Lionel Bernstein

The Wikipedia implies that he is a Jew but is far from emphasizing the fact.  His people were well off He seems to have been mainly political rather than involved in the military side although he served with the guns in North Africa and Italy. He was captured at Rivonia, given a fair, trial, acquitted and immediately re-arrested. This can irritate a man.

Lionel Bernstein
Bernstein was born in Durban, the youngest of four children of European émigrés. He was orphaned at eight years old, and brought up by relatives, after which he was sent to finish his education at a boys’ boarding school. Hilton College, a private [ public  - Editor - see Words as Propaganda Tools ] school, was the South African equivalent of Eton or Harrow.

After the Rivonia Trial and subsequent aggro he went to Zambia where the authorities kicked him out so England got saddled with him.



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