Israel Shamir

Israel Shamir exists, or not as the case may be. He seems to think he is a Jew. He might well know. A fair amount is checkable. His university degree, time in the Jews' army, employment by the BBC, work as a war correspondent, all of these things can be proved. Rumours are not necessary but they have their uses when it comes to discrediting a man or his work. Someone is out there using that name. My contribution to his honesty is this: His English is not that good. His use of prepositions is unusual. This is consistent with being multilingual. My view is that he is telling the truth about Jewish evil and Jews do not like that. Of course there are decent Jews but they are not making much noise.

 Contract With Jewry
Is a good overview of the Jewish Problem. One proof of his honesty is being disliked by Zionists.


His web site
He tells us what he wants to hear, how he wants us to and in several different languages.


A brief biography of the man
He was born in Siberia, maths, law, journalism, did his jumps with the Jewish army, served for real. Then it  was war reporting, writing and translating from Japanese, Russian, Hebrew and some English. Versatile is the word.


Blood Libel Plus
What is more extreme than murdering Christian children for their blood? Murdering their own. Did it happen? Issy tells us that the evidence is incontrovertible.


Does Israel Shamir Exist?
Interesting. Con men do exist. Lots of con men are Jews. Does that prove that he is one? Does it prove that he is wrong? This offering is from which does publish speculative stuff. Read for yourself. Think for yourself. Decide for yourself.


Holocaust denier in charge of handling Moscow cables
That is the Grauniad's headline verbatim. They want us to believe he is not really a Jew, is anti-Semitic, a total swine etc. Read for yourself. Think for yourself. Decide for yourself.


Interesting attack on Israel Shamir
Zionists complain about him. Zionists acknowledge that he is damaging their try on. QED. See the source at Israeli writer is Swedish anti-Semite


Is Izzy anti Jewish or just anti Zionist?
SERIOUS CONCERNS ABOUT ISRAEL SHAMIR by Abunimah & Hussein Ibish [ Arabs? ]. Being against Jewish imperialism and mass murder is one thing. Being anti Jew per se is another. Thus two Arabs(?), from Nigel Parry's site. Shamir replies. Complaints and responses form the man himself.


'Malaysian PM Was Right - They Rule The West' - Israel Shamir
Doctor Mahathir told us that the Jews rule the West. He got unfavourable comment from the media - in the West. Does that mean that he was wrong or that he is an honest man who is not controlled by Jews? I would say the latter.


The Jewish Game Plan
Is there one? It certainly looks like it but then it does with a swarm of wasps and has much the same effect. The wasps don't know who is in control or even if there is anyone in control. Thus it is with the average Jew. Somewhat thus quoth  Izzy.


Pieces by Shamir in Ramallah Online
A search of Ramallah Online, a Palestinian source throws up his offerings.


Nigel Parry, a Jew is not amused
Is Israel Shamir a Jew? Is he on the side of the Jews? Nige is far from sure.


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