Mother Teresa Criticized

Christopher Hitchens is a left wing Jew and atheist who writes very well about political and cultural issues. His brother, Peter inclines to the right and is a writer too. His view of MT seem to be reasonable in the main and based on fact. There is, naturally an agenda. The Missionary Position: Mother Teresa In Theory And Practice is criticised but most reviews are favourable. Of course Antonio Gramsci, the leading intellectual of the communists in Italy regarded Holy Mother Church as his chief enemy. He set about destroying it using rogues and Useful Idiots of one sort or another. This is where Mr Hitchens comes in.

She founded places of refuge for the dying in India but they got no treatment. She got favourable publicity, initially from Malcolm Muggeridge and then very favourable publicity from the media in general.

Christopher Hitchens' criticisms are that:-

These points arise from Mr Hitchens interview with Free Inquiry magazine, Volume 16, Number 4. Stating his position is not the same as agreeing with it.


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