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John Laughland is a British journalist who has criticised Western support for the Serbian opposition to Slobodan Milošević, and condemned the November 2003 revolution in Georgia as a "coup d'état".

Laughland has a doctorate in philosophy from the University of Oxford, has studied at Munich University, and has been a lecturer at the Sorbonne and at the Institute d'Études Politiques de Paris.

He has condemned the International War Crimes Tribunal in The Hague on the grounds that the UN Security Council resolution that created it was illegitimate and because he disagrees with its judicial procedures. He criticises it for trying alleged war criminals rather than upholding state sovereignty: by implication, it should have prosecuted not Milošević for his alleged actions but NATO for its intervention in Kosovo [1].

Laughland asserts that Ukrainian supporters of Presidential candidate Viktor Yushchenko, to whom significant elements of Ukraine's Jewish community have given support [2], were linked with "neo-Nazis" (in The Guardian[3]) or "druggy skinheads from Lvov" (The Spectator); that no mass graves have been discovered in Iraq; and that concern for the massacres in the Sudan was driven by a lust for oil.

Laughland appears on the list of trustees of the British Helsinki Human Rights Group, to whose controversial orientation he may have contributed, and has co-operated with the website, a group of libertarians which publishes investigations into the crimes of the US government and its allies.

He is also the European director of the European Foundation, a Eurosceptic group associated with Bill Cash MP.




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  • Le tribunal pénal international: Gardien du nouvel ordre mondial (François-Xavier de Guibert)

  • The Tainted Source, Undemocratic Origins of the European Idea



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