Islam and Labour Party Treason

Her Majesty's Government under Blair and now Brown has done more to destroy our civil liberties than any other. It fair to say that the Tories have done evil too. Her Majesty's Government under Heath decided to sign us up for Europe and the Maastricht Treaty, which was  a plain act of Treason but that is another part of politics.

Pandering to known subversives who incite revolution is Labour Party practice. It is a way of buying votes and advancing the agenda of Antonio Gramsci, the chief theoretician of the Communist Party. For evidence see The Islamist and others. They are all available from It is there for anyone to read but we can depend on the BBC not to tell us because they are also acolytes of Gramsci. For more on the ugly track record of the invaders go to Islam

The Suicide Factory - Abu Hamza and the Finsbury Park Mosque
by Sean O'Neill
This book is a wonderful although depressing antidote to those that wish to believe that the UK Government knows what it is doing in the fight against Global Jihad.

In essence, this is the story so far, of Abu Hamza (of the hooked hands) and his establishment of a terrorist base right in the middle of north London at the Finsbury Park Mosque. It tells how he got into the UK through deception and how he used British rights and the welfare state to facilitate and fund his enterprise. The book demonstrates how the British authorities knew what Hamza was doing but were hamstrung by a learnt `respect' for Islam and a belief that Hamza was just another crazy foreigner (like Marx) who had no plans for disruptive activities in the UK. They had no concept of the notion of local action as part of global Jihad. Indeed, it was only well after the attacks of 9/11 that the Americans, frustrated with the UK Government inactivity, requested that Hamza be extradited to stand trial in the US. Astonishingly it was in Hamzas [ sic ] defence that the UK authorities began their own prosecution as a means of preventing his trial in the US! Naturally, Scotland Yard made sure it used only shoeless Moslem police officers to raid the Finsbury Park Mosque. The joy of this book is less in the overall story, which is quite well known, than in the detailed depiction of the UK authorities utter incompetence in dealing with the obvious threat. It is a very good read and it is very well and clearly written. Is it great literature? I'm not sure, but it certainly is great journalism.
Pretty, isn't he?


Londonistan - How Britain Is Creating a Terror State Within by Melanie Phillips
Every terrorist atrocity is followed by the question "Why?". All too often, the answers provided by politicians and pundits are simply figments of their own imagination. A campaigner against poverty will claim that poverty causes terrorism; a fan of national self-determination will claim that the terrorists are "freedom fighters". In this book, Melanie Philips delves into the ideology of islamism (or islamo-fascism) and explores the total failure of the British chattering class to understand or resist the march of this ideology within Britain. Others, such as Craig Wynn and Robert Spencer, have explored islam more deeply, and former islamist Ed Hussain has provided an insider's guide to the process of islamist agit-prop in britain. However, Melanie's book must rank as by far the best guide to the mind-blowing passivity of the British State which has allowed London to become a hotbed of islamo-fascism and terrorist activity.
Be aware that Mrs Phillips is a Jewish propagandist but she will use the truth if it suits her agenda.


Infidel - My Life
by Ayaan Hirsi Ali
Others have described the book in detail. I found it compelling, and it helped me understand better the Muslim women I have met who remain with violent, abusive husbands here in the UK: the cage door may be open, but the bars - of religion and family - are still firmly in place. It is certainly polemical - much more so than, say, the work of Nawal El Saadawi, who has remained in Egypt to challenge the system from within, and who is once again under threat from the regime there. Those who have found this book interesting are urged to read "Woman at Point Zero" as well.
Treating women as third class citizens in a mediaeval society sounds about right.


Muslim conquests
Were extensive. They were thrown back from the Gates of Vienna in 1683 AD. Now  they are back again due to the treason of Europe's rulers.


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