Morris Dees, Jew, Pervert and Slob

Dees is a Jew with a nice little earner. The Southern Poverty Law Center is an operation which sues on behalf of people who are allegedly victims, if they are black, especially if they claim they are victims of white men. That is the public position. He is very sincere about making money and taking money but how much goes to the alleged victims is another matter. But why dig for dirt on the man when other people have done the work already? Given that Dees is a lawyer with a high public profile the fact that he has not sued for libel is tantamount to an admission of guilt. Here are some offerings. The first is from sympathizers.
PS The Spiegelman tie in may well be a red herring; see under.

Morris Dees - Discover the Networks.htm1809
Why not tell the truth about a deeply unpleasant rogue? He got away with Perverting The Course Of Justice.


Morris Dees by the Wikipedia
Before believing anything from  the Wikipedia  that might be controversial  you should ask who owns it and what his agenda is. This  piece seems moderately fair but tells us nothing about an ugly divorce or deviance. See Wikipedia for their agenda.


Gaza in Arizona - How 'Civil Rights' Lawyer Morris Dees Seized American Land For Illegal Aliens
A Jew writes - Dees is abusing Americans and their legal system.
PS The first link goes to Yahoo which tries to put the frighteners on by claiming that Debbie's site is dangerous.


Morris Dees -- Child Molester, Pervert, and Liar?
Happily his divorce papers are on line at this link and at Morris Dees Divorce Papers


Morris Dees Fact Sheet
You do not have to believe the man is a thorough going swine but it helps. Don't believe that he would treat blacks like Untermenschen [ the Nazi word for subhumans ]? He is a Jew when all said. Read for yourself. Think for yourself. Decide for yourself.


Morris Dees and the Oklahoma City Bombing by MacDonald King Aston - broken link
The SPLC was colluding with the FBI.
The WND story covered the release of FBI internal memos that "address the monitoring of the bombing by FBI informants, Alabama attorney Morris Dees and Dees' organization, the Southern Poverty Law Center."

The WND article, while mentioning Morris Dees and the SPLC, did not elaborate on the importance of the Dees-FBI connection. Morris Dees, described by some as a shakedown artist in the tradition of Jesse Jackson, runs the SPLC as a nonprofit "civil rights law firm" that supposedly monitors "white supremacists" and "hate groups". Masquerading as a charity, the SPLC really is a front for Morris Dees' insatiable appetite for money.


Morris Dees' SPLC only targets certain colors of hate or
Selective indignation is sometimes called hypocrisy. Ignoring Jewish murderers is an obvious example.


Oklahoma City Bomb and Morris Dees or
Morris Dees had informant at Elohim City before OKC Bombing
McCurtain Daily Gazette ^ | 12/14/03 | J.D. Cash and Lt. Col. Roger Charles
The McCurtain Daily Gazette has obtained an unclassified copy of a memorandum marked From the Director of the FBI containing several new facts.

The potentially explosive contents of the teletype, among other things, exposes an informant operation being conducted by nationally known civil rights lawyer Morris Dees through his organization the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC).

Exposed for the first time, the FBI acknowledged the SPLC was engaged in an undercover role where they monitored subjects for the FBI believed to be linked to executed bomber Timothy McVeigh, the white supremacist compound at Elohim City and the mysterious German national Andreas Carl Strassmeir.
Judicial is entertaining but not at all reliable. His sourcing is bad or worse.


Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) Expands the 'Poverty Palace' or American Resistance - A Thousand Words
Greed is name of the game and it works very nicely for Dees.


Daniel Spiegelman And The OKC Job
Various cheerful sources claim that Spiegelman financed the OKC Massacre. The rather more prosaic story from the Library of Congress is that Spiegelman, a career thief was captured in in Holland and claimed the OKC connection to block extradition. He failed and went down.
PS Is he a Jew? Quite possible but unconfirmed.


SPLC And Their Agenda - broken link
The SPLC's founder, Morris Dees, is a half-Jew whose father's name was Seligman, but later concealed his Jewish identity. Dees sexually assaulted his stepdaughter and tried to seduce his son's wife, and kidnapped his ex-wife and had her beaten during their divorce proceedings. In recent years, Dees has faded into the background of the group while others, such as Mark Potok, have stepped forward.
It was an ugly divorce and the papers were out there on the Net. Now they have faded away. If anyone cares to send me a copy I would be delighted to post them.
PS They are at Morris Dees Divorce Papers


The Dees Money Machine [Free Republic] - broken link
I've long regarded Morris Dees and his Southern Poverty Law Center as collectively one of the greatest frauds in American life. The reasons: a relentless fundraising machine devoted to terrifying its mostly low-income contributors into unbelting ill-spared dollars year after year to an organization that now has an endowment of more than $100 million, with very little to show for it beyond hysterical bulletins designed to raise money on the proposition that only the SPLC can stop Nazism and the KKK from seizing power.

Gloria Browne, a lawyer who's worked with Dees' outfit, once told the Montgomery Advertiser that the Southern Poverty Law Center trades in "black pain and white guilt." He's the Jim and Tammy Faye Baker of the civil rights movement.

The Patriotist - The Dirt on Morris Dees - broken link
"Morris Dees and I, from the first day of our partnership, shared one overriding purpose: to make a pile of money. We were not particular about how we did it; we just wanted to be independently rich. During the eight years we worked together we never wavered in that resolve."

Dees served in 1958 as state campaign manager for segregationist attorney general candidate McDonald Gallion and also worked for George C. Wallace. Fuller stated: "We wanted to be sure of having friends in high places."

Arrested and removed from court in 1975 for attempting to suborn perjury [ bribing a witness ] in the Joan Little murder trial in North Carolina. Little, a black convict, was accused of killing a prison guard with an ice-pick . The felony charge against Dees was subsequently dropped, but the presiding judge, Hamilton Hobgood, refused to re-admit Dees to the case. The refusal was upheld on appeal after the Supreme Court of the United States refused to hear Dees appeal. [ Ibid. ]

Perhaps explaining the SPLC's 'Gay' rights activism, Dees was cited in 1979 by his ex-wife with a homosexual encounter during their marriage. She also cited numerous affairs with women including his daughter-in-law and underage stepdaughter. [Alabama Court of Civil Appeals CIV 2114, 1979]
Seriously greedy, pandering to politicians, bribing a juror, enthusiastic fornicator who takes it both ways and that is just the part of what The Patriotist says. I am not arguing.


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