Nationalist versus Internationalist

Political movements tend to be classified as left or right. A better distinction might be nationalist or internationalist. Roger Scruton in a very perceptive article [ A Righter Shade of Green ] has something to say about the issue. Some nationalist groupings were distinctly nasty. Others of the internationalist left were worse. When politicians start killing their own people en masse it is time to wonder if politicians should be dealt with in the same way.

The Nazi and Fascist operations are nationalist but have  a virtue.  They are finished. The communists, the internationalists are very much alive and kicking. Look at what is happening in universities if you doubt; students are being propagandised. Ditto for the Media. The agenda is clear, Cultural Genocide. Communist and Jew are not quite interchangeable terms but in politics they often seem that way. Communism is an international ideology foisted on us by an international people.

Communist Party
... However, the Leninist concept of a communist party includes not only ideological orientation, but also a wide set of organizational policies. The communist party is, at least according to Leninist theory, the vanguard party of the working class.
Was and is an international organization and a murderous dictatorship.


 Fascist Party
The National Fascist Party (Partito Nazionale Fascista; PNF) was an Italian party, created by Benito Mussolini as the political expression of Fascism....  The party ruled Italy for twenty-one years from 1922 to 1943 under a totalitarian model of government.
Benito began it all and sounded quite reasonable at first. Its lack of charm showed up later but it was nationalist.


Nazi Party
The National Socialist German Workers Party or

A Defence of the Faith
by Victor Craig
There is a breathtakingly simple question that haunts those of us who are loyal to European Man and his culture: What has happened to us? Why has a once-proud and courageous people that stretched its dominion from Europe to North America to Australia simply abandoned its heritage and surrendered to aliens? For many, the prime culprit, or at least a major accessory, is the Christian faith..........

Organized Christianity, on the other hand, is still organized, but it is far from Christian. The new Christianity is as dangerous to real Christianity as it is to the survival of European Civilization and the white race.
This article has something to say about the infiltration and subversion of Christianity. It is a sad story in its way. The zealots doing it are Lenin's Useful Idiots.


The Seven Samurai - A Nationalist Writes
The Seven Samurai was produced in 1954, shortly following the defeat of Japan. When you watch this movie I think you will agree that its meaning to a Japanese of that era must have been crystal clear. The rather clear and obvious purpose is to bind up the wounds between the warrior class that has just lost a calamitous war, and the rest of the nation (symbolized by the farmers in this movie) for whom the war was a disaster.....

.. I am intensely interested in its meaning for us as modern-day nationalists of a Euro-American persuasion. As I watched this movie, I was overwhelmed by the sense that it was speaking directly to me, with messages of overpowering modern importance. It may have been set in Japan, but it was not uniquely nor exclusively Japanese.......
It is easy to see the film without understanding the background and the message. Yggdrasil has done us a service.


NB The Wikipedia wants to be thought honest and competent. It has an agenda. Articles on any Zionist issue are suspect. Ditto for any one that Zionists like or hate. Roger Scruton links to their little biography on the man. It should be regarded with suspicion. Check with other sources before regarding it as honest.


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