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Farming just isn't the way to go. I was told many years ago that if you afford to buy a farm, there really was no point. He was right.

Genetic Modification
Big Business has its eye on farming. Monsanto is keen on enslaving farmers, forcing them to use its products especially its Terminator Gene, which stops seeds reproducing. What does GMO food do to us, the victims forced to use their products at inflated prices? Monsanto doesn't know. Monsanto doesn't care. Monsanto does make billions. That is the way they like it. But Jeffrey Smith, is an opponent out there telling it like is.


Farmers 'must stop producing food to make ends meet'  [ 4 November 2005 ]
It saves working too. They then just fill in the forms and get money from the Min of Ag. Stay in bed until a reasonable hour. Get food from the supermarket. Starting a golf course makes sense though. It was a growth industry.


Labour Will Wipe Farming Out   [ 27 October 2005 ]
2 million acres could be lost as subsidies shrink and land reverts to desert. This is post Marxist social engineering with hatred  in heart and mind. The RSPCA likes the idea which confirms that it is wrong.


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