Ministers who have strayed

The Telegraph runs through some of the men who have come unstuck. It does not tell us about various others they doubtless know about but have not been exposed publicly.


David Blunkett, who when he was home secretary had a relationship with Kimberly Fortier, then publisher of The Spectator. However, the infidelity was hers, because Mr Blunkett was divorced and she was - and still is - married.

Robin Cook, who had an affair with and later married his secretary Gaynor Regan, when he was foreign secretary, and

John Prescott is arguably the most senior serving politician to be caught with his trousers down.



John Major, prime minister from 1990 to 1997, had an affair with Edwina Currie, a junior minister in Margaret Thatcher's government, it was not revealed until 2002.

Cecil Parkinson, the trade secretary, who slept with his secretary, Sara Keays and had a daughter, Flora, by her. He did not do the decent thing by her. See Private Eye.

Tim Yeo, the then environment minister, whose lover Julia Stent was a local party activist.

David Ashby MP lost the support of his party in North West Leicestershire after his wife testified against him in his losing libel action against a newspaper that accused him of a gay affair in 1996.

Hartley Booth, with Emily Barr, a 22-year-old researcher, in 1995;

Robert Hughes, minister for the citizen's charter, with Janet Oakes, his former secretary, in 1995;

Piers Merchant with Anna Cox, 17, a campaign worker,

David Mellor, the former national heritage secretary, had an affair with an actress in 1992,

Steven Norris with his secretary Emma Courtney, now his wife, in 1992.

Richard Spring, a junior Northern Ireland minister was caught in a three-in-a-bed episode with a man and a woman in 1995 and

Rod Richards, a junior minister in the Welsh Office had an affair with a young PR girl.

Allan Stewart, the Scottish Office minister, resigned in 1997 after admitting being an alcoholic and an adulterer.


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