Islam In Europe

Islam explained by Douglas Murray. Mr Murray is a Scot who thinks Islam is vicious. He has failed to take the point that Jews are even more dangerous; quite the reverse in fact. Of course the Jews use different strategies to destroy civilization. Infiltrating the top levels of government etc. is more effective. He is something of a cheerleader for them, what Lenin called one of his Useful Idiots.

From Douglas Murray

Douglas Murray on Islam
"It is grotesque to argue that Europe has failed its Muslims. It has been made repeatedly obvious that it is Islam that has failed Europe" Douglas Murray, The Telegraph (10/03/2010).[20]

Murray has described what he sees as, “a creed of Islamic fascism – a malignant fundamentalism, woken from the dark ages to assault us here and now”. He believes that “we live…in a thought culture – but it is one in which the thought has gone bad”. He sees the main problem as being cultural relativism[21] which he has described as, "the primary disease – the AIDS of the West – the disease which has made the opportunist infection of Islam so deadly".[22]

Murray supported the Fatwa on Terrorism and wrote that it has "the possibility of being respected by a far wider range of people than any of those individual non-scholarly Muslim voices who have also condemned terrorism without caveat." [23] His comments about Islamic extremism in Holland mean that he has to have a police guard when travelling there.[9]

He has labelled 'Islamophobia' a "nonsense term", as "there are a considerable number of reasons to be fearful of some – though certainly not all – aspects and versions of Islam."[24]
I do not feel obliged to agree with everything he says but he is on the right lines with the Third World dross being imported by our wonderful government which is a
Zionist Occupied Government, in fine, by the Jews he supports.