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Home schooling is the do it yourself kit approach to education, rather a good one. The idea that education is something that governments should provide and control is profoundly socialistic. Education is just an extension of what parents, particularly mothers do in the normal course of events.

Even when people have no formal education they are able to teach their children to understand and speak their own language. This impresses me. A baby starts knowing no language and not knowing that one exists. It is  curiosity and retention that get it started. A mother with whom to interact is hugely important but it  works time after time. When they get to school they might make progress and they might not but they do not get the personal attention of the home. It is well known that Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II received a private education while her  sons went to public schools. Most of us went to government schools. Home schooling means going back to something much older.

Of course formal education can work well, then it pays off. At other times it does not. A reality is that it is political; government schools teach what politicians want. This is not always good. The whole movement seems to be more common in America than England. Farmsteads can be much more remote over there. That is one reason why they have remained freer.

English law has quite a reasonable approach though. Parents have no obligation to tell local education authorities what they are doing or even that they have children.

Some basic points are:-
    It is totally legal
    It works well.
    It involves a lot of commitment.

Here are some links to useful sites. Read for yourself. Think for yourself. Decide for yourself.

Sean Gabb Explains Home Schooling In The UK
This is an updated [ November 2014 ] position with the relevant law.


Home Schooling - A Libertarian View
It comes with the relevant bits of law.


Home Schooling Law In England
It is all legal.


Duke Explains About Home Schooling On Larry King Live
With the country perpetually ginned up for the next presidential smack down, Doonesbury.com presents for your viewing pleasure an exclusive look back at the campaign videos of Duke2000 -- Ambassador Duke’s “Absolutely Nothing To Lose” run for the White House as a maverick Reform Party candidate. E-campaigning from his headquarters at the E-Z Rest Motor Lodge in Coon Rapids, Minnesota, Duke set out to prove that an average citizen, with nothing more than a laptop, a few spam speeches, and a sackful of soft money, could make political history.

The former Ambassador announces his candidacy [ for POTUS ] and lays out his education policy: "One teacher for each subject, and give 'em a cable channel. Let the kids watch from home."
It sounds good to me.


Fred Explains Home Schooling, Fred Explains Everything
Fred has been around. Fred has seen crime as a reporter in Washington; crime in the ghettoes, crime in politics. Fred makes lots of sense.


Free The Children
Is intended for children in America but it is very much on the right lines. It looks at the politics as well as teaching.


Getting Started
Is from the Texas Home School Coalition and eminently practical.


 Home Education Do It Yourself - Do  It Better
Sean Gabb is the leading theoretician of liberty in England. If this sounds off putting press on. It pays off. He writes clear English and tells us about the whole thing. Her Majesty the Queen was educated privately, not merely taught  at home. It worked for Her and it can work for yours. Her offspring had Gordonstoun, a public school inflicted on them. Cold showers are presumed to be character forming. The next generation went to happier places. They might revert to their old way yet.


Home Schooling Help At Hand
Nationally, more families are educating children at home, a new report shows. The local home schooling movement also remains strong. Numbers are difficult to quantify, but Southwestern Indiana Home Educators, a networking group, has 300 to 500 families on its e-mail loop.

We realize that home school curricula are often extremely expensive; sometimes costing hundreds of dollars a year. This sort of expense really hurts when undertaking home schooling already entails a loss of income. Moreover, when used as a supplement to the public or private schools, it is hard to justify the added expense in a tight family budget. But, EAU is intended to be a community; and communities help each other. Our elementary school curriculum is of, for and by EAU members; and so for current EAU members it is completely free of charge. It is yours -- just for the asking. If you want access to it, just go to our organizational contact page and send an email containing your membership number to our board of directors. You'll receive an email back that contains the access information for the curriculum. If you are not an EAU member for some reason and want access to the curriculum; such access can be obtained by sending a $100 donation, your email address, and a short note requesting access to our regular mailbox.  

Do it yourself. Do it better.


Parents Right - Math Experts Wrong
"Parents Right; Maths Experts Wrong. curriculum mistake made by the so-called education experts who demanded that schools ..."
The Lunatic Fringe is out there and the kiss of death for anything they control. This another argument for home schooling.


Special Interest Groups Love Compulsory Schooling
It is not just the history lessons that are tailored to suit the politicians or communist subversives there are the others pushing political correctness and abusing racists - but only if they are white. Then there are the marketing opportunities. It goes on. This article applies to America in particular but England is just as bad.


Texas Home School Coalition
Has been going for twenty years now so they should be getting quite good at it. They give practical advice. The guest speaker at their celebration is the Governor of Texas so you have to believe that they are accepted as normal and reasonable.


Truancy - A Personal Perspective
Doctor Gabb was a persistent truant and self educated as a result. He tells us:-
What Truancy did for Me
I played truant in the first instance because I did not feel there was much point in being at school. I much preferred the education I could get for myself in the library or at home. I stopped when I found I had teachers who were not ignorant of their subjects,......... I then continued to play truant for a while because of habit and because I positively enjoyed being in charge of my education.

The second conclusion is that truancy may often be not merely a rational but also a wise choice. It would be false modesty to deny that I have done well since leaving school. I owe this success overwhelmingly to the fact that I was hardly ever present for nearly half the time I was enrolled there..........

Is Truancy to be Encouraged?
Returning to my second conclusion, just given, and speaking more generally, I am inclined to think compulsory state schooling a bad thing............

There is a strand of neo-Marxist thinking..... that claims schooling to be the means by which capitalism reproduces itself: it instils in working class children a set of values hostile to their true interests. In its specifics, this is an absurd claim. It is true, however, in its generality. As with most neo-Marxist theory, it says little about what is being attacked, but much about the intentions of those making the attack.............

For over a decade, I have been involved in a research project that is trying to establish that truancy is neither delinquency nor illness, but a response to bad curriculum and bad teaching.
One of the guilty speaks from experience. I think he is right. But he is someone who wanted to learn rather than laze.


A Visit from Child Protective Services
Malicious allegations to the Child Protective Services in Texas can trigger a visit. There are answers to this. Shooting them is not necessarily  the first option or even always the best. The CPS was incited to visit the Branch Dravidians at Waco and found that all was well but later they were attacked by the BATF and dozens of them were murdered. See The Waco Massacre on the point. Child welfare was one excuse used by the FBI. Of course it was fraudulent. They murdered most of the children too. It was much the same when they carried out the Ruby Ridge Massacre


Home Schooled Lad To Be Youngest Cambridge Undergraduate Ever [ 8 January 2009 ]
A 14-year-old maths prodigy is on the verge of breaking a 237-year-old record by becoming the youngest Cambridge University undergraduate since William Pitt the Younger. Arran Fernandez, from Surrey, has been offered a conditional place at Fitzwilliam College after passing the university's entrance exams. The teenager, who has sat his maths and further maths A-levels, now needs only to pass physics A-level. "Maths has been my favourite subject for as long as I can remember," said Arran, who was educated at home. "I enjoy being home-schooled because I'm more involved. I can see the mark schemes and help my dad decide the curriculum.".........

Arran who has now decided he wants to be a research mathematician and says his ambition is to find a solution to the Riemann hypothesis – the unsolved theory about the patterns of prime numbers that has baffled mathematicians for 150 years.
Home schooling works big time. It also insulates children from government propaganda. That apples whether they are brilliant or average. If he does sort out Riemann's hypothesis it would get the enemies of freedom nearer to breaking Pretty Good Privacy the best encryption system there is for us, the down trodden victims of tyrants like Blair, Brown, Bush and Obama. He looks like a prime candidate for an ASBO  [ Anti-Social Behaviour Order ] or the gallows.


Children are best educated at home [ 6 September 2008 ]
The return to school is a well-established part of the journey of life. It seems normal, right and inevitable. But actually it is none of these things. Yes, it is normal in the early 21st century. But if modern civilisation started about 10,000 years ago, this way of treating children has been “normal” only for the last 2 per cent of the time. It is a new, artificial construct designed to provide education at low cost. It certainly was not created to provide a pleasant or socialising experience for children...........

Home education is not for everyone - not even a large minority............ But lots of well-educated wives do not work and could save money by home educating. For those who can find a way, home-educating is a glorious, liberating, empowering, profoundly fulfilling thing to do. Far more people should try it. At present it is estimated that about 50,000 children are taught this way. The number has jumped from a decade ago but is still very few compared with America.
Mr Bartholomew does not mention what could be the main advantage which is getting away from the propaganda which schools, especially on the 'humanities' parts inculcate.


BRAVE NEW SCHOOLS [ 30 September 2006 ]
Home schooling is being made illegal by the European Court of Human Rights. It says that society has an interest in preventing development of dissent. In other words schools are government propaganda machines and we must subject our children to them. The rulers are the enemy, the one importing foreigners to supplant us in our own land.


Private Tutoring Is Abhorrent Says Public School Man
This is about pushy parents forcing children to study. It is a sound point as far as it goes.



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