Israeli Pullout

Today, 17 August 2005 Jews are leaving stolen lands of Palestine. They are all illegal immigrants but they are not going easily. They stole them,  have every intention of keeping them and keeping the rightful owners out. They are getting a bribe of US$500,000 each to soften the blow but it is only tax payers' money so it doesn't matter. In fact it is American tax payers' money so it matters even less. This could be rather useful for a family of five. It beats working for a living. Sharon is doing a tactical withdrawal, no more. He is laying on 42,000 men to get them out. Another detail getting the soft focus treatment from the media [ and guess who controls it ] is the seizure of more land by Jerusalem.
PS There was much squawking but they went. They murdered a few Arabs to vent their spite.


Israel and Vatican end row over Pope's comments  [ 27 August 2005 ]
Pope condemns Jewish evil. Jews moan. Now they are pretending to be friends again. The evil remains. See under.


Scorched Earth in Palestine [ 27 August 2005 ]
The Jews pulled back complaining bitterly, US$500,000 bribes notwithstanding. Now the bulldozers are destroying everything of value.


Thieves become Victims [ 27 August 2005 ]
The settlers in the Stolen Land of Palestine  are victims; so they say. They lie. This is from an expert on the spot. Any resemblance to the multi-megabuck Holocaust boondoggle is not supposed to be noticed.


Israel 'ready to build houses linking settlement with Jerusalem' [ 26 August 2005 ]
The Telegraph doesn't bother to tell us how they came by the land [ robbery ], how much [ 3,750 acres ] or why [ to make sure that Jews outnumber Arabs ]. They didn't even tell us who is going to pay [ American tax payers ].


U.S. aid sought for Negev, Galilee [ 26 August 2005 ]
US$2.2 billion has been mentioned. That is a lot of money. I wouldn't mind looking after it. What is the pay off for American tax payers', the ones that get to pay it? We aren't saying but not a lot sounds about right.


Israel plans to expand West Bank settlement [ 24 August 2005 ]
Give with one hand and take with the other. The giving gets the publicity. The thieving of some 3,750 acres, gets a black out. The intent is to ensure a Jewish majority in Jerusalem even  though the Arabs are breeding faster than Jews.


GAZA IS ONLY THE BEGINNING  [ 24 August 2005 ]
Orthodox Jews are for Palestinian rights and Palestinian freedom. The media doesn't mention this fact so you might wonder who controls the media and whether they have an agenda. You could then have a look at on Jewish media lies.


American interests seriously damaged [ 24 August 2005 ]
America is a super power and can throw its weight around. It does just that but in whose interest? Is this good for America or anywhere else, except perhaps Israel? No. A calm look at the reality.


Bulldozers move in as soldiers complete Gazapullout [ 23 August 2005 ]
Jewish forces are finishing off in the stolen land and operating a scorched earth policy by leaving nothing for the people they robbed. Buy shares in Caterpillar. One senior soldier thinks that it is a major mistake. See


A day of victory for the soldiers and police in Gush Katif [ 18 August 2005 ]
Most illegal immigrants are leaving the stolen lands with out much resistance according to Haaretz. Murdering a few Arabs out of spite was atypical.


Sharon condemns Shilo shooting attack[ 18 August 2005 ]
This is strictly a public relations move. His murders are different.


Three Palestinians murdered in West Bank shooting [ 17 August 2005 ]
This is the second lot murdered by a Jew because Sharon is making them give back a bit of what they have stolen. They are not nice people. See 9 August 2005.


Israel sends in troopsto removeGaza settlers [ 17 August 2005 ]
Illegal immigrants can be sorted, if the will is there. Blair  won't. Bush  won't. They have the won't. Sharon learned a lot from the Nazis on how to do these things.


After the evictions, a life in the world's most lavish refugee camp  [ 17 August 2005 ]
Jews get luxury. The Palestinians get squalor. The American tax payer gets to pay.


Israel's Sharon tells Gaza settlers time is nearly up [ 16 August 2005 ]
8,500 Jews robbed 1,000,000 Palestinians. The latter come way down the line.


This is a revolt, not a protest [ 15 August 2005 ]
Sharon decided to pull out of a few illegal settlements in Palestine. Jews object to giving back what they stole. They are not going to give in easily. They are right about government power being easy to abuse.


Why are American Jews silent? [ 14 August 2005 ]
Jews in America favour leaving illegal settlements but only thorough ignorance according to a Jew in Israel. Perhaps they don't like mass murder either. Would that be ignorance too? Of course if Adolf does these things that is seriously awful and we still haven't heard the end of it.


7 'radical soldiers' questioned [ 11 August 2005 ]
Seven armed thugs were out there but we are allowed to laugh about this one. They were only going to murder Arabs. That is different. Actually there are far more than seven. The rest are bright enough to keep their mouths shut and just do it.


American lose appeal for disaster relief [ 10 August 2005 ]
But Israeli settlers get US$500,000 each [ see eg Israel Ties Golan Pull-Out To Doubling of U.S. Aid ]  because they matter more than Americans.


A lynching is a lynching [ 9 August 2005 ]
It is also justice, good justice, quick cheap,  effective justice. One Jew less to commit murder. Haaretz does not like it. He only got four kills so he was incompetent. He got caught and sorted on the spot; still incompetent.


Leader of the extreme right [ 8 August 2005 ]
Pulling out of illegal Jewish settlements is for softies like Sharon. Netanyahu does not approve. Nor would Adolf. Treat the Arabs like dogs. They deserve it.


Rice turns heat on Israel [ 7 August 2005 ]
She isn't going to give them the money to leave their illegal settlements. Things are getting tough aren't they? They will just have to talk to George if they want it sorted.


PM aide Weissglas to meet with Rice on 'disengagement aid' [ 31 July 2005 ]
Sharon is going close a few illegal settlements and allow America taxpayers to pay. Do aforesaid taxpayers benefit? No. Do they approve? I doubt it. Do they get asked if they want to subsidise foreigners? No. Does Sharon care? No. Does Sharon matter more than Americans to American politicians? Yes.


Israel to ask U.S. for $2.2 billion in pullout aid [ 11 July 2005 ]

Pullout foes throw oil and nails on TA-Jerusalem highway [ 29 June 2005 ]
Jews don't want to leave the land that they stole so they act. They don't just whine about it. There is a lesson here. They are following the footsteps of the comedians that robbed the Palestinians. The management can shoot a few ring leaders but it can't put all of its own in prison. Gandhi did something of the sort and we got told that he was a living saint.


Police draft new open-fire rules for settlement evacuation [ 29 June 2005 ]
Killing children for giggles is fine if they are Palestinian. With their own it is very different.


Peace in the Middle East- Over Sharon's dead body [ 24 June 2005 ]
Do they want peace? They want to look as though they want peace. The obstacle to peace is General Sharon, he of the Shatila Massacre. He is good on excuses though. A few rockets get fired into Israel and blow up some turnips. Or Palestinian gun men shoot someone. They were wearing silly hats so they must have been Palestinians - or Mossad.


Israel to build 700 new settler homes  [ 20 June 2005 ]
Sharon claims that he is clearing illegal settlements but that is just for public consumption. The reality is rather different.


Illegal settlers received millions in grants  [ 8 June 2005 ]
The scale of Israel's illegal land grab in the occupied territories was disclosed yesterday when the government's own investigation found at least 9 million of taxpayers' money was recently used for illegal Jewish outposts.

While domestic and international attention is focused on Israel's plan to withdraw all its settlements in Gaza, the report suggests a clear push by the Israeli government to stake out more land in the West Bank.

This policy received tacit support from the United States last year when President George W Bush said Israel could rightfully claim any territory where there was an existing Jewish community centre even if set up illegally.

It is the same when Jews destroy people's home. It is shrugged off. What have they to learn from the Nazis? Not a lot.


Jewish settlers continue attacks on Palestinians  [ 3 June 2005 ]
See for yourself. Think for yourself. Decide for yourself.


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