Islam versus Communism

Is Islam more dangerous that communism? This is a reasonable question and an important question. When the Berlin Wall came down in 1989 it looked as though we had  won and that we were in for a long era of peace. It has not worked out like that. There were second line rogues and chancers who made their bids for power as the Soviet empire fell. That seemed obvious. What was less obvious was that Islam would become a major nuisance. The other major and less obvious threat was that post Marxists would carry on subverting the very basis of civilization and that they would control the institutions which are its foundation. Antonio Gramsci is in Hell laughing as his followers do by cunning and treason what Marxists could not do by force.

One of their techniques is to cause  its infiltration of Christendom by way of immigration, both legal and illegal. It is  done as a matter of policy and with malice aforethought. It is proving very effective.  See Immigration on the point. But here is something on Islamic terrorism.


Is the Threat of Islamic Terrorism More Dangerous to America than Communism Was?
Vladimir Bukovsky  [ Russian dissident ], Daniel Pipes [ Zionist front man ],  Paul Hollander, [ Harvard wallah ] and Michael Leeden [ Zionist front man ] talk.


Muslim conquests
Were extensive. They were thrown back from the Gates of Vienna in 1683 AD. Now  they are back again due to the treason of Europe's rulers.


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