Away With Fraudulent Accounting
They get to pay £129 million fine but most of the directors stay out of prison. That is the real issue. The perpetrators walk free & no doubt get their hard earned bonuses while the shareholders take the hit. Three directors have been charged. Did the auditors notice that profits were overstated by £326 million? NO! Are they any use? NO!

Recall that Enron's auditors didn't merely ignore the evidence; they destroyed it. Par for the course when serious money is involved. Of course the individuals just joined other firms. The corruption is out there just the same.
PS Tesco did sack PWC ex Price Waterhouse Coopers.


27 March 2017
Was the first day of the 1942  - Bataan Death March - Wikipedia, the free encyclopaedia; it qualifies as yet another Japanese war crime with 6,000 to 11,000 killed
Compare this with the whinging about interning Japs during the war. 

British Fishing Grounds Will Be Ours Again
 Recall that Ted Heath, a fat Marxist, a rogue with an unwholesome interest in choirboys and brown envelopes gave our fishing to the Europeans using a postdated cheque so that his treachery would not be exposed until he was out of office. He got away with being a Paedophile because politicians are above the law.


Malibu Becomes A 'Sanctuary City' But Keeps Third World Aliens Firmly Out
From the Los Angeles Times:

Malibu becomes a sanctuary city — in solidarity with its gardeners, cooks and others in the U.S. illegally
The discussion inside Malibu City Hall over whether to become a sanctuary city last week bore the usual hallmarks of the heated national debate over illegal immigration........

Like many sanctuary city resolutions, Malibu’s is largely symbolic. Backers said the move, which passed on a 3-2 council vote, is a chance for Malibu’s privileged to stand up for the city’s vulnerable population.

The city’s “population” that doesn’t actually live in the city, to be precise. The city of Malibu possesses 21 miles of oceanfront, but the population has never been allowed to reach 13,000.

Malibu has been world famous for about 60 years, but practically nobody lives there because the voters who currently live there like it that way. That’s because they are environmentally conscious and thus don’t want tacky commoners [ e.g. Hispanics or Blacks ] from Encino moving in. In contrast, you aren’t in favor of Open Borders for your country because you are a Racist Xenophobe, you hater, you..........

It’s only 40.2 miles each way from Compton to Malibu. That’s 2 hours and 16 minutes by public transportation.
The Political Correct, our Moral superiors want Illegal Immigrants because they NEED cheap servants. Do they care about America or Americans? Not a chance while they are getting rich.


26 March 2017
This day is the start of the AIPAC policy conference - see It is when American politicians get an opportunity to snivel to Zionist crazies, to the Puppet Masters who pay them to work for Israel.

Westminster Terrorist's Motives Are Unknown - Allegedly
Islamic terrorist attacks, terrorist murders five. The Main Stream Media claim that the reasons are unknown but ISIS says he  is one of theirs.


Director Of Public Prosecutions Is A Feminist Fool Says Judge
A judge has launched an unprecedented attack on the head of the Crown Prosecution Service over her handling of rape trials.

Judge Philip Shorrock claimed that Alison Saunders, the Director of Public Prosecutions, had less understanding of the cases than a newspaper columnist.

He said in his 40 years as a barrister and on the bench, most trials led to the alleged rapist being 'unsurprisingly' acquitted because both parties had been drinking or taking drugs, and there was no independent proof of what had happened............

The DPP said:.......... 'It is our job, as prosecutors, to make objective charging decisions based on the evidence, rather than the discredited rape myths that skewed the system against victims.'
Believe Saunders if you want but have a look at the evidence first e.g. DPP Incites Rape Accusations But Protects Paedophiles. Recall that 'Lord' Janner got away with extensive crime because he was a Zionist crazy.


25 March 2017
On this day in 1807 the Slave Trade Act became law. His Majesty's Government treated slavers as pirates and attacked foreign ships on that basis. The Royal Navy lost more men fighting slavers than it did in two world wars. America outlawed it at the same time. The enemy, principal traders were Jews. For evidence see The Secret Relationship Between Blacks and Jews
25 March is also The Annunciation when Gabriel told the Blessed Virgin Mary that she was to become the mother of Jesus.

23 Countries Refuse To Take Back Criminal Aliens
More than 2,000 criminal non-citizens, including many here illegally, are released from prison every year onto the streets of American cities. Americans like Casey Chadwick, 25, have paid with their lives. She was stabbed to death outside her apartment in Norwich, Connecticut, by an illegal criminal alien from Haiti who had already served 17 years in prison for attempted murder. ICE had tried to deport him several times but Haiti would not accept him.

The problem is that 23 countries will not take back their criminal migrants, according to a DHS report cited by Sen. Chuck Grassley, chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee. The government has not named all 23 uncooperative nations but WND has been able to identify 13 of them.

The five worst are Cuba, China, Somalia, India and Ghana.

The majority of the countries on the list are either communist or Islamic
If a foreign government will not take their own the answer is to hang them. It prevents re-offending.


EU Commission Boss Threatens To Screw England Pour Encourager Les Autres
Outrage as Juncker boasts that no-one else will want to leave the EU after they see how badly the UK is punished for Brexit
Jack in Office is a tyrant. Juncker is a loud mouthed peasant from a nothing place, a cock crowing on his dung heap. He will go back to his little village to be forgotten.


Westminster Murderer Identified
The Main Stream Media alleged that Masood was "British" but they were lying. The mugshot et cetera say he is a crossbreed by a black thug out of a white slut.
 First picture: This is the Westminster ISIS-inspired jihadi Khalid Masood as an adult in a police mugshot released by Scotland Yard as they try to gather information about if he was part of a wider terror cell in Britain
They showed us the ugly reality but only because the Met published his mug shot.


African Immigration To Italy Booming With The Aid Of 'Charities' As EU 'Open Borders' Policy Continues 
Earlier this year, in January,1)wwe analysed how NGOs [ Non-Government Organizations mainly "charities" ]  in collaboration with the Italian government had been shipping migrants from the Libyan shores to Italy and how it later evolved into the exploitation of migrants on the Italian farms and in the prostitution business in collusion with organized crime.

The first data available for the beginning of 2017 show that the business is booming even further: a 57% increase compared to the first months of 2016, which goes up to 81% for the whole winter period,2)while the percentage of those transported by the NGOs ships has gone from 5% to 40% of the total in 2016, which becomes more than half in the last months of the year. NGOs are de facto replacing smugglers in the Mediterranean.

Italian newspaper Il Giornale managed to infiltrate the smuggling business, confirming the active role of NGOs: smugglers receive 2600-3200 Dollars to organize the human shipping from Libya, Tunisia, Egypt and Syria; they board about 45 people on a ship that navigates only a few miles until the migrants are taken over by the “humanitarian missions”.4)For the smugglers little work and a lot of profit, while for the NGOs the personal gratification of having helped migrants have their dream of landing in Europe fulfilled.................

In the meanwhile, a war among the poor is brewing in Italy: after hearing that the Italian government had assigned 10 houses to the cooperatives managing the migrant business in Taranto, Southern Italy, citizens revolted, occupied the building and brought in Italian families in need of housing.18)Elsewhere, in Caserta, a television reporter trying to film a documentary about a huge illegal market of counterfeited goods run by immigrants was chased down and beaten up by them.
To be fair about the Italians, they are hitting back. They are being betrayed by their government and the wonderful human beings that run the European Union. But England is a victim of the same evil, the Ethnic Fouling and we do nothing.


Bent Lawyer Stole £4 Million & Gets Seven Years
But Phil Shiner, another thieving shit walks free - see Bent Lawyer Kicked Out After Taking Tax Payer For Millions. It's not what you know, it's who you know.


Bent Copper Stole Narcotics & Got 26 Years
That will cramp his style. Pigs are about as popular inside as nonces.


24 March 2017

Media Allege That Islamic Terrorist Was British 
The Main Stream Media are lying Propaganda machines w working the "Lone Wolf" story. Khalid Masood, a Pakistani, Islamic or both has previous for GBH et cetera.


Islamic Copy Cat Killer Fails In Antwerp 
This comedian had a rifle, shotgun/assault weapon/hunting rifle/whatever. The Mail doesn't know the difference.


Hundreds Of Illegal Immigrants Presumed Dead
Five migrants were found dead in the sea off Libya on Thursday after the boats they were travelling in sank, likely carrying hundreds more to their deaths, an aid organisation said.

Proactiva Open Arms, one of several groups operating in the area, said it was notified that an inflatable boat was sinking early on Thursday and found another going down shortly afterwards.

“We brought on board five corpses recovered from the sea, but no lives. It is a harsh reality check of the suffering here that is invisible in Europe,” the group wrote on Facebook.
Proactiva Open Arms is nominally a charity but it is a criminal organisation in the business of smuggling thousands of Illegal Immigration into Europe. It operates the Astral. This time their rendezvous failed.

Charities have immunity from prosecution granted by governments of traitors. One such is Helle Thorning-Schmidt, lately the prime minister of Denmark; she runs Save The Children, another crime syndicate, which uses the Vos Hestia. Evidence is at Charity And Crime.. There are several others at it. Much of the funding comes from George Soros, a malicious Jew - see e.g. Why I’m Investing $500 Million in Migrants [ but not for Israel ].


American Judges Perverting Law, Judges Creating 'Absolute Right To Illegal Immigration'
The courts aren’t just stripping the president of his authority to stop national security threats. They aren’t just endangering Americans. They aren’t just basing their rulings on pure ideology instead of the law.

The American judiciary is creating an “affirmative right to immigrate” to the United States for every person on earth, says David Horowitz [ Jew & ex Marxist ], Daniel Horowitz, senior editor at Conservative Review and author of “Stolen Sovereignty: How to Stop Unelected Judges from Transforming America.”.................

“Even President Trump's o original orders were grounded in precedent and statute,” Horowitz told WND. “But these federal judges who have issued a halt to President Trump’s new executive orders have gone even farther. Not only did they simply refuse to address the legislation that gives Trump the authority to issue these orders, they started creating new rights out of thin air, which gives practically everyone in the world a future affirmative right to immigrate to the United States. Obviously, that means the end of the United States in any meaningful sense.”
That comes from an ex-Marxist Jew


Jew Threatened Jews' Centres To Incite Hatred Of 'Anti-Semites'
A man was arrested in Israel on Thursday on suspicion of making dozens of hoax bomb threats against Jewish community centres in the United States, Australia and New Zealand over the past three months, police said on Thursday.

Sources familiar with the case gave the suspect’s age as 19 and said he is Jewish and holds Israeli and US citizenship. A police spokesman said the suspect’s motives were still unclear to investigators.............

In the United States, a former journalist was charged in St. Louis on March 3 with using fake email accounts to threaten to bomb Jewish sites while posing as his ex-girlfriend [ but that was just a bit of domestic nausea - Editor ] . But he was not believed to be responsible for the majority of threats.
Jews, especially Zionist crazies are Paranoid & all too often Psychopaths. Inciting Anti-Semitism as well as complaining about it is manipulation, something that the Puppet Masters do all the time. It is why they market the Holocaust® Story; it is their excuse for mass murder, the Ethnic Cleansing of Palestine et cetera.


23 March 2017

Islamic Terrorist Attacks Parliament And Fails
This is unfortunate. If he had killed a few politicians he would have been taken seriously. Her Majesty's Government is happy to import hundreds of thousands of murderous thugs like this on us, to create Trojan Horses; they have the wholehearted collusion of Her Allegedly Loyal Opposition, the fools running various Christian outfits, Zionist crazies [ see Ethnic Fouling In England for more and better details ] and the Enemy Within generally. But the Islamic crazies are not supposed to go near the Establishment; they are supposed to prey on people up north in Rochdale and Rotherham. Raping English girls wholesale is just fine because they are the daughters of honest Working Men, who di, who didn't go to Roedean.


Pakistani Terrorist Allegedly 'British'
They usually feed us the Lone Wolf story or the Lunatic story then wait until later before admitting the truth if ever. See the photo of the perpetrator and know the reality that the Daily Mail and Theresa May are concealing.

More and better details at Westminster Massacre


Indian Murders His Daughter And Dumps Her Corpse On Boyfriend's Doorstep
An Indian father slit his daughter's throat with a meat cleaver and dumped her body on her boyfriend's doorstep in a suspected honour killing, police said today. The father is accused of knifing his 15-year-old daughter when she started dating a teenager he did not approve of in the Muzaffarnagar district of Uttar Pradesh state.

The boyfriend allegedly sneaked into the girl's house early on Tuesday but was caught by her mother and handed over to police, police officer Shivraj Singh said.
UNQUOTE Honour killings are SOP [ standard operating procedure ] in India. More of them at Honour Killings


22 March 2017
Is  the anniversary of  the 2016 Brussels Massacre when Islamics achieved 32 murders. They were imported by corrupt governments manipulated by Puppet Masters, the Zionist crazies who run Palestine

Donald Trump's Big Test, His Healthcare Bill
President Trump is facing his first and probably most important test of his leadership within the Republican Party as the House presents its final healthcare bill. One of his major campaign promises was to do away with the Affordable Care act, better known as Obamacare, and replace it with something much better.

To this point, the President has avoided blame for a healthcare bill that is deeply unpopular with his base while at the same time promoting it. How he accomplishes this from here on out without alienating his grassroots base of conservative supporters will prove his moniker as the great negotiator.............

Meckler was quick to add that Trump has the solid support of his base now. Citizens for Self Governance recent survey of 4,000 respondents showed 66% giving Trump an “A” for keeping his campaign promises but only 6% of GOP leaders with the same grade...............

“That’s not a critique of Trump,” he continued. “It’s just that he has Congress and the Courts to deal with. The remedy for the hangover is for Trump to fight for what he said he’d fight for. The grassroots will not blame him for losing those fights, with Congress or the courts. They will blame him if he doesn’t fight to keep his promises.” As suspected from day one – the roadblock is all brands of the establishment.
Donald Trump gave people his Contract with the American Voter. It won the election for him, which is why it was eagerly ignored by the Main Stream Media; they hate him, they hate the truth. Professor MacDonald m makes the same point with Trump can’t lose White working class voters with a bad AHCA. Voters need Don & Don needs voters. This is symbiosis.


Another Bomb, Another Islamic Crazy
World leaders will gather for talks on how to defeat the Islamic State today after it emerged that an aircraft cabin ban on electronic devices  was prompted by warnings of a new terrorist threat...............

It comes as British passengers on holiday flights from the Middle East and North Africa were told they will be banned within days from carrying laptops, tablets and other electronic devices on board the aircraft. 

The Government introduced the ban after a similar move by the US, where officials revealed “evaluated intelligence” showed that terrorists are “aggressively pursuing innovative measures” to carry out attacks with devices such as laptop bombs. 
There are lots of Arabs and Islamics full of hate but then western governments have given them cause, plenty of it. Blair & Bush sent men to make war on Iraq; they murdered thousands, displaced millions, destroyed billions & cost trillions. They were pandering to Zionist crazies, to the Puppet Masters so we get to be targets.

This happened a year ago on an aircraft flying out of Mogadishu. More and better details at Explosion that ripped a hole in passenger jet WAS a bomb


IRA's Top Mass Murderer Dies In Bed
He was hailed as a ‘man of peace’ yesterday, but Martin McGuinness was a commander of the IRA at a time its campaign was claiming thousands of lives.

He was alleged to have been a member of the paramilitary organisation’s ‘army council’, which approved its strategy and tactics, including its use of violence against innocent civilians.

Distressing as they are, these images recall the appalling bloodshed and senseless bombings carried out in the 1970s and 1980s, before Mr McGuinness [ chose to allege that he had ]  turned away from the ‘armed struggle’ he had embraced.

But families of IRA victims said the ‘Butcher of Bogside’ had died without showing repentance for his role in the violence or giving up secrets that could help bring his former comrades to justice.
The Daily Mail gives chapter and verse of IRA atrocities. McGuiness was the comedian who opened fire on Bloody Sunday. Look at who is praising him; a loathsome set of scum. Blair, Cameron & Comrade Corbyn are just some of them. On this day IRA killers walk free while men of the British Army are harassed decades later.


French Politician Is A Thief. Quelle Horreur
French Interior Minister Bruno Le Roux resigned on Tuesday over payments of public funds to his daughters, denying he had done anything wrong but saying he did not want the scandal to affect the government’s work.

The employment of family members by politicians has become a hot-button issue in France after conservative presidential election candidate Francois Fillon became embroiled in a similar scandal over the employment of his wife and two of his children as parliamentary assistants...........

“Those work contracts ... correspond to work that was effectively carried out,” said Le Roux, in a bid to distance himself from Fillon, who is accused of having paid his wife hundreds of thousands of euros for work she did not do........

The Quotidien TV show said Le Roux had paid a combined total of 55,000 euros ($59,455.00) between 2009 and 2016 to his two daughters as parliamentary assistants during summer vacations, starting from when they were 15 and 16............

At issue is the extent to which work was actually done for the money, which in Fillon’s case was in the region of 800,000 euros.
They would prefer to harass Marine le Pen. Heigh ho.


Bent Copper Took A EUR10 Thousand Bung To Make Cocaine Charges Disappear
A drug squad police sergeant has been given a suspended two-year jail sentence after he was found guilty of accepting more than €10,000 in kickbacks to look the other way after he arrested a man in 2012 with 1.5 kilos of cocaine.

The sergeant, Andreas Vryonis, was found guilty on nine of 26 charges. The Larnaca district court however, suspended the sentence, as it took into account as a mitigating factor a letter from the head of the drug squad who said that Vryonis was a “good officer and excellent associate”...........

A disciplinary case for the same offences is pending by the police against Vryonis, who remains suspended
 He got off very lightly.


Cyprus Central Bank Governor Charged With Taking A Million Euro Bung
Former Central Bank governor Christodoulos Christodoulou, four other individuals, and three companies, were referred to trial before the criminal court on Wednesday over a €1mln payment to Christodoulou, allegedly in exchange for his collusion during the takeover of Laiki Bank in 2006...........

Apart from Christodoulou, the charge sheet includes Greek shipowner Michalis Zolotas, Christodoulou’s daughter Athina, her ex-husband Andreas Kizourides, former Laiki official Michael Fole, and companies A. C. Christodoulou Consultants Ltd, Marfin Investment Group (MIG), and Focus Maritime Corp...........

The defendants face a total of 29 charges including corruption, bribery, abuse of authority, abuse of trust, and money laundering. UNQUOTE
Big people, big bribes. Policemen come cheaper.


21 March 2017
Is  the Holy Infant Martyr, St. Simon of Trent's feast day. Saint Simon of Trent was murdered by Jews for his blood in 1475 AD. See Blood Libel & Jews Hate Free Speech.
Is the day of the 1960 Sharpeville Massacre. South African police got 63 kills. Joe Slovo, a Jew from Lithuania and the South African Communist Party found it very useful for their propaganda.

Islamic Thug Attacks Woman, Islamic Gets Killed
Islamic tried to steal a weapon from a woman dressed as a soldier. A real soldier shoots him, real soldier man kills him. Problem sorted, contrasting very favourably with the grotesque incompetence of police over here. See the next one.


Police Prove Their Grotesque Incompetence In Weapon Handling
Shooting themselves? Check. Spraying rounds all over the place willy nilly? Check. Do they all get away with it? Of course. The British Army would sort them out but then it is not run by arrogant, self righteous chancers.


20 March 2017
This day in 2003 was the start of Operation Iraqi Freedom 2003 It was used by Blair & Bush to murder thousands & give Jews in Israel access to unlimited amounts of Oil; that of course was the point.

On this day in 1995 Aum Shinrikyo carried out their  Sarin gas attack on the Tokyo subway getting 12 kills and 54 serious casualties.

Hard Left Conspiring With Unite To Take Over Labour Party
A secret plot by the hard-left campaign group Momentum to seize permanent control of the Labour Party was revealed today.

Momentum leader Jon Lansman was secretly recorded revealing the campaign group will officially link with the huge Unite union if Len McCluskey wins re-election. Affiliation with Unite will give Momentum - born out of Jeremy Corbyn's first leadership campaign - access to huge funding and institutional support.

The group is plotting to ensure it retains control of the Labour Party after Mr Corbyn leaves his post, whether by his own choice or because he is forced out for failure.......

'As far as Len McCluskey is concerned Unite's members' money is his to play with as he chooses, from taking out a loan to allow him to buy a luxury London apartment to propping up the ultra left. This is not what trade unions are for. It is time for a change.'
Entryism is the name of the game & the lifeblood of Marxist political operations. Comrade Corbyn has blown it so the Ultra-left moves on. They are making it easy for the other lot, the Tories, the crooks, the Capitalist Swine who want "cheap labour",  Illegal Immigration and England overrun with Third World parasites.


Islamic Trojan Horse Festers In Birmingham
Few people will have heard of Moinal Abedin. But he has a uniquely chilling CV. Abedin is widely acknowledged to be Britain’s first Al Qaeda- inspired terrorist. In 2002, he was jailed for 20 years for turning a terrace house in Birmingham’s Sparkbrook district into a bomb-making factory. Among the deadly haul was an industrial quantity of the chemical required for the high explosive HMTD , which was used in the July 7 attacks on London’s Tube and bus network in 2005............Moinal Abedin is 42 now and, according to someone who knows him, he has just completed his sentence and is back on the streets of Birmingham where his ‘career’ began.

During his time inside, Sparkbrook has become synonymous with Islamic extremism; one in ten of all Britain’s convicted Islamic terrorists, we now know, have come from Sparkbrook (population 30,000) and four adjoining council wards.
Her Majesty's Government imports Pakistanis with malice aforethought but dumps them far from Eton, Roedean, Henley or Western Civilization for that matter. They are inflicted on poor old Rotherham and other northern enclaves. Labour gives them free licence to Rape English girls for just as long as they generate industrial scale Vote Rigging.

The Tories are different; their Capitalist Swine want cheap labour to drive wages down and profits up.

Snouts in the trough forever.


Police Investigation Of Ted Heath Ends
The "investigation" of Heath was started on the grounds that he was dead, meaning that he could not be put in prison, in the wing with all the other nonces. That was the point, letting him get away with Paedophile perversion. Politicians are above the law.


19 March 2017
On this day in 1982 Argentina invaded South Georgia, in the south Atlantic and started the Falklands War.

Bent Copper Had 14 Pounds Of Stolen Cocaine In The Washing Machine
A police inspector who was found with £700,000 of drugs at his home - including a huge amount of cocaine in his washing machine - was a 'criminal masquerading as a police officer', his force has said. Keith Boots, 55, was responsible for disposing of seized drugs for West Yorkshire Police in Bradford but instead stole large quantities to supply back on to the streets, Leeds Crown Court heard. He was found guilty of a range of offences yesterday and will be sentenced on Friday............

His son Ashley Boots, 30, of Weatherhouse Terrace, Halifax, was found guilty of conspiracy to supply controlled drugs, conspiracy to steal and conspiracy to Pervert The Course Of Justice. He admitted six charges of possessing drugs with intent to supply and one count of possessing ammunition. A third man, Ian Mitchell, 28, of no fixed address, was found guilty of conspiracy to pervert the course of justice.
Another copper, another thief, another liar.


Blair Will Get Away With Mass Murder And War Mongering
Are you surprised at official collusion in War Crimes? Me neither. Politicians are above the law when all is said and done. It works both ways of course. Blair walks free so Cameron does too. It is the quid pro quo again.


Dutch Election Post Mortem - Labour Party Dies As Ethnics Move On
Labour parties in most countries were formed to help the Working Classes; in most countries they have betrayed their own. Marxists running them are using Identity Politics, backing single issue causes like Feminism, Homosexuality, Illegal Immigration & anti-White i.e. pro-Third World Racism. This worked as a way of getting power and betraying their own countries but Islamic savages are sound on homosexuals. They favour hanging, crucifixion or whatever. This election proved that political bribes are not enough. Turks don't vote political; Turks vote ethnic. The same pressures are at work in England. Labour politicians and police connived at thousands of rapes in Rotherham, Rochdale et cetera as a quid pro quo for industrial scale Vote Rigging.


Jews Attack Free Speech & Truth
From the Jewish press we learn that Britain’s House of Commons Home Affairs Committee has summoned executives from Google, Twitter and Facebook for a hearing in order to slam the social media giants for failing to block ‘hate speech’ and ‘anti-Semitic’ content from their platforms. It seems that Labour MP Yvette Cooper took issue with the refusal of YouTube to remove a video in which David Duke accused Jewish people of “organizing white genocide” and Zionists of conducting ethnic cleansing........... 

Astonishingly, it was, of all people, Stephen Pollard, Britain’s arch-Zionist and editor of the Jewish Chronicle [ But see Stephen Pollard - Editor ] who stood up for Duke’s elementary freedoms. In The Telegraph Pollard wrote. “It’s clear that the video is indeed anti-Semitic. In it, Mr Duke says: ‘The Zionists have already ethnically cleansed the Palestinians, why not do the same thing to Europeans and Americans as well? No group on earth fights harder for its interests than do the Jews. By dividing a society they can weaken it and control it.’ So there’s no debate that this is Jew hate in all its traditional poison.”.......

But one question remains. What led Yvette Cooper to operate so openly in the service of one particular Lobby group [ the Labour Friends of Israel ].  I guess that veteran Mossad agent Victor Ostrovsky may have an answer to offer… [ Pollard explains lying; Viktor Ostrovsky tells the truth - Editor ]
Yvette Cooper complains about Doctor Duke because he tells the truth. Is she bribed, blackmailed or brain dead? Gilad Atzmon, an honest Jew tells it like it is. You might care to look at Is Doctor Duke taking it down the middle? Read for yourself. Think for yourself. Decide for yourself.


18 March 2017

Pope Goes Easy On Paedophiles Says The Economist
The Economist might be telling the truth.


The Economist Goes Easy On Jewish Paedophiles Perverts
So do the rest of the Main Stream Media but the Failed Messiah, an honest Jew tells the truth; he gave us 2,446 posts about Paedophile Jews at Mikva Abuse


Police Thugs To Pay Lord Bramall £100 Thousand After Harassing Him
Lord Bramall is set to receive £100,000 in compensation from Scotland Yard over its bungled [ sic ] VIP paedophile inquiry.

The 93-year-old ex-military chief, whose home was raided at dawn by 22 officers after he was falsely accused of child sex abuse, has been offered a ‘substantial’ sum.

The Mail has learned the Metropolitan Police, which spent £2.5million on the inquiry, has negotiated ‘hard’ over compensation, saying it would have to come out of its policing budget.

But a former senior detective said last night: ‘This is a ludicrous argument, given how much money was wasted on Operation Midland in the first place. If the Met cared so much about budgets, why did it drag out the inquiry for so long?’.........

Although he was reluctant to sue, Lord Bramall was keen to ensure that the Met learns lessons. He is expected to donate the money to a charity.
The fellow running the Met, one 'Sir' Bernard Hogan-Howe is perfectly capable of ignoring crime when Pakistani Perverts are involved especially if they happen to be his little mate 'Lord' Nazir Ahmed, Baron Ahmed of Rotherham.
PS Take the point that Lord Bramall had to hire lawyers to sue the swine before getting any kind of satisfaction.


17 March 2017
On this day in 1992 White South Africans vote overwhelmingly to end Apartheid - see South African Referendum, 1992 unleashing a wave of crime, corruption & gross hypocrisy from the  South African Communist Party

Corrupt Lawyer Claims Bankruptcy After Hiding Stolen Money
Shamed [ but shameless ] lawyer Phil Shiner has been declared bankrupt in a move that could mean he avoids an estimated bill of at least £4million for bringing baseless war crimes claims against British troops. It has also emerged that his house, worth around £330,000, was transferred to his daughters before he was struck off the roll of solicitors for misconduct.

Shiner’s firm made more than £1.6million pursuing unfounded torture and murder claims that cost the public purse £31million to investigate. After he was struck off, the Government pledged to pursue him for the £3million in legal aid his firm was paid to support the claims.

The Ministry of Defence was also poised to claim for the millions it spent defending its soldiers in court. But Shiner has now been declared bankrupt, which could make it harder to recover these costs.

In addition, his four-bedroom Edwardian home in Birmingham has been transferred to two of his daughters, Leisha, 27, and Bethany, 29, who both worked for his firm Public Interest Lawyers......

He was found to have been repeatedly dishonest in falsely accusing soldiers of war crimes, and immediately given a costs bill of at least £250,000. His now defunct law firm brought most of the 3,380 allegations of wrongdoing referred to the Iraq Historical Allegations Team.[ IHAT ].
Another arrogant, lying Socialist, scumbag. His daughters are colluding in the fraudulent misapplication of funds; they should go to prison too.


Apache Attacks Illegal Immigrants Killing 42 Off Yemen Coast
More than 40 Somali refugees killed in helicopter attack off Yemen coast At least forty two Somali refugees were killed off the coast of Yemen late on Thursday when a helicopter reportedly attacked the boat they were travelling in.

Coastguard Mohamed al-Alay said the refugees, carrying official UN refugee agency (UNHCR) documents, were travelling from Yemen to Sudan when they were attacked by an Apache helicopter near the Bab el-Mandeb strait.

A top official with the UN’s migration agency confirmed later that 42 bodies had been recovered following the military attack on a boat carrying refugees off the Yemeni coast.......

Abdiker called the attack, which happened around 3am, was “totally unacceptable” and that responsible combatants should have checked who was aboard the boat “before firing on it.”
The Apache is a useful ground attack machine, used by Saudis or not as the case maybe. It is a very effective approach to Illegal Immigration. Recall that Illegal Aliens Cost Billions.


Armed Citizen Kills Black Murderer & Saves The Police Victim
Ashad Russell has been called a hero after he gunned down armed suspect Edward Strother while he was beating Deputy Dean Barde on the ground in Estero, Florida. The newly-released video of the November shooting shows Strother pinning Deputy Bardes to the road after the cop chased him several miles on I-75 before finally pulling him over.

Russell, who has a concealed weapons permit, steps out of his car raises his gun, and fires three shots, all of which hit Strother.

Seconds later, Russell dropped his weapon and slowly walked away to wait for first responders to arrive. On the film three shots clearly ring out as the witnesses describe seeing Strother on top of the cop.
The Armed Citizen pays off again but this kind of event is determinedly, systematically censored by the Main Stream Media of England; they are corrupt Propaganda machines. Mr Russell fired three rounds and got three hits; not  bad going when it is for real. It turns out that he is a "person of colour" proving that not all blacks/Hispanics/et cetera are criminals. He also proved that Guns Save Lives. We can take it that the copper who let himself be overpowered by a vicious black will come in for a lot of teasing.

The perpetrator pretending that butter wouldn't melt in his mouth.


McCain Trying To Start World War III Again
McCain is a murderous fool, a War Monger who wants to go Nuclear, to make Russia destroy America and vice versa. World War III would destroy Europe as well. McCain is one of the Lunatic Fringe, a prime candidate for a padded cell. Pat Buchanan explains all.


16 March 2017
On this day in 2003 Rachel Corrie RIP, was murdered by Jews army using a Caterpillar D9 tractor when she was discouraging them from destroying people's homes. The Jew killed her deliberately and with malice aforethought. He got away with it. His superiors colluded in murder. Par for the course in Palestine, the Stolen Land that its thieves call Israel.

Geert Wilders Loses Dutch Election
Right-wing Dutch MP Geert Wilders has accused the country's victorious Prime Minister Mark Rutte of treating his supporters like 'semi Nazis' after his party lost the General Election. Rutte's VVD party won with a predicted 32 seats in the 150-seat parliament, while Wilders' populist PVV party is joint second with 19 seats, alongside the Christian Democratic Appeal (CDA) and the Democracy party (D66)............. 

The loss represented a decrease of nine seats for Rutte and an increase of seven seats for Wilders.

Speaking after exit polls predicted he had won his third term as Prime Minister, a jubilant Rutte said: 'This is an evening where the Netherlands, after Brexit and Trump, said 'That's enough of the wrong sort of populism'.
This is a pity but Geert gained seats; that is something. Recall that the enemies of civilization won in Austria because all parties, left, right & middle ganged up on Norbert Hofer, the Nationalist candidate. Perhaps it was not absolute proof of treasonous intent; it certainly looks that way.


Seven Black Thieves Await Sentencing
A group of burger stand staff at Manchester United's ground were caught on camera shoving money down their trousers in a 'skimming' racket after £4,500 disappeared from the till. The football club set up secret cameras at the Old Trafford fast food joint after takings repeatedly went missing during home matches and other sporting events at the ground. 

Seven employees were then caught red-handed helping themselves to the money, which came from fans buying burgers and other fast food items............

Anthony Agabaje, 21, of Clayton, and Mustafa Belkhair, 20, of Ardwick, denied any wrongdoing but were found guilty at trial. Lugman Arogundada, 22, of Blackley, Mwila Bwanga, 20, of Gorton, Olamide Oyawaye, 21, of Sandbach, Justino Edmilson, 22, and Fliavio Andrade, 22, of Rochdale, all pleaded guilty to theft. But police are still investigating the disappearance of around £4,500 in cash, which is still unaccounted for........ All seven will be sentenced at Manchester Crown Court at a later date.
Why import Third World parasites & crime too? We have already got plenty of our own.
PS One might be Pakistani or some such.


Sergeant Blackman's Conviction Reduced To Manslaughter
Sergeant Alexander Blackman, coming to the end of a "hellish" six-month tour of the Helmand province where he had seen friends and comrades killed and their body parts hung up as trophies, killed a dying insurgent with a single shot at point-blank range. 

The moment was captured on film and Blackman, a veteran of five tours in Iraq and Afghanistan and described as a "superb soldier", became the only British serviceman known to have been convicted of murder on a foreign battlefield. 

On Wednesday, after spending more than three years in prison for the offence, five of the most senior judges in Britain quashed his conviction and replaced it with one for manslaughter, recognising the extreme stresses that Blackman faced in the theatre of war. 
This case should never have gone near  a court. Finishing off badly wounded men is SOP [ standard operating procedure ] among decent armies. It is mentioned by Henry Rider Haggard in King Solomon's Mines

Ignoring the hyperbole, it sounds like bad posting against first class enemy, one that had every justification for being annoyed. Why were men there in the first place? Ask greasy little crooks like Blair, Cameron & Obama. Ask too how they got so rich so fact. They will lie about that as well. One reason is oil, see US Interests In Central Asia Are Oil, Oil, Oil. The main reason is the Israel Lobby manipulating western governments. Men aren't enlisting any more. Why get shot at then prosecuted by corrupt lawyers like Shiner? See e.g. Bent Lawyer Kicked Out After Taking Tax Payer For Millions.


Black Fires Six rounds In London, Black Misses
Another black imported by politicians, by Treason.
PS he hasn't learned to use the sights.


Pakistani Medic Gropes Woman On Thirteen Hour Flight
The police let him get away with it. The Medical Council might well.


French Twerp Goes Shooting At School
He was after the headmaster but didn't manage to kill anyone. The local police turned up with their guns - after the event and badly armed at that. It makes a change from Islamic hooligans.


Merkel Leaning On Holocaust® Story Deniers
Ditto for people complaining about the million plus Third World criminals she imported.
knows a lot about hate.


Jews Practice Apartheid In Palestine, The Stolen Land Say United Nations
A new United Nations report accuses Israel of having established "an Apartheid regime that oppresses and dominates the Palestinian people as a whole"..........

Noting how "the expert consensus [is] that the prohibition of apartheid is universally applicable and was not rendered moot by the collapse of apartheid in South Africa", the report argues that Israel is "guilty of policies and practices that constitute the crime of apartheid", a "crime against humanity under customary international law and the Rome Statute of the International Criminal Court".
To say that the Jews are carrying out Apartheid is merely telling us the obvious. Of course it was very awful when Boers did it in South Africa - according to the South African Communist Party, which means Marxist Jews like Aaronovitch, the oaf who wrote the next one.


Defending ‘White Interests’ Can Never Be Right Says Fat, Ugly Jew
Let’s talk about whites. Readers of other colours are welcome to listen in, but this is really about us and our legitimate white self-interests, which are not at all the same thing as racism.............

Broadly speaking, Kaufmann takes the view that liberals have got it all wrong. Wanting your neighbourhood to reflect your ethnic character, he says, is not racist. Feeling “discomfort” when your group “no longer sets the tone in a neighbourhood” may be inward-looking, Goodhart adds, but “labelling that feeling racist risks becoming a self-fulfilling prophecy, driving white resentment”. Both men cite the work of an American Muslim academic, Shadi Hamid, who has also written about supposedly non-racist “racial self-interest”........

 And it is also true that fear of being labelled racist has inhibited weak-minded public officials from doing their jobs, from the Victoria Climbié case to the British-Asian grooming gangs. Furthermore, as over The Satanic Verses, I support a robust defence of democratic values and rights — rights that have been hard won.......

 I’m not racist. I have nothing against them. I’m just acknowledging my racial self-interest. Which is that I’m white [ The Jew lies - Editor ]. So give me the job.
This Propaganda piece comes from the front page of The Times. It was written, not just by a fat, ugly Marxist Jew but a liar to boot. Aaronovitch's grandparents got to England on the run from vengeance after they wore out their welcome in the Russian empire along with many other places. Now they have infiltrated the Main Stream Media to market hate & Racism, anti-English racism but racism none the less. It is crime when Englishmen do it but Jews get a pass, just like most Third World aliens.


15 March 2017
Today is the day of the Dutch general election 2017, our chance to see what people really think about Geert Wilders, the destruction of Democracy by the EU and, most importantly about the Ethnic Fouling Of Holland


English Democrat Leader Gets Nine Months For Election Fraud
A disgraced far-right activist has been jailed today for cheating the election system by submitting fraudulent nomination forms.   English Democrats regional leader Steven Uncles used fictitious names such as Anna Cleves - a play on the name of Henry VIII’s fourth wife, Anne of Cleves, who lived in Dartford - and Rachelle Stevens - referred to by a judge as “the lady from S Club 7”.   The 53-year-old local politician, who has since resigned from the post, was convicted last month of seven charges of using a false instrument with intent and two of causing or permitting a false statement to be included in a nomination form.........

“The more candidates you put up at local elections, the greater the publicity that is attached to the aims and policies of the English Democrats. You have subverted the democratic process.”..........

“I bear in mind you are not going to do this again, but the public as a whole must have confidence in the electoral system which you have so seriously undermined.”
The man is a crook; he went down for it; the judge made the right noises. Fair enough but when it came to Lutfur Rahman, a corrupt lawyer, long the mayor of Tower Hamlets due to blatant corruption it was different. Her Majesty's Government allowed Rahman and his henchmen to do it because they are Pakistani thieves. It took citizens to prosecute the Vote Rigging while Rahman stays out of prison. This is Selective Prosecution being used to Pervert The Course Of Justice & promote the Ethnic Fouling Of England.


Pakistani Racists Break Englishwoman's Nose In Vicious Attack
Her Majesty's Government imports thugs like these with malice aforethought. It is Treason, it is Ethnic Fouling merging seamlessly into Genocide, it is policy.


Third World Parasites Murdered Their Baby Daughter
A mother who 'staged the death' of her 16-week-old daughter on a bus sent a text that said 'Imani is dead' as unsuspecting passengers desperately tried to save her child, a court heard.  Jurors were told Rosalin Baker, 25, was given the 'thumbs up' by her 52-year-old boyfriend Jeffrey Wiltshire as she boarded the number 25 in Stratford, east London, holding the body of their baby daughter Imani.

The Old Bailey heard she told passengers her baby had just fallen ill in a bid to stage her death and cover up the horrific abuse and murder of the child at home. Imani, who had been born prematurely at 28 weeks, was rushed to hospital but she had already died from a fractured skull and brain injuries caused by her being thrown against the floor or a wall.

The court was told that Wiltshire boasted he had 23 children [ on the dole no doubt ] and was proud of becoming a father aged 52.
More blacks, more crime, more Ethnic Fouling Of England.


Police Actually Charge Afghan Rapists In Sweden
Strange but true. The wonderful government of Sweden has imported thousands of Third World parasites and turned Malmö into the Rape Capital Of Scandinavia. Now they might even start putting them in prison.
PS The United Nations are exporting 'refugees' to Afghanistan because it is a safe country. See e.g. Pakistan Expelling 3 Million Afghan Refugees or even Zimbabwe Deports Illegal Immigrants With UN Assistance.


Donald Trump Was Wiretapped Admits New York Times
The New York Times already admitted wiretaps were used against the Trump campaign, despite now claiming there’s “no evidence” of the wiretapping accusations President Trump lodged against the former Obama administration on Saturday.

A New York Times article published on Inauguration Day specifically referenced “Wiretaps” in its headline, though it didn’t specifically mention that Trump himself, or Trump Tower was bugged.

An online version of the same January article substituted the words “Wiretapped Data” for “Intercepted Russian communications” in its headline: “Intercepted Russian Communications Part of Inquiry Into Trump Associates”.
The Main Stream Media are Propaganda machines that hate Donald Trump.


Every Prison Has Bent Screws
Up to five members of staff in every jail are corrupt, fuelling the smuggling of mobile phones and drugs for inmates, it was claimed yesterday............

Last year 20,000 mobiles and Sim cards were discovered in jails, while there were 10,000 separate drugs finds.............

But John Podmore, who spent 25 years in the prison service, including a stint as head of the anti-corruption unit, said corruption of prison officers was also part of the problem.........

He said low pay, a lack of training, and a reduction in staff numbers are to blame for the problem.
It sounds all too likely.


14 March 2017
On this day in 1964 the Jew, Jack Ruby [ Jacob Rubenstein ] was convicted of murdering Lee Harvey Oswald. He got away with it because he was a Jew.

Brexit Bill Passes As The Lords Decide Not To Defy Democracy Again
Theresa May has finally won the power to trigger Article 50 after peers backed down and passed the Brexit Bill after two crucial votes in the Commons earlier. MPs followed orders to delete an amendment on guaranteeing the rights of EU nationals, backing the Government 335 to 287, majority 48.

The Commons also defeated the second amendment on the timetabling of votes at the end of the negotiation by a majority of 45.
This whole Brexit nausea, an attack on Democracy was started by Jews fronted by Third World aliens, a Sikh from Guyana Gina Miller, a Brazilian barber Deir Dos Santos and, hiding behind the scenes, a Jew Alan Miller. See more about the perpetrators at  Jews Are Leading the Legal Fight Against Brexit.


Convicted Killer Who Shot Wife Is A Paedophile Pervert As Well
A convicted killer, who shot his wife dead, has been jailed for 15 years after threatening to murder two young girls he was sexually abusing. Maurice Wells, 73, from Clacton in Essex, told the youngster that they would suffer the same fate as his wife if they told anyone about what he was doing to them.

Wells was 33 when he shot and killed his wife, Suzanne, in the front garden of their Colchester home in 1976 after she claimed one of their children was not his. He was jailed for 10 years but after being released Wells, now 73, began to groom his first victim during the 1990s............

Wells already had 15 convictions for 19 offences before he admitted the six sex assaults on the two child victims.
The Mail tells all because he is not black. The Mail is an anti-White racist rag and one of the Enemy Within.


13 March 2017
On this day in 1996 Hamilton carried out the Dunblane Massacre. He got seventeen kills then suicided. Blair used it as an excuse to disarm honest men while the thugs that guard him stay armed to the teeth.

Israeli Judges Score Hat Trick
They put the President Of Israel in prison          - Rape
They put the Prime Minister Of Israel in prison - Thief
They put the Chief Rabbi Of Israel in prison      - Thief
This means some Jews will play straight.


House Of Lords Drops Corruption Probe As It Attacks Brexit & Democracy
Baroness d'Souza , a former Lord Speaker [ and a light fingered wastrel on her own account - Editor ], spent months investigating peers who clock in to claim their tax-free £300 daily allowance without making any contribution in the Upper House, but scrapped the research to avoid ‘naming and shaming’ offenders. Her shocking admission of a cover-up comes on the day when peers’ attempts to thwart Brexit are expected to come to an end........

Last week unelected peers passed two ‘wrecking’ amendments to the Brexit Bill, which will give Theresa May the power to begin the process of leaving the European Union.

But today the Commons is set to overturn the amendments and peers are expected to throw in the towel.
If the lords really were Lords, not clapped out politicians on the make it would all make rather more sense. Opposing Democracy might be right on some issues but not this one.


Chief Rabbi Of Israel Gets Four Years For Thieving [ 13 March 2017 ]
An Israeli court has rejected a plea bargain with former chief rabbi Yona Metzger, handing down a harsher sentence of four-and-a-half years in prison on an array of charges ranging from fraud and money laundering to bribery. On Thursday, Jerusalem District Court Judge Moshe Yo’ad Hacohen dismissed the prosecution’s plea deal under which 63-year-old Metzger was expected to serve three-and-a-half years in prison, and added a year to the sentence. ............

Under the deal, Metzger was convicted of accepting five million Israeli shekels ($1.3 million) in bribes, down from 10 million in the original indictment, while other charges – including fraud, breach of trust, and money laundering – were to be dropped.

In March 2016, Metzger was accused of accepting some 10 million shekels ($2.6 million) in bribes, and keeping about seven million shekels ($1.8 million) of it for himself.
Head Jew, head thief, head liar. Recall what Monica Lewinsky, another Jew told her little mate; I was brought up with lies all the time . . . that's how you got along. . . . I have lied my entire life.


12 March 2017

Don Sacked New York Attorney General
Top cop of Wall Street, Preet Bharara, fired after refusing Trump's call to resign. Preet Bharara said Saturday he was fired "moments ago" after refusing to agree to the surprise Trump Justice Department demand that he and 45 other U.S. attorneys submit their resignations......... The afternoon announcement came less than a day after the Justice Department asked 46 holdover U.S. attorneys from the Obama administration to submit their resignations. The Justice Department said it was not unusual for a new administration to request such resignations..........

His removal leaves a void in the fight against corruption and Wall Street crime [ or does it? ]............ He also won a record $1.8 billion insider-trading settlement against billionaire Steven A. Cohen's SAC Capital Advisors, and handled major terrorism cases, including the conviction of and life sentence for Times Square bomber Faisal Shahzad..........After receiving the order from acting Deputy Attorney General Dana Boente, Bharara told his staff he had no intention of resigning and was going to be at the office on Monday for work, sources told NBC News.
This is interesting. Sack one; it concentrates the 45 other minds wonderfully. Bharara got some good results. Will the next one be competent or even honest? It is a test of Don's intentions. Compare it with the New York governor, Eliot Spitzer & his sudden departure from office. It's not what you know, it's who you know.

Only One In Five Third World Rapists Get Deported From Sweden
It is likely to be just as bad in England. Swedes are the dangerous fools who give Nobel Peace Prizes to War Criminals like Obama & terrorist Jews like Menachem Begin.


Bangla Deshi Alien Allowed To Wage War
A British jihadi who fought for Islamic State in Syria was allowed to fly in and out of the UK despite being stopped by anti-terror police, a court heard. The 35-year-old – who once led a poppy-burning stunt – spent up to four months on the battlefield, according to security services.

Despite that, he was able to travel freely through Europe and the Middle East. Only now has the Bangladeshi-born extremist – who cannot be named for legal reasons – lost a legal battle [ at taxpayers' expense no doubt - Editor ] to keep hold of his UK passport, but he remains in the country.............

The man admits he was involved with jailed extremist Anjem Choudary's banned Al Muhajiroun group which burned poppies and chanted ‘British soldiers go to hell’ during an Armistice Day protest in 2010.
Her Majesty's Government can use the Foreign Enlistment Act 1870 when it wants; it doesn't. Letting Third World parasites run riot is the preferred option. But they are doing something - eventually.


11 March 2017
This day in 2004 brought us the Madrid Massacre. Islamics got 191 dead & 1800 injured. Ten bombs killed 192 people outright and injured another 1,400 odd. ETA was the immediate suspect but al Qaeda did it. Foreigners are wonderful caring human beings, sometimes. See inter alia - Massacre in Madrid

Today is Purim when Jews celebrate massacring their enemies of the time. Now they have created millions more of them. Thieving, torturing, killing people et cetera can have that effect.

Marine Le Pen Goes On Stage - The Crowd Goes Wild
Are Frenchman patriots? Believe it. Does that make them Racist? The media would say so loud and long but then they are Propaganda machines with an agenda. What is the difference between Patriotism and Racism? The latter is a Marxist propaganda term.


Pakistani Attacks Solicitor In High Court Then Gets A Glasgow Kiss
Philip Saunders, 69, lunged at businessman Mohammad Ghadami after he became enraged during a bitter £100 million legal battle. The astonishing video shows the two men arguing at the London courts when suddenly Mr Ghadami, 62, swings his briefcase between Sanders' legs. The lawyer then steps back before stooping down and headhunting him in the face............

The property developer was involved in a long-running legal dispute with businessman Paul Bloomfield and 18 others, including Saunders, over a disputed land deal, claiming £100m in damages.........

A five-year restraining order was imposed and Saunders was also made subject to a four-month curfew between 8pm and 6am and ordered to pay £5,000 prosecution costs.

He is now likely to be struck off the roll of solicitors.
The Pakistani attacked; the Jew responded rather better. A broken nose is effective. Recall that another Jew, Ernie Saunders the well known thief lied his way of prison by pretending to have Alzheimer's; he is the only one ever to 'recover' from it.


Scotland Yard Kept Pakistani Criminal Out Of Prison
Yesterday the Metropolitan Police was accused of 'major failings' by the chairman of the London Assembly's Police And Crime Committee. Steve O'Connell said that there was widespread concern that despite the findings against Rahman, the Met had not brought charges.

He said: 'During our investigation, we, as a committee, have been shocked to uncover major failings by the Metropolitan Police in its ability to investigate allegations of electoral fraud and malpractice.

'Missed files of evidence; missed opportunities to gather witness statements; witnesses who were prepared to give evidence in the Election Court but were unwilling to do so in criminal proceedings - this is not what we expect from a supposedly world-leading police force.' Mr O'Connell called for an inquiry by HM Inspectorate of Constabulary............

The 2015 election court heard how Scotland Yard was accused of turning a blind eye to 'industrial scale' Vote Fraud that would shame Africa [ or a banana republic ].

Rahman and his cronies stole the May 2014 election for mayor in Tower Hamlets by creating an army of 'ghost voters', forging postal votes and threatening Muslims they would go to hell unless they backed him.

Electoral judge Richard Mawrey QC likened police officers who claimed there was 'hushed calm' at fraud-riven polling stations to the legendary 'three wise monkeys', who saw, heard and spoke no evil. And he said the whole of society would be 'lost' if those in authority were afraid to stand up to wrongdoing.
Lutfur Rahman is deeply, sincerely corrupt. How many millions of tax payers. money did he divert to Pakistan? Nobody knows, nobody cares, the Metropolitan Police least of all but then the Met is a political tool; pandering to corrupt politicians is policy. That means letting Third World criminals get away with industrial scale Rape. Alleging ignorance is too. NB 'Sir' Bernard Hogan-Howe, the Met's boss enthusiastically ignores Racism when the perpetrator happens to be his little mate 'Lord' Nazir Ahmed, Baron Ahmed of Rotherham. He would allege total ignorance of mass rape in Rotherham when he was with the South Yorkshire Police.
PS The Electoral Commission set up a committee to investigate in 2014. Naturally it hasn't done anything to sort out major crime or any other.


Zionist Crazies Complain About Being Hated
In Britain, the Campaign Against Anti-Semitism (CAA) , a ultra Zionist body, is crudely interfering with elementary human rights. It seems as if the campaign that was formed to fight Jew-hatred, has achieved the complete opposite. These developments can only hurt British Jews...
Gilad Atzmon, an honest Jew comments on his brethren, on God's Chosen People, they who are a Light Unto Nations.

The Campaign Against Anti-Semitism claims that a mere 45% of Brits believe at least one anti-Semitic stereotype to be true, 1 in 4 people believe at least two stereotypes and 17% believe at least three stereotypes. What are these stereotypes? The Jews are not saying; that would expose their lies.


Islamic Compares Jews To Nazis & Stands For Parliament
Afzal Khan CBE, whose tweet compared the Israeli Government to Nazis, has confirmed that he will be standing in the selection to be the Labour Party's candidate in the by-election to replace the late Sir Gerald Kaufman MP in the seat of Manchester Gorton. Khan is a Labour Member of the European Parliament for the North West............

After33 years as the MP for Manchester Gorton, the late Sir Gerald Kaufman left Manchester Gorton as the ninth safest Labour seat in the country. In October 2015, Sir Gerald delivered an [ allegedly ] anti-Semitic speech to MPs on the Parliamentary Estate, and just like in the case of Khan, the Labour Party refused to investigate or discipline him..............

If Khan believes that Israeli policy is to act like Nazis then he is [ absolutely right and ] an anti-Semite. If that is so, and he is selected as the Labour Party candidate in Manchester Gorton, the Jewish community could be in for years of torment — the Labour Party would have swapped one anti-Semite for another.
The Campaign Against Anti-Semitism is run by Zionist crazies who treat the truth with contempt. NB you can see Gerald Kaufman, a Zionist Jew telling the truth to The Commons That Jews Are Not Simply War Criminals, They Are Fools


10 March 2017

Police Harass White People While Letting Enemy Aliens Carry On Raping, Thieving Etcetera
The number of white [ alleged ] terror suspects being arrested has hit a record high amid a crackdown on far-right extremism. A total of 91 white extremists were held in swoops by counter-terror police in 2016 – a rise of 28 per cent on the 71 seized the year before................. The rise has coincided with concerns about the risk posed to the UK by white supremacist groups in the wake of the murder of Labour MP Jo Cox in June last year..............

The authorities have expressed concern that there are signs of a resurgence from neo-Nazi groups after loner Thomas Mair was convicted of the brutal daylight killing.

Counter-terrorism police have said that, while the threat is not of the same gravity as that posed by Islamic State or Al Qaeda, there were extreme right-wing groups attempting to provoke violence and sow discord. [ They lie - Editor ].......

It [ white ] was the only ethnic group to record a rise last year, Home Office figures show. The sharpest fall was for those of Asian ethnic appearance, down by 24 to 125........

Lord Paddick, the Lib Dem home affairs spokesman and a former top Metropolitan Police officer, said: ‘The figures seems to reflect the rise of far right extremism and that should worry anyone who, like me, believes in tolerance [ of homosexual drug users in particular - Ed. ]
The Mail is an anti-English Propaganda machine run by Racists.
PS This article is ignoring their story about Islamic  Terrorists infesting Birmingham in particular; it is at Islamist Terrorism. Harassing Englishmen with malice aforethought is policy; see e.g. the next one.


Farmer Shoots Burglar Doing A Bit Of Thieving So He Is Prosecuted While The Crook Walks Free
Farmer weeps as jury CLEARS him of GBH in just 24 minutes after he was put on trial for shooting a convicted burglar 'who was stealing diesel from his farm'.............

Father-of-three Kenneth Hugill, 83, who had two hip replacements and a heart-bypass operation was arrested, finger printed and forced to fund his own £30,000 defence after he shot Richard Stables, 44, in the foot outside his isolated farmhouse at Wilberfoss, near York...........

Today his family revealed that following the incident their home was surrounded by armed police and a helicopter who believed they were holding a hostage more than 15 hours after the shooting. [ Grotesque incompetence - Editor ].....................

Richard Stables, a convicted burglar, was hit in the foot and driven straight to hospital by his friend Adrian Barron, a seasoned criminal with convictions for burglary and violence.

Mr Stables suffered serious [ sic ] injuries but survived and gave evidence as a prosecution witness.

The terrified farmer, who walks with a crutch and has never previously been in trouble with the law, ended up being charged with grievous bodily harm and put on trial at Hull Crown Court..........

Once back inside the farmhouse he phoned his son who lives nearby, and the son called police, although they did not come out that night.
The Crown Prosecution Service chooses to allege that their Prosecution Principles are based on having enough evidence & acting in the public interest. The people that it mounted a Malicious Prosecution against after they showed Undercover Mosque full of  Islamic criminals inciting Race hatred aren't fool enough to believe them. Nor was the Judge who ruled against them after the CPS chose to Libel the programme makers. Notice the police track record here; idle, didn't bother to show up then made up a story a hostage situation.


Pakistani Paedophile Pervert Offered Bribe To Pervert The Course Of Justice
A CHILD rapist from Bradford who offered to pay his schoolgirl victim’s family money to drop the case and leave the country has been jailed for 13 years.

Police branded 64-year-old Tariq Syed “evil” after a Bradford Crown Court jury found him guilty of rape and perverting the course of justice.

The rape of the Bradford schoolgirl was reported to police in September 2014 and suspect Syed arrested a short time later. He denied the offence and was bailed pending further enquiries.
Another Pakistani Pervert, one of thousands imported by Her Majesty's Government & Treason. See the mugshot, know the guilt. Tariq Syed looks sincerely evil but then he is.


The headline is verbatim while the Mail is in anti-White propaganda mode again. The book mentioned was written by a Jew, another hostile.


9 March 2017 
On this day in 1945 Tokyo got bombed by the USAF. There were more casualties [ 100,000 ] than Hiroshima and Nagasaki. Over 300 Superforts took part. does not approve. I do. They started it. We finished it. But why did they do it? Pat Buchanan explains Why Japan Attacked Us. They were stitched up inter alia  by Dean Acheson.

Rotherham Grooming Inquiry Hasn't Yet Seen Any Evidence Of Police Misconduct
An investigation into the police's handling of the Rotherham child sex scandal is yet to uncover any evidence of misconduct....... The commission said nine out the 62 investigations it is carrying out have now been completed, but that the officers involved have been found to have no case to answer.

However, the IPCC said it has identified 'significant failings' in the way survivors of abuse and alleged perpetrators were treated.......... 

The town was at the centre of the scandal after it emerged authorities had been turning a blind eye to the grooming, trafficking and rape of hundreds of youngsters.
They haven't seen any evidence because  they were determined not to. It is a cover up of a cover up. The Rape of 1,400 English girls was the quid pro quo, a pay off by The Labour Party for thousands of Pakistani votes, for industrial scale Vote Rigging. But "lessons have been learned" so it won't happen again, not until the next time. The perpetrators will walk away laughing, just the way they knew they were going to.


Islamic Crazy Murders Woman Then Suicides
Police described the incident as a “domestic stabbing” and confirmed a woman, believed to be in her thirties, died at the scene. A male suspect, also believed to be in his thirties, was pronounced dead a short time later.

The man is reported to have attacked two women before stabbing himself, according to local newspaper Express and Star. . The second woman, believed to be in her fifties, suffered stomach wounds and was taken to hospital.

Police arrived with armed officers and a dog unit after being called at around 9.45am and used stun grenades to storm a flat. One officer suffered minor injuries.
The Main Stream Media don't admit that the perpetrator was an Islamic, thus proving that  he is. He might also be black. An Englishman would have named because the Media are Racist, anti-English Propaganda machines.


8 March 2017 

Islamics Creating Trojan Horse In Sweden
The Muslim Brotherhood is creating a 'parallel social structure' in Sweden with the help of 'political elites' who foster a culture of silence, a damning government report has found. 

The document claims that  the Brotherhood is building a 'parallel society' within the Scandinavian country, which can help the Islamist group to achieve its ends. 

Founded in 1826, the Muslim Brotherhood aims to organise Muslims politically in order to create a global, Sunni Islamic Caliphate.............

The organisation has been accused of fostering links to militants and is classed as a terrorist organisation by the governments of Bahrain, Egypt, Russia, Saudi Arabia, and the United Arab Emirates............

The report, which was published on Friday, was commissioned by Sweden's Civil Contingencies Agency (MSB), which is part of the country's Ministry of Defence.

The paper's authors claim the Brotherhood is working to increase the number of practicing Muslims in Sweden, which they say encourages tension with the secular society and puts community cohesion in jeopardy.
It starts with sympathy for the less fortunate and morphs into Pathological Altruism, a destructive force engendering collective suicide. They the Enemy Within


7 March 2017 

CIA Penetrates Encryption But People Penetrate CIA
WikiLeaks has published thousands of documents claiming to reveal top CIA hacking secrets, including the agency's ability to infiltrate encrypted apps like Whatsapp, break into smart TVs and phones and program self-driving cars.

WikiLeaks said the files released on Tuesday - mysteriously dubbed ' Vault 7' - are the most comprehensive release of U.S. spying files ever made public. The leak purportedly includes 8,761 documents and files from an isolated, high-security network situated inside the CIA's Center for Cyber Intelligence in Langley, Virginia. 

It details intelligence information on CIA-developed software intended to hack iPhones, Android phones, smart TVs and Microsoft, Mac and Linux operating systems.
Yes, the CIA spies on us. It also smuggles Narcotics to finance war like operations. But its people know it is a criminal outfit so they talk, just like Edward Snowden.
PS If you care about your privacy use  GPG.


Black Woman Fires Shotgun - Black Drops It - People Laugh
A shotgun-toting woman was enjoying a day at the range [ until she took her first shot ] when she took aim at her target with hilarious results.

Eyes narrowed on the unseen bulls-eye, the woman aimed and fired, at which point the heavy firearm flew backwards out of her hand. Some smoke billowed from the gun as it soared through the air before landing somewhat far behind her, where fortunately no one was standing, video uploaded to YouTube shows...........

A woman can be heard exclaiming, 'damn,' while another joked a couple seconds later, 'watch where you stand.'
The Mail seems to think she aimed; WRONG. She has the butt folded so she couldn't. She doesn't even know what the sights are for. You just might wonder how blacks are able to murder each other.


6 March 2017 

Swedish Minister Retracts Her Lies About Major Third World Rape In Malmö
Swedish minister is forced to apologise for falsely claiming the number of sex attacks in the country is decreasing after Nigel Farage called Malmo 'the rape capital of Europe'..........

Integration minister Ylva Johansson claimed in a television interview that the number of rapes in Sweden was 'going down, and going down, and going down'. 

The remarks came after former UKIP leader Nigel Farage claimed last month that the city of Malmo was 'the rape capital of Europe due to EU migrant policies.'...........

When asked about the impact of granting residency to 150,000 refugees last year, she insisted: 'We cannot see a connection between crime and immigration [ because they will not - Editor ].'

Asked specifically about sex attacks and Farage's comments, she added: 'When we make surveys about if any woman has been... if there has been a rape towards her or sexual harassment, we can see that the level is going down, and going down and going down.'
Malmö really is the Rape Capital Of Scandinavia. Nigel says it is the European hot spot; it is certainly near the top.


Black Woman Stops Car To Beat Up Her Black Passenger
The Mail does not mention that they are black in rare outburst of tact.


Israeli Police “Israel World Center for Online Fraud”
At least 27 Israelis—and possibly as many as 39 Jews worldwide—have been arrested as part of a global swoop against online fraud—with the official Israeli police statement acknowledging that the Jewish ethnostate is the world’s “center that exports this kind of fraud.”

According to a report in the Jerusalem-based
Times of Israel, titled “As Israel-based financial fraud soars, police swoop on 20 suspects as part of global, FBI-led sting,” the arrested crooks are “doing unprecedented damage to the reputation of Israel.”............

According to the report, the 20 arrested Jews impersonated top executives of firms in Poland, Finland, India, France, and the United States, tricking lower-level staff into transferring them huge sums of company money.........

The Times of Israel admitted that the Jewish state is the center of the “binary options” fraud—and that Israeli Police have made no arrests in connection to binary options and forex fraud.
More Jews, more thieves.


5 March 2017 

 South African President Setting Up Genocide
South African president Jacob Zuma has called for “black unity” against whites in order to force whites off land in that country during 2017. Making the call—to loud applause—during a speech last Friday in the parliament building in Cape Town (a physical building built during the era of white rule), Zuma called for support of a constitutional amendment to allow land expropriation without compensation.

A constitutional amendment of that extent would require a two-thirds majority in the parliament, something that would only be achievable by an alliance between the ANC and the viciously anti-white “Economic Freedom Fighters” (EFF) party, led by former ANC youth leader Julius Malema.
Zuma is grossly Racist. Zuma is deeply corrupt. Malema is worse. South African politics show very clearly what is it store for England and the rest of Western Civilization if Her Majesty's Government and other governments carry on importing Third World aliens with malice aforethought. It is Ethnic Fouling followed by Genocide. Our politicians are being manipulated by the Deep State, which in practice means the Puppet Masters or Zionist crazies.
PS The BBC & The Guardian suppress the truth but then they are Propaganda machines run by Marxists.


Trump to order ban on African and Middle Eastern migrants
Don can do it. Theresa May could too, if she wanted.


Calais Mayor Bans Feeding Third World Invaders
Charities expressed outrage on Friday as the mayor of French port Calais, which has symbolised Europe’s refugee crisis, signed a ban on gatherings that could stop aid groups distributing meals to migrants and refugees.

A decree published on Thursday said the Calais authority believed that handing out meals at the site of the former “jungle” migrant camp was one reason for a rise in ethnic tensions and conflict between rival groups of migrants.

The decree, a copy of which was obtained by Reuters, said food distribution by charities had led to large numbers of people gathering at the site of the now-closed camp, with fights breaking out and risks posed to the safety of local residents.

It did not expressly ban food distribution, but said it was “necessary to ban all gatherings” at the site and banned people from entering it. The decree said gatherings tended to take place “after the distribution of meals to migrants”.
These "charities" are criminal organisations which have smuggled thousands of Third World parasites across the Mediterranean. See Charity And Crime. One gang, Save The Children is run by Helle Thorning-Schmidt, lately the prime minster of Denmark. They have de facto immunity from prosecution. If Theresa May wanted to stop them she would stop giving them refuge, free housing etc. Blair, Brown, Cameron et al did not but then they are Traitors.
PS The Jew George Soros is funding anti-civilization operations like Illegal Immigration.


4 March 2017 

Jew Imports Accused Paedophile Pervert
After being denied a visa for entry into the United States last month, Tanveer Hussain knew just where to turn.

The obliging offices of U.S. Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer and fellow Democrat Senator Kirsten Gillibrand reached out to the embassy in New Delhi, India, and helped Hussain reapply for a visa to enter the U.S. to compete in the World Snowshoe Championship.

Hussain is now charged with first-degree sexual abuse, a felony, and endangering the welfare of a child, a misdemeanor, after Hussain was allegedly “engaging in a passionate kiss” with a 12-year-old girl and touched her in an “intimate area.”
Jews are keen on Paedophile perversion. The Failed Messiah aka Shmarya Rosenberg tells us the full horror. See it at  Mikva Abuse -


Mass Grave Found At Former Catholic Orphanage In Ireland
A mass grave containing the remains of babies and young children has been discovered at a former Catholic home for unmarried mothers and their children in Ireland, an official report revealed today. The remains were found in a disused sewer during excavations at the Bon Secours Mother and Baby Home in Tuam, County Galway.

The ages of the dead ranged from 35 foetal weeks to three years old and were mostly buried in the 1950s. 
The Main Stream Media like to abuse the Catholic Church. They are very keen on ignoring Jews' evil. That goes double for the atrocities carried out by Zionist crazies in Israel. Not sure? See the next one.


Jews Rape Children In Bathhouses
Most of their boys get buggered. The rest run faster. Then the Main Stream Media complain about Catholic priests alleged to be doing the same.


3 March 2017 

Jews Manipulating Brexit
The businesswoman behind the Article 50 court case has threatened another legal challenge unless Theresa May guarantees a 'meaningful vote' on any new deal with the EU. Gina Miller said she could not think of 'anything better to do' with her money than ensuring the PM brings the package back before the Commons. [ What about some knitting & dressmaking? ]

The comments came after campaigners obtained legal advice that Britain's 'actual withdrawal' will have to be authorised by a fresh act of Parliament.
This nausea was started by Jews, with an overweening contempt for Democracy; the little people  are so stupid, don't you know? It is fronted by a sour faced, sour tempered enemy alien. Miller is  a Sikh from the Third World. Her current husband, Alan Miller is of course a Jew.

Lest we forget, another Jew with an agenda tried to rid of Comrade Corbyn. The trouble with our little Jeremy is not so much that he is stupid but his idea that Palestinians have human rights e.g. the right not to be robbed, tortured, murdered, Ethnically Cleansed et cetera by Jews, by Zionist crazies.


Leading Jew Is A Racist Full Of Hate Claiming Victim Status
The Goy According To Hoenlein
You’d think that Malcolm Hoenlein, who heads the Conference of Presidents of Major American Jewish Organizations, would choose his words carefully. In an interview with the Zionist The Times of Israel Hoenlein spoke about Anti-Semitism as a global “pandemic in formation.”............

In Hoenlein’s universe, the ‘chosen’ are always innocent while the ‘unchosen’ are eternally sick. For Hoenlein, anti-Semitism “is not our (Jewish) problem. It’s society’s problem. It’s Christianity’s problem. It’s everybody’s problem, when there’s hatred against Jews. We’re the victims, we’re not the cause of it. It’s not because we did something wrong [ The Big Lie rears its ugly head ]. It’s because of who we are and our values.”.
Gilad Atzmon, an honest Jew; they do exist tells it like it is. Zionist crazies are Paranoid. They are also Psychopaths & pretty much unique in their enthusiasm for Murdering Children.


2 March 2017 

15 Million More Third World Parasites On Their Way To Europe
Analysis by Austrian Military Intelligence, an agency of the Austrian Armed Forces, has predicted a sharp rise in unemployment across Africa, which would lead to millions of economic migrants travelling to Europe in search of work between now and 2020. 

The predicted numbers, reported by German newspaper Bild, dwarfs the estimated figure of one million migrants believed to have entered Europe during the current crisis.

The agency said one solution to the impending influx would be for Europe to bolster African nations’ economies, in order to support job creation, productivity and education.......

However, the agency recognised such payments are open to abuse by certain regimes, who would use the funds to “attack their own people” and only increase the number of people fleeing to Europe.
They aren't coming to work; they are coming for the free medicine, free education, free housing, which is better than anything an Englishman - see Illegal Immigrant Housing for more and better details. NB They are classified SECRET. Her Majesty's Government is Bribing them & betraying us.


Lords Vote Against Brexit
THE LORDS have defied the Government [ and England ] over Brexit by voting to guarantee the rights of EU citizens living in the UK. But how did each peer vote last night? Peers voted by 358 to 256 for the amendment that requires proposals to ensure that EU nationals can to stay, within three months of Article 50. 
The pretence was that it was a vote for human rights as distinct from an attempt to Subvert the will of the people, of Democracy. Notice the names of too many Third World aliens and Jews. The vast majority are clapped out politicians on the make.
PS Recall that this whole problem was set in train by Jews but fronted by the Sikh Gina Miller and a Brazilian barber Deir Dos Santos. Hiding behind the scenes was the Jew Alan Miller. Andrew Joyce has something to say about the perpetrators - see Jews Are Leading the Legal Fight Against Brexit. One is Alex Chesterman; the Wikipedia does not say he is a Jew. The Jewish Business News does.


Obama Gets Highly Lucrative Book Deal
Penguin Random House will publish coming books by former President Barack Obama and the former first lady Michelle Obama, the publishing company announced Tuesday night, concluding a heated auction among multiple publishers................

The Obamas’ advance is likely to exceed even the stratospheric figures that other recent presidents and first ladies have received. Former president Bill Clinton sold his memoir “My Life” for more than $10 million, and Hillary Clinton reportedly received an $8 million advance from Simon & Schuster for her memoir “Living History.” George W. Bush’s memoir “Decision Points,” became a hit, selling about two million copies and earning him an estimated $10 million.
$60 million has been mentioned. Do that many people really buy this sort of rubbish? To me it has the smell of a postdated bribe.


Deputy Attorney General Of Cyprus Gets Three Years For Thieving
Deputy attorney general whines about his problems.


1 March 2017 

French Presidential Candidate Charged With Thieving
Under-fire French presidential candidate Francois Fillon has said he will remain in the race, describing fraud allegations against him as a 'political assassination'. The former prime minister had been widely tipped to stand down, and told reporters that his lawyers had received a summons from judges this morning.

He confirmed he would be charged with a series of corruption offences on March 15, five weeks before France goes to the polls to chose its next head of state. Fillon is accused of paying his wife hundreds of thousands of pounds while pretending she was his ‘parliamentary assistant’.
Putting bungs through the books is an easy way to come unstuck. It won't do our Marine le Pen any harm.


Black Robs Jew, Black Get Eight Years
A serial burglar who carried out a £1million raid on Simon Cowell's home which left the music mogul in 'constant fear' now faces a further eight years in jail. Darren February, 33, who is already in prison for knocking down and killing a motorcyclist, stole jewellery and passports from Cowell's home while he slept.

Just ten days after the burglary at the property in Holland Park, West London, he crashed a stolen car on the wrong side of the road into father Kenneth Baldwin. February was last year jailed for eight and a half years for causing death by dangerous driving, and will now serve a consecutive sentence of another eight years for the December 2015 burglary.
The black got eight years for killing a year ago but they let him out. Are the Home Office wallahs mad or bad? His extra eight years mean he will be out in two or less. Hanging and flogging have a lot going for them but Parliament panders to Rent A Mob.


Gypsies Leave 30 Feet High Rubbish Dump In Paris
Riot police launched an operation to clear the slum near Porte de la Chapelle in the north of the French capital. Pictures show a huge wall of plastic sacks filled with rubbish at the site, along a section of the disused 'Petite Ceinture' circular railway line.........

French cities such as Nice and Paris have large Roma communities living in makeshift camps, and frequent efforts are made to raze them.

Most of the inhabitants come from Romania or Bulgaria, and are European Union passport holders, but they are still regularly stigmatised because of their links with organised crime, including gangs of street thieves. 
Gypsies have been causing problems for centuries. The Third World parasites being imported by Her Majesty's Government and other treasonous politicians will be far worse.
PS Rent A Mob and other Left Wing troublemakers running the Political Correctness racket have decided that Gypsies are to be called Roma; so it is with Blacks.. Nor longer are they Negroes. The old word begins with N; it ends with igger. Using it will cause outrage.


28 February 2017
This is the anniversary of the 1993 Waco Massacre; it was perpetrated by the BATF [ Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms ] attacking a Christian community in Texas, murdering six people. They lost four of theirs dead in the process which may well have been own goals. It was the only saving grace of the affair. The FBI took over and besieged them for months. David Koresh was the leader of this group. He beat an attempted murder rap but the FBI got him later. The author of this piece seems to feel that it was right to carry out a massacre of women and children. Others are less nonchalant. See The Waco Massacre  It happened on Clinton's watch.

On this day in 1986 Olof Palme, a prime minister got sorted out by some loon in Stockholm - GSW DOA. He was the kind of Useful Idiot that has turned Malmö into the Rape Capital Of Scandinavia by importing Third World aliens. The perpetrator might well have been a Third World criminal that he imported.


More at 2017 or News This Month

Top Stories 2017
What lies ahead? Pass but there could be some good things.

I was brought up with lies all the time . . . that's how you got along. . . . I have lied my entire life
Monica Lewinsky [ a Jew ] Explains All In
The Quote of the Century

Judge The 2010 Gold G-String Award In New Orleans
This is a rare opportunity to exercise your skill and judgment. Have you got what it takes? NB It may not qualify for the Job Seekers' Allowance. See Stormy Daniels, a past winner and think for yourself.

Jewish Pimp Pleading Guilty In Spitzer Case
An Israeli man [ the Jew, Mark Brener ] accused of running an escort service that brought down New York governor Eliot Spitzer in March was set to plead guilty on Thursday afternoon to money laundering, prostitution and conspiracy, according to his lawyer......... "It does appear that there's a continuing investigation," noted criminal defence attorney Gerald Shargel told WCBS-TV. "The manner in which the investigation is being conducted strongly suggests that Gov. Spitzer is a target."
UNQUOTE to admit that he dealt in quality, albeit there is no kindness in her face. You might also wonder why Spitzer got fingered while the rest of her clients walked away. Spitzer did annoy Bush as well as other rich criminals. See Eliot Spitzer Was Screwed  for more on this one.

This is not one of the 18 known pictures of her at Kristen the definitive gallery so she'll just have to do until one comes.

Today's Girl
Is for light relief.

Her Majesty's Prime Minister Picks His Nose In Parliament
Brown is a plebeian oaf and a spendthrift swine to boot. The poor Queen has to deal with the man. Does he wash his hands first? See it in glorious Technicolor® if you have the stomach for it. Then watch him clean his fingers on his tie.

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