Killing for Fun in Israel

Killing children is fun, isn't it? Not in my army it wasn't but then I wasn't in the Jews' army among God's Chosen People, a bunch of unrepentant psychopaths. It wasn't lack of opportunity either. It just wasn't our style. Even when thugs do go out to do these things they need officers who aren't going to take notice unless they have to. When a platoon is working close it just can't be done without complicity. The Jews claim that they use Purity of Arms. It is even written into their army principles. It is a grossly cynical lie.

'I can't imagine anyone who considers himself a human being can do this'
On Friday a four-year-old Palestinian boy was shot dead by a soldier - the most recent child victim of the Israeli army......

... Haneen, who was eight years old, had been shot twice in the head by an Israeli soldier as she walked down the street in Khan Yunis refugee camp with her mother, Lila Abu Selmi.
Head shot twice means she was killed deliberately. She was with her mother. They knew what they were doing and it was for fun. She is one of dozens.


Children vs. the Israeli Army 13 Year Old Child is Slain by Israeli Army
Head shooting seems to be favoured. It can give a quick kill. He was in school at the time. A threat? Not a chance.

On the same day Jews shot another seven children in their own village going to school for their examinations. Shot for fun? Believe it.


Israeli Army's Scandalous Murder Of Children
According to data collected by human rights group B'Tselem, Israel is responsible for killing more than 850 Palestinian children and teenagers since al-Dura was killed, including 92 in the past year alone........ he has become an icon of the Palestinian struggle and a symbol of Israeli brutality.........

If Israel were really interested in improving its "public relations," it would embrace the al-Dura family instead of all the foolish investigations. It would provide compensation to the family and show the world that it is truly and sincerely sorry about the death of one child.
There are Jews who tell the truth from time to time. It doesn't seem to make much difference. Jews join their army to kill for laughs while they use the American Army to do their dirty work in Iraq and Iran. B'Tselem on Firearms tells us that the Jewish Army is a bunch of war criminals. Casualties gives us their score; it is up in the thousands.


Israel 'Sport Killings' escalate
Judicial feeds us the stories. The sources are out there. Look at the faces and wonder whether anything would stop them raping and murdering for fun.


Jewish Behaviour In Palestine - BTW, Murder Is Fun
.......... It is a common practice by the Israeli govt. military to murder children for even the slightest provocation. It is doubtful that the young child in this incident ever saw another birthday. Just another nameless dead "goy" - animal- to the Israelis.
Joe Cortina served for real. That didn't mean rape and ethnic cleansing.


Jews Murder For Fun
From a sniper tower in the Rafah refugee camp of the Gaza Strip, the Israeli soldier adjusted his high-powered rifle until Tom Hurndall's face lay directly in the crosshairs of his telescopic lens. He squeezed the trigger and on April 11, 2003, a single bullet passed through Hurndall's forehead, leaving him in a coma until he died one week ago today. Why was a British photography student gunned down at age twenty two? According to the soldier who pulled the trigger, Hurndall was actually an armed Palestinian who opened fire on the Israeli post. According to 14 separate eye-witnesses and photographic and ballistic evidence, there was no Palestinian gunfire in the area and Hurndall, while wearing a bright orange vest, was escorting two Palestinian children away from the line of Israeli sniper fire.

For European and American peace activists, death and injury at the hands of the Israeli Occupation Force (IOF), Israel's military, is not uncommon. Less than one week before the shooting of Hurndall, the IOF shot 24-year-old Brian Avery of New Mexico, resulting in life-long facial injuries. Three weeks before Avery's attack, 23-year-old Rachel Corrie of Washington State was run over twice and killed by an Israeli bulldozer as she tried to prevent the destruction of a physician's home in Rafah.
Another day, another murder. Do they care? Not a chance. The publicity will annoy them though.


Rules of Engagement
Were fairly reasonable except that they were ignored as a matter of course, with the knowledge of the NCOs and officers. When the Intifada started the rules were loosened up and ignored even more. They have got 3,318 known kills. Most were not fighting.


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