Literature is an art form whose exponents work the higher sensibility racket, considering themselves superior to the rest of us. It is a two way passage. We can regard them with contemptuous indifference. Very few people are silly enough to pay money for the product in spite of the BBC marketing efforts. The Beeb's involvement tells me all I need to know about the genre. It is the kiss of death from homosexual subversives.

Ern Malley Hoax
Ern Malley was the name of a non-existent poet whose output was given to Angry Penguins, a modernist magazine. The editor, a pretentious fool called Max Harris swallowed it, hook line and sinker. He proved that Degenerate Art is a reality run by chancers. One perpetrator, James McAuley went on to found Quadrant, a literary magazine.
PS The Wikipedia lists 105 Literary Hoaxes, which demonstrates that there are rogues & fools, marketing Degenerate Art.


Degenerate Waffle From The Royal Academy
Now Nicolas provokes our thinking once again by bringing a new idea to the Royal Academy Schools. Reminding us that since the 19th century, modern art has been an agonistic field, he tells us that what he calls "the exform" is a sign or form seized by exclusionary stakes, cultural, social or political: “From Gustave Courbet's ‘realism’ to Liam Gillick, the exformal appears as a moving territory suffused by centrifugal forces, the unwanted and the official, mechanisms of rejection and rehabilitation. This duality might still be the core of what we call ‘contemporary art’.”
You can find this kind of turgid drivel in Private Eye under Pseuds Corner. Degeneracy is a way of life.


Books can be literature. They can also be informative, entertaining, worthwhile and readable. That more or less means they are not literature. This is not to their discredit, far from it.


The poetry industry affords a very thin living to most of the people in the business. One happy exception is Robert Service who is hated for his pains, for his success.


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