Multiculturalism in the Solomon Islands

Multiculturalism causes problems. It is that simple. There can be short term benefits for employers who want cheap labour and for left wing fools with tender consciences but in the medium to long term it can only be bad. Chinese are often traders but when they get greedy it becomes bad news. The Islanders have not sat down and let them get away with it but they are getting a bad press for their pains.

Multiculturalism Rears Its Ugly Head In The Solomon Islands
Islanders are annoyed with the Chinese.
Their political and financial influence is an underlying factor behind destruction and violence in Solomon Islands. The looting and torching of Chinese shops and businesses also exposed a time bomb ticking away at the heart of Solomon Islands politics: the not-so-subtle sway that Chinese capital, particularly Taiwanese money, exerts in the affairs of the country.
Any similarities to Jewish operations in England, America and Europe are purely coincidental no doubt but the Solomon Islanders have the good sense to do something about them. Similar problems arose in Fiji when the Indians tried to take over.


Solomons PM secretly sworn in, troops patrol streets
Yes, it is the Chinese, Taiwan Chinese though. The Solomons are qualifying as a failed state in the same way as Papua New Guinea and the Sudan. This would make them useful for criminals and subversives.

Australian policy is to give these places help to make them reasonably governable and prevent them becoming jumping off points for various villains. The new prime minister is a Chinese front man whence the irritation.

The Solomons are an impoverished country where the majority of the population of half a million lead subsistence lives. Ethnic fighting between rival islanders and lawlessness have claimed hundreds of lives over the past decade.
But the Chinese do rather better.


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