Conspiracy Theories

The Wikipedia tells us that Conspiracy Theories are absurd, propagated by peculiar people. There are people who want you to think that; the Wiki has a point - as far as it goes. There are people who had something like total control of our sources of information. Now that does sound like a conspiracy theory in the making. The point has a virtue; it is reasonably checkable. The ownership of publishing houses, television stations and wireless is largely a matter of public record. The Metapedia, an honest source tells us that Conspiracy Theory is a propaganda term invented by enemies of the truth.

Of course the Internet has changed things. A few dozen or hundred owners worldwide are now being by passed. Almost anyone can publish and even get to be heard. Gaining an audience means having something to say and saying it well. Media moguls are not happy about this. People are abandoning newsprint and finding out on line. Part of the reaction to  this lies in discrediting the new publishers. Writing them off as loons helps. So does putting alternative rubbish out there; using Disinformation to muddy the waters and confuse us. Is this part of a vast conspiracy? Perhaps. More probably it is individuals reacting in similar ways to similar circumstances. The Deep State is an honest look at the issue.  Here is  more on the subject. Read for yourself. Think for yourself. Decide for yourself.

The Telegraph Says That We Might Have Been Right All Along
You’d have your mate who, after a few beers, would tell you that the moon landings were faked or that the Illuminati controlled everything or that the US government was holding alien autopsies in Area 51. And you’d be able to dismiss this because it was all rubbish.
The writer does not accuse the main manipulators, the Puppet Masters, that is Zionist crazies but it is a small step in the right direction.


Conspiracy Theories and Disinformation
Discrediting genuine conspiracy theories matters to the perpetrators. They like doing what they are doing behind closed doors. Spreading alternative stories, using Disinformation confuses issues and is often meant to do just that. Honest theories make specific predictions and can be checked.

To be specific about who is diverting attention from whom here is a bit of the article.:-
The latest disturbing trend on the internet is the creation, or threatened creation, of mega-conspiracy theories as an attempt to provide cover for the malign influence of Zionism on the United States and the Middle East.  The idea is that it isn’t the Zionists, it is some shadowy, undefined group, ‘Illuminati’ if you will, that is really behind all the machinations. 
Just look at the faces round Bush, Cameron, Clinton, Obama et al & count the Jews.


Conspiracy Theorists
Someone with a conspiracy theory of his own about naughty little Adolf & the Reichstag fire tells us that it wasn't just opportunism & quick thinking. 


Agenda 21
Is a UN power grabbing operation. It is being snuck up on us and, quite obviously using our tax money to rob us.


These are the trails left by aircraft spraying us with nasty chemicals for nefarious purposes. That is the theory. Then there is the evidence which is another matter; there isn't any.


Common Purpose
Common Purpose UK, founded in 1989, is an influential organization offering training programmes for political leaders and business managers from all levels and sectors........... The objects of Common Purpose are the advancement of education for the public benefit with special emphasis on civil and social awareness and responsibility. The company states it aims to improve the way society works by expanding the vision, decision-making ability and influence of all kinds of leaders.........

About us
Common Purpose gives leaders the inspiration, the knowledge and the connections they need to produce real change. More...
This is a bit more of their version of the truth. Real Change - they say. Change to what? Do we want it? Have we even been asked or is it being imposed on us without our will? - NB The bit about real change has now [ March 2010 ] been written out. Hiding their agenda is all part of the game.


True or false? Read for yourself. Think for yourself. Decide for yourself.


Deep State
Our wonderful government wouldn't lie to us, would it? Yes it would, yes it does. Read for yourself. Think for yourself. Decide for yourself.


Is misleading information used to distract us from reality. It works all too well.


New World Order
This is different. Various people are trying to convince that it is a figment of fevered imaginations. In fact there is solid evidence that showing that major conspiracies are being used to enslave us. If that is not a new world order it will do until a real one comes along.


9-11 Research
An Attempt to Uncover the Truth About September 11th, 2001
We all know the official story of September 11th: four jetliners were hijacked by groups of four and five Arabic men armed with box cutters, who proceeded to fly three of the four jets into the Twin Towers and the Pentagon. Subsequently the World Trade Center Towers, weakened by the impacts and fires, collapsed into piles of rubble. Later in the afternoon 47-story Building 7, also weakened by fire, collapsed (a fact that most people remain unaware of). The FBI had compiled a list of hijackers within three days, and it was so obvious that Osama bin Laden had masterminded the operation from caves in Afghanistan, that there was no need to seriously investigate the crime or produce evidence. The "retaliatory" attack on the Taliban would soon commence.

Is this story true? Its central assumptions have never been tested by an official government body whose members lack obvious conflicts of interest. There are numerous red flags in the official story, which requires a long series of highly improbable coincidences. Questioning that story is an act of responsible citizenship.
Believe nothing until it is officially denied - or claimed for that matter.


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