Information Sources



1) Search Systems Public Record Locator

This public records search site is one of the largest, and most well known public records web sites on the Internet and has been operating online since 1990. It has a searchable interface that allows you to access over 22,000 public records databases in the United States, Canada, and worldwide.

2) United States Vital Records Information

This public records search site explains how to obtain vital records (such as birth certificates, death records, marriage licenses and divorce decrees) from each state, territory and county of the United States.

3) Obituaries 101

An extremely comprehensive public records search site; features every American state major newspaper with links to obituary sections, as well as the day's prominent obituaries and AP obituaries.

4) Online Searchable Death Indexes and Records

A free genealogy search site; excellent for those researching genealogies. This genealogy search site is a directory of online death indexes listed by state and county.

5) Who Is John Doe?

A simple list of public records search resources to access free public records online.

6) Social Security Death Index

Search the Social Security database with this easy to use interactive form. Great for a quick free public records search.

7) CIA's Electronic Reading Room

Extremely cool site that allows you to take a peek at CIA public records, declassified.

8) Lexis-Nexis

This public records search database is a great resource for archived stories, state government records, and civil court records.

9) Political MoneyLine

Show me the money! Track campaign finance, lobbying, and soft money with this interesting public records search site.

10) DirectGov (UK site)

A searchable public records search database of a wide range of government information and services in the United Kingdom.


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