Islam and Flagellation

One of the oddities of Islam is that they beat each other from time to time. Christians were prone to do odd things too. Hair shirts were worn because they were so uncomfortable. British Army issue shirts were like that too but that was not the point.

See for yourself what happens. At least it gets them out of the house and stops them getting bored. Source is

Go to if you want to see women being stoned to death and other fun things. To be fair Jews have their nasties  but they usually have the sense to do it to others. That is when they don't get others to do their dirty work for them like the Americans in Iraq.


No, this is not a scene from Dante's Inferno. These are Shiite Pilgrims Worshipping at Karbala Shrine


After the fall of Saddam, the Iraqi Shiites are exercising their freedom to practice their faith.




The mourners bleed after beating themselves with chains. The real motivation of these shows of piety, is to impress the young women watching from above with one's religiosity. 


What does this have to do with spirituality? 


Is this macabre ritual really the religion of God? 


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