Jews and Harvard

The Pope told us that there is a lot of anti-Semitism about. He is right. The head rabbi in England said there is a lot and growing but had nothing whatsoever to say about why, far less how to solve the issue. They could try cleaning up their acts but that might mean having to earn their livings honestly,  give up what they have stolen eg Palestine and stop murdering people for giggles. Jimmy Carter who was the President of the United States of America said something of the sort.

Now two Harvard men, Walt and Mearsheimer have told us what the Pope and the rabbi did not. Jews control America and sent it to war against Arabs to further the Zionist agenda. They cannot be written off as easily as most of us.

Zionists in the White House are keeping their mouths shut in public. Jews in Congress, the Senate and the Department of Defence are also keeping their heads down pro tempore. The Jewish controlled media is keeping fairly quiet about this and hoping it will go away. Dershowitz is shouting his mouth off. Honest men are pleased.


Pope Benedict XVI
Pope worried about fresh anti-Semitism [ 20 January 2006 ]
According to a Jewish newspaper. Did he say anything about Jewish attacks on Christians and Islamics in Israel? He does know, doesn't he?


Chief Rabbi in England
Chief Rabbi warns of anti-Semitic 'tsunami' [ 1 January 2006 ]
There is an answer to this one. Clean up your act but they are  is not going to try that. Shoot the messenger if he tells the truth or buy up the media so that they can't. Making it illegal to tell the truth is another option.


Jimmy Carter
Jewish Settlers Are A Barrier To Peace [ 26 March 2006 ]
That is what Jimmy Carter says. Jimmy Carter is right - for once. He can tell the truth because he is not running for office in America so the Zionists can't give him trouble.


Sharon, Prime Minister of Israel paraphrased.
Maximum territory, minimum Arabs [ 14 January 2006 ]
That was Sharon's policy in a nutshell. Murder? Love it. Ethnic cleansing? That's policy. Thieving? That is just a personal matter and it was only $3 million anyway. Now that the swine is out of politics Israelis are pretending that he is not just the hooligan that did their dirty work while they looked the other way.


Gulf News makes a point
Zionist lobbies are turning the wheel of US foreign policy  [ 6 November 2005 ]
This hardly news any more; just a statement of the fairly obvious. Arabs live at the receiving end of Zionist controlled attacks so to them it is very obvious. In England they can pretend that it is nothing to do with them.


Walt and Mearsheimer - the Harvard men
The Israel Lobby - The Jews Who Control America  [ 22 March 2006 ]
Harvard men speak. Harvard men tell the truth. Harvard is being leaned as  I write but it is true. Invading Iraq, murder, torture, corruption and all to control the Middle East for Zionist thugs. Oh, and to make them rich too. Would you want them controlling oil supplies? The long version is at


The Israel Lobby
This is the piece that brought the pains on. Is it wrong? Is it malicious? Read for yourself. Think for yourself. Decide for yourself.


Mearsheimer and Walt, The Men Who Did It
Professor Mearsheimer is a Chicago man who succeeded in beating the Vietnam draft.  Doctor Walt is at Harvard with a chair funded by a Jew and married to another. There are tangled motives working here. In fact they did not bother to tell us about a lot of Zionist murders and general purpose evil.


Dershowitz goes for it
Dean Attacks ‘Israel Lobby’ -  Dershowitz responds [ 23 March 2006 ]
The Israel Lobby had to suppress  the Harvard men with a news blackout or take them on. Dershowitz is trying the latter. Given that Harvard professors cannot be written off as ignorant and prejudiced so easily, it was probably the right tactical decision. Dershowitz will argue, claim that he has won then they will do that black out. It won't work though. Too many people know about ethnic cleansing  and other evils in Israel. The Harvard men's article is at The Israel Lobby - The Jews Who Control America
PS Dershowitz is man who advocated torturing prisoners if they are enemies of Israel.


Honest Jew speaks
Zionism Is The Root Problem [ 23 March 2006 ]
Zionism! An ideology that is antithetical to Judaism, one fomented by unabashed atheists, heretics and even some ostensibly “religious” collaborators who have sold their souls to the irreligious Zionists for money and power.

Rabbis must understand religious excuses that the Zionists used to steal Palestine from the Palestinians and whether they are valid in Jewish eyes. Not many of them seem to have taken a position in public though.


Harvard Man Doesn't Like "The Israel Lobby" [ 24 March 2006 ]
He claims that it does not meet academic standards. Believe him if you want. The real issue is that it does not follow the party line and that free speech is not allowed. Saying that Zionists run America is verboten. See Zionism Is The Root Problem for the source of the irritation.


Scholars' Attack on Pro-Israel Lobby Met With Silence [ 26 March 2006 ]
Harvard men tell us about Zionist evil. Zionists shut up in public. Behind the scenes they are furious and attacking. Dershowitz is one of the few exceptions but Jewish owned newspapers, which means virtually the lot are censoring this one. Of course Arabs are not ignoring this gem of truth.


Embarrassing and dangerous [ 27 March 2006 ]
Perhaps but only to the vicious and evil. It true so why complain? That is where it gets awkward for objectors.


The Israel lobby strikes back [3 April 2006 ]
Professor Walt has been sacked. Given that the man paying for his job was a Jew it sounds all to easy to do. Given that the professor knew he is silly or has  his escape route worked out.


The Israel lobby and the bulldozer - a Jew writes [ 14 April 2006  ]
Talk about the Israel lobby and get abused but Jewish newspapers boast about the power of that same lobby. One story for Jewish consumption but the rest of us must obey their party line as Messrs Walt and Mearsheimer discovered the hard way.


The Israel lobby and dead Iranians [ 14 April 2006  ]
They abuse Harvard professors for telling the truth and want mass murder in Iran. There is not the slightest chance that they are going to risk their lives or even Jewish lives. It is mugs from the American army who will get to fight Zion's wars for it.


Free Speech Took A Beating In America [ 18 April 2006 ]
A Jew writes about the Jewish savagery unleashed against Walt and Mearsheimer for telling the truth about Jewish evil in Israel and America. Some Jews are working out that the comparisons with Adolf are justified and doing them no good.


Israel and Moral Blackmail
Is a rather good piece on the pressures - who is leaning on who. Albeit it does not tell us that Hitchens and Chommers are Jews both.


Why the US May Be Acting Against Its Own Interests in the Middle East
There is no maybe about it but it maybe a Jew writing this piece. It makes sense though. Stop pandering to Jews. solve many problems and save BILLIONS.


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