Marketing Homosexuality

Is homosexuality being marketed? It most certainly is or David Kupelian is lying in his teeth. I am settling for the first option. His article How Ohio State University is marketing evil is interesting because it tells us how activists are forcing their views onto impressionable students who have just left home. If you think that it is just Ohio State you should pay attention a bit more. Of course the media don't bother to tell us what they are doing. They are very much part of the problem. The media and education industries are the great evils used to manipulate us.

The BBC marketing strategy is different but equally sophisticated. They have similar motives because they are homosexual post Marxists. One of their front men was Kenneth Williams, overtly homosexual and very funny. The BBC is very good at what it does best and that is perversion.

"It is required that incoming freshman must attend a diversity seminar, where the homosexual lifestyle is celebrated, and the students are put on a 'guilt trip' for having negative feelings and/or moral judgments about the behaviour of these people."

I won't go into all the powerfully manipulative and psychologically abusive "exercises" these kids are put through during the two-to-three-hour seminar, but you can read about them here.........  In fact......... the strategy of forcing kids to expose publicly their beliefs and "biases" to strangers is not new: "Mao Tse-Tung used it 're-educate' Chinese university students and pry them loose from their parents' political moorings."


Is straightforward bullying.
Jamming," explains marketing expert Paul E. Rondeau of Regent University, in his comprehensive study "Selling Homosexuality to America," "is psychological terrorism meant to silence expression of or even support for dissenting opinion." Radio counsellor and psychologist Dr. Laura Schlessinger experienced big-time jamming during the run-up to her planned television show. Outraged over a single comment critical of homosexuals she had made on her radio program, activists launched a massive intimidation campaign against the television program's advertisers. As a result, the new show was stillborn.


For the inside scoop on the meaning of conversion, let's check in with our gay brainwashing experts, Kirk and Madsen:

We mean conversion of the average American’s emotions, mind, and will, through a planned psychological attack, in the form of propaganda fed to the nation via the media. We mean "subverting" the mechanism of prejudice to our own ends – using the very processes that made America hate us to turn their hatred into warm regard – whether they like it or not.

Wow, that's hardcore. And here's something else I'll bet you didn't know: Transforming another person’s hatred into love ("warm regard") is precisely the object of classic brainwashing.


Child Molestation and Homosexuals
Yes it does happen. I knew one perpetrator. The evidence is out there. But not many are talking.


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