Marvin Bush

Marvin Bush has a brother called George Bush, the President of the United States of America. There are also Jeb Bush, the Governor of Florida and Neil Bush.


9/11 Security Courtesy of Marvin Bush
World Trade Center security was handled by Securacom. They had other major contracts. Then it all went wrong on 9/11 and it turned out that the security systems were not performing.


Baby sitter gets run over. Was it foul play? Accidents do happen. No doubt it got written off as an accident but that doesn't mean much. She could have found out about goings on. The media buried the story. One of those things? Thus it was with the Fort Marcy Massacre. Vince Foster was written off as suicide but nobody really believes it.


A Nazi in the (pocket) is worth four in the Bush (family)
The Bush family knew people that mattered. They did business with people that mattered. They weren't fussy about who they were as long as they mattered.


'Frauds-R-Us’ The Bush Family Saga
Things happen. Things keep on happening and people wonder why. Marv was big in the finance industry.


Father: George H.W. Bush (U.S. President)
Mother: Barbara Bush (former First Lady)
Brother: George W. Bush (U.S. President)
Brother: Jeb Bush
Brother: Neil Bush
Sister: Doro Bush
Sister: Robin Bush (b. 20-Dec-1949, d. 11-Oct-1953)
Wife: Margaret
Daughter: Marshall
Son: Walker


"Tuttle's Almanac" <> wrote in message

> China's Grace Semiconductor Seeks Debt Repayment Delay on Loss
> March 17 (Bloomberg)- Grace Semiconductor Manufacturing Corp.,
> a Chinese chipmaker co-founded by a son of former
> President Jiang Zemin, is seeking to delay payment on
> $680 million of loans after failing to turn a profit.
> ``Grace needs more than government connections to succeed
> because  they're in an international business and
> competition is fierce,'' said Betty Lin, a Taipei-based
> analyst at IDC Holdings Ltd., a technology consultancy.
> Grace isn't the first made-to-order chipmaker to receive
> a government bailout. Singapore's government in October 2002
> helped take up 60 percent of a $620 million share sale by
> Chartered Semiconductor Manufacturing Ltd. through
> state-owned Singapore Technologies Group. Temasek Holdings Pte,
> a state investment company, has since taken over that holding.
> Grace, founded in 2000, has invested $1.63 billion to build
> two semiconductor plants, only one of which is in production.
> Neil Bush, U.S. President George W. Bush's brother,
> was given a $2 million, five-year contract as a director
> and adviser of Grace in 2002.


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