The Main Steam Media are owned and controlled by a fairly small group of people and it is at least possible that they act together. If they have the same interests and act in similar ways it can seem like conspiracy. Media people qualify as a subculture but they have been disturbed by the arrival of the Internet which allows millions of people to by pass them and put what they want into the very public domain. One man who does just that is The Skunk. He produces Judicial-Inc.biz and a series of brief and interesting pictorial articles. They even have music to go with them. Are they right? Sadly it seems not.

His articles are brief but not reliable. Carlos Porter does his analysis below and evidently knows rather more about the facts. This does not mean that Judicial  is wrong about a basic issue but his stuff does need independent support before it is relied on. See the entries  in yellow.

He has a political view and if you do not believe that the media are telling it like it is he is worth a look but accuracy is not his forte. There are much better sources out there.

The alternative media and that means Internet media are very important. Knowledge is power we are told sometimes. Knowing the right things means that we are less likely to make mistakes. Cynics would say that is why the media keep us uninformed.

The Metapedia tells us about him. The Wikipedia does not any more. The Skunk has been airbrushed out of history, just like Joe Stalin's peculiar friends but then the Wiki has an agenda, just like dear old Uncle Joe.

Judicial Archive
It is out there. It makes his points all over again. It is just reliable as the Main Steam Media. At all events they lie by omission. Judicial lets the cat out of the bag.


#Judicial Will Probably Wind Down
Requiem or marketing ploy? We will see later [ than August 2009 ].


The Skunk (writer) - broken link
This article from the Wikipedia tells us that The Skunk is the author of Judicial-inc.biz Further that he does not like Jews and is extremely well informed about them. By the same token his article about The Wikipedia tells us that it is owned and controlled by Jews. I took that to mean that he is spot on with his critiques. His basic thrust is sound.


Is run by The Skunk who is critical of Jews and Zionists and so well informed that the Wikipedia is worried about him.
He also runs and writes Judicial-Inc.biz which is one of the most influential anti-judaistic sites on the internet, and one of the most reliable. His comments are so shockingly accurate that one wonders if he is a Zionist Jewish insider with a grudge or agenda?!
UNQUOTE on 9 March 2006.

That kind of endorsement from his enemies [ see  The Wikipedia ] ] is highly convincing. I thought he was  good anyway. Given this it is interesting that his Alexa rating has just dropped a lot.

PS, that is what it said on 9 March 2006. On the 13 March it had been reversed.

He also runs and writes Judicial-Inc.biz which is one of the most influential, yet unreliable, anti- Semitic sites on the internet, and one of the most outrageously dishonest, concerning evidence and facts. He proffers photos and evidence, which have been outted as false or doctored.
UNQUOTE on  13 March


Judicial on Judicial
Not actual picture
Judicial is strictly a website that theorizes with 'What-If' scenarios. Whether it is a theory about Juba the sniper, or the 'Tale of Anne Frank', the author leaves it up to you to decide.

With today's internet you can Google and check basic facts in 15 minutes [ but not with his unsourced offerings - Editor ]. The contention that Judicial is paranoid about Israeli false flags in Iraq are countered by the USS Liberty, 9/11, USS Cole, the Lavon affair, the Tripoli affair, or countless others.


Strange Doings at Judicial-Inc.Biz
Judicial has interesting output but then you might notice that things are not being justified by his sources and that his sources are not linked and cannot be checked. Mr. Porter gives an analysis of his output and tells us not to rely on him. I will not.


The Judicial-Inc.Biz Great Chateau Hoax
A chateau is a chateau. Yes, but if you say that is the chateau where it all happened and it turns out that it is another chateau altogether and that you know perfectly well that it is another chateau people might wonder whether you are reliable.






Judicial Will Probably Wind Down

His heart is in the right place and he is right on the basic point of Zionist evil. But this is a bit of market research. Will people give him money? See the poll at the bottom.

From Judicial-Inc Will Probably Wind Down

Judicial-Inc Will Probably Wind Down

Judicial's goal was to create a forum, that as times became more desperate, a group of sensible people could use it to meet and unite. As the American economy implodes, and Israel commits another 9/11, to shift the blame to the Muslims, you need a catalyst. It appears that Zionists must be getting close to some event, because they are no longer going to let Judicial-Inc exist.


How Real Are The Majority Of 'Alternative News' Websites?

Most of the so-called 'Alternative medias' revolve around the Holocaust, and the 9/11 scam.

The Holocaust:  ~~ There are twenty various sites that claim to be holy grail of the Holocaust truth. Most center around the question of whether 3.4 million Jews died, or the higher number of 6,000,000. The truth there is that the Red Cross states there were 272,000 deaths in the camps, and maybe 120,000 were Jews. But arguing the Holocaust is a waste of time. It's not worth the effort. It's like arguing about religion, and most people don't care anyway.

Actually there is a ploy here. By denying that silly fable, you are keeping the conversation active, and drawing attention to it.


The 9/11 Attack:~~ The second big camp for the 'Alternative Media' is the 9/11 movement. Basically, a potpourri of spittling bagel munchers talking about minutiae. Did the CIA plant micro nukes at the WTC., why did building 7 collapse, did the jets really land at Area 51, are the passengers alive, and are they living in a remote CIA desert compound?

The truth there is that Israel orchestrated the entire event. There were no 19 young Arab guys trained on a small Cessna. These were trained Israelis. A Sayret Matkal Capt. led the first operation, a mossad operative was identified on the second jet. The third jet, Fl 77, didn't fly for 62 minutes and amazingly avoided the hundreds of fighters at Norfolk, the Seymour Johnson AB, NORAD, Otis, Andrews, Shaw, Pope, etc. It was actually replaced with a remote-controlled plane that hit the Pentagon. Fl 77. The real Flight 77 jet  went out in the Atlantic to ram the USS Washington, and Norad shot it down. The 4th jet was shot down, but not over Shanksville.


The War In Iraq:

That is about Zionism's quest to control the world's oil supply. It's about the Mosul-Haifa Pipeline, and the five permanent American bases there to protect it.

The War In Afghanistan:

The Taliban, a religious group, threw out the Zionist opium traders, and cut 94% of the opium supply. The other factor is that now we have troops flanking Iran on both sides.


The Coming War In Iran:

Iran sits on the Zargos oil belt, the largest untapped field in the world.


So Who Funds These Websites, And Their Authors?

Practically 95% of today's websites are Zionist-controlled. If they were real, they would be focusing on the coming collapse, and the various False Flags being used to point the finger at the Israeli intelligence creation called "Al-Qaeda", or Iran. But you won't find any of these Kosher Clowns discussing the Zionist game plans. You can quickly look at these websites and see their agendas. All they do is try and implicate the CIA for 9/11, Madrid train bombs, London bus bombs, or Mid-East assassinations.  Then, there is the constant talk about Black and Hispanic crime. Oddly, they conveniently skip over the Madoffs, or the fleecing of America's banks by Zionists.  These website's goal is all about diversions from the real problems, and just helping the fomenting race wars.

So What Are The Costs?

A forum like FreeRepublic.com runs $360,000 annually. Some of the bigger websites are very good sources of solid information, but they have advertisers covering the costs. The large and well-disseminated websites, like Huffington.com, are funded by Venture Capitalists.


Zionists Really Aren't Brilliant, But They Are United

Their leaders have used this holocaust nonsense to create a pack of loyal fanatics. And this has lead to a giant social, educational, and business network.

Judicial-Inc Needs To Receive Funding

The other sites are funded by Zionists. Whereas, with Judicial it is a daily struggle with Zio-Thugs, of which 50% are police. Try calling the police station and saying you have a police detective stalking you. The ADL has retained a private detective who directs the harassment, and he has a free hand.

You need to remember that the ADL has tentacles in every major police force.

Now Is Not The Time To Quit

You are getting a small blimp in the stock market, which will be used to portray a fledgling economic recovery, but it's a diversion from the Madoff anger. The ultimate fall guy has to be Muslim terrorists, and certainly not Zio-Bankers. There will be a False Flag  staged by the Zionist that triggers everything, and that will make 9/11 look like a hiccup. The timeline is probably 12 months.





Is Judicial-Inc Worth Funding?


Yes - I would contribute




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