Jewish Weapon Procurement

How does a small country like Israel get one of the biggest and most advanced military set ups in the world? It is simple. They steal it. How did they get Palestine in the first place? Simple. They stole it. There was a mixture of cunning and manipulation, murder and torture when expedient and worming their way into positions of importance. The rest follows. One of their most effective agents is Dov Zakheim. As weapon master of the American Department of Defence he is in an excellent position to give away America's best equipment to America's enemies and to do so at scrap prices.

Dov Zakheim
How Does Zakheim Fit In ?

He helped mould the Mid-East policy, and controlled the Pentagon purse strings.

Thanks to him, Israel, and their militia (Turkey), are awash in F-15's, F-16's, and the latest in offensive and defensive missile systems. Israel has a space program, ICBM's, nukes, and lots more.

Israel's ICBM's
How do 4.8 mill Israelis develop a space program, when they can't build a car? 

They didn't - over the years the Zionist super-agents like Zakheim, have fed them top-secret designs.

Zionist controlled corporations like Thiokol and Loral Space, shipped the components. Bernard Schwartz bought Loral for peanuts in a stock manipulation.


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