The Maori are the people who lived in New Zealand before we got there. There are thought to have been waves of immigration from Pacific Islands to the North East over a period from 800 AD to 1300 AD [ see  Wikipedia ].

When we arrived there was friction and war. We won but it did prove that the Maori was a good fighting man. Many served in two world wars. There are also reports of inter-tribal wars and cannibalism for the victors. This does not help propagandists pushing the "They Were Here First" theory. The point of that is to denigrate Europeans and to make them give Maori superior rights. Here are some sources which are mainly for the reality of cannibalism. Given that they originated in Pacific islands where it was standard, the line against sounds highly improbable.

The Wikipedia is dependable in its adherence to the party line and its enthusiasm for being thought impartial. Before believing this you ought to look at Wikipedia. They take a position regarding the Maori which could lead you to imagine that they are wonderful caring people living in harmony with nature. Other sources talk about aggression, cannibalism  and wars. See Maori

Michael Bassett, a New Zealander  in is firmly for the cannibalism line. Ronald Hilton in America has another low grade source.  See

Mr Bassett tells us that it started in the 16th Century due to population pressure. It seems that there were no animals apart from fish and birds in New Zealand until they were introduced. This fits in with the Wikipedia line that people arrived from the South Sea Islands from 800 AD to 1300 AD.

HERE BE CANNIBALS  is a title from the Heretical Press at nzealand.html which gives us some quotations from men who were there on the day which leave no doubt about their view. Crusoe, Cannibalism and Empire is pretentious waffle about references to cannibalism in novels. The idea being pushed is that  it was all a plot by the awful  white man. The Trail of Waitangi has no doubts about its reality.

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