Globalization Comes To A Place Near You

Globalization is a word that people use as propaganda. It means free trade and we have had free trade for centuries. It was not easy trade. There were obstacles like contrary winds, lack of maps, pirates and so on but Phoenicians came to Cornwall to buy tin so that they could make bronze. This was about the time of Christ and one trip per summer would have been about it. We got direct government meddling later and it always pandered to special interests. Now efficient shipping means that transport is cheaper and making things where people are paid much less makes sense. Efficient telecommunications mean that moving intellectual work overseas is possible. Economists think it is great until other economists turn up called Wong and Singh, men who do it for MUCH less.

Globalization is great isn't it? It is only the lower classes losing their jobs - at first. Employers love it. They use the illegal immigrants to drive wages down further. Communist subversives love it too. Illegals destroy society and destroy England. It is slow at first, then it gets faster. That is what Antonio Gramsci told them to do. That is what they are doing.

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A Shropshire factory is to close with the loss of around 150 jobs. Johnson Controls, which makes car parts, is transferring business from Telford to its Leamington Spa factory. The Transport and General Workers Union (TGWU) confirmed on Monday the plant in Halesfield was to close because of "under capacity".

A car parts company, which employs more than 350 people in the north-east of England and the West Midlands, has gone into administration. Vickers Pressings Tolwood Automotive manufactures a variety of products used in the car assembly industry. It is based in Newton Aycliffe, County Durham, where there are 111 employees, and has sites in Newcastle, with 195 employees, and 61 in the West Midlands.

400 jobs lost at TV glass factory

A manufacturer of glass for cathode-ray tubes used in television sets has announced that 400 jobs are to be lost with the closure of its Cardiff plant. Nippon Electric Glass (UK) Limited announced the job losses on Friday, blaming low sales and profits.

Jobs to go at Rolls-Royce plant

Jobs are to go in the company's naval marine division. Rolls-Royce has announced that up to 80 jobs are to be lost at its naval marine division in Bristol. The company has blamed restructuring and "efficiency and workload reviews" for the cuts at its Patchway plant and Fishponds office.

Jobs axe for Tesco depot workers

Three hundred jobs are to go at a supermarket distribution centre in Milton Keynes. In February next year Tesco will close the Kiln Farm depot. Tesco says the depot, which opened 32 years ago, can no longer operate at a level needed to serve the company's stores and customers.

Brewing firm is to cut 200 jobs

The brewers Coors has confirmed more than 200 jobs are to be axed over the next three years at its plant in Burton-on-Trent, Staffordshire. The company said the jobs are being shed as part of an ongoing process to cut costs by 50m by 2008.

Whitbread profits up but jobs go

Hotels and leisure group Whitbread is cutting 250 jobs despite reporting an 11% rise in interim profits. Profits rose to 102.9m ($181.9m), with a 13% sales rise to 809m, but the company warned that the consumer environment remained challenging. The job cuts will take place at its headquarters in Luton with the aim of saving the company 25m a year.

"They like to pretend the coming elections are a fight between several parties of the British people ... NOTHING OF THE KIND! Merely a fight between two, maybe three big money combines, that and nothing else!  ... And when they speak of 'democracy' they don't mean democracy by the people or for the people, they mean FINANCIAL democracy in which money counts, and nothing but money!"
  - Sir Oswald Mosley



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