Some cartoons were published which annoyed Islamics. They burnt down a few Danish embassies and threatened to murder people, particularly  Danes. Apparently pictures of Allah are  what offended them. Respectful pictures may pass muster; these do not. If you want to see what the fuss is about look at jyllands-posten.jpg

There are cynics who think that the timing of this kerfuffle is interesting. Bush and his peculiar Neoconservative friends are threatening to invade Iran. Given that they made a pig's ear of sorting Iraq and forced the price of oil up from $30 to $70 a barrel you might think that they would have the sense to lay off until Iraq is sorted. That does not fit the Zionist agenda.

The public reaction to having another war based on lies has not been enthusiastic. Men who would get to serve are not silly enough to volunteer. Having a President who is a draft dodger makes a difference. Ditto for all of those neo-cons that had better things to do.

Then along come the cartoons and hate filled twerps in silly hats threatening to murder us. They made headlines all over the place. Who incited them and why? It all starts to make sense.

The Cartoonist who Joked about Jews--and went to Jail
All cartoons are equal but some are more equal than others. Sneering at Christianity is just fine. Ditto for Islam but don't try it with Jews unless you want to go to prison for a twelve month.
Flemming Rose, Zionist, Agent Provocateur and Wikipedia
The Wikipedia told us that Rose was a Jew from the Ukraine who collaborates  with Daniel Pipes, a very noisy Zionist front man. A day later the entry  had been censored. The text also turned up at[LesOGRES.Org] Réagir and Europe's journalists speak out on Danish cartoons
Danish Muhammed Cartoons
Some one else has a view about freedom of speech and Islamic ingratitude but there is an apology at Apology
Indian court sentences Danish cartoonists to death [ 21 February .2006 ]
A Sharia court in Lucknow did what it took in absentia but there aren't many tourists there especially Danish tourists so it shouldn't be too much of a problem.
Summit the catalyst for cartoon protests  [ 11 February 2006 ]
Islamic trouble makers incited the cartoon nausea we are told. It might even be true.
Iran daily to sponsor Holocaust cartoons; Israeli News Agency runs a spoiler  [ 10 February 2006 ]
The  INA counter is a "search engine optimisation" which will stop the Iranian links getting to the top of Google searches. Nobody said they were incompetent.
Rotten in Denmark  [ 10 February 2006 ]
Yes, cartoons are provocation. Publication in Denmark was not really noticed. Simultaneous republication is several European papers was noticed and effective. The drumbeat for war on Iran sounds louder.
Arab paper published cartoons 4 months ago [ 10 February 2006 ]
It was in Egypt and it was during Ramadan so perhaps it was different. Perhaps they had to convince some rabble rousers as well as publish. Egyptians are rather nicer people than propagandists would have us believe.
Taliban promises 100kg of gold for cartoonist's head
This would be seriously useful with gold around $570 an ounce it is some $1.8 million and gold is rising or the dollar is falling. The wages of sin are tax free but the chances of collecting are small to nonexistent.
Iran to take revenge on Denmark with Holocaust cartoons  [ 8 February 2006 ]
Sounds good to me. Will we be allowed to publish without murder threats? See them at  jyllands-posten.jpg
Cartoons, Provocation and Invading Iran [ 8 February 2006 ]
Zionists are inciting war against Iran, that is war for the Americans not their own. Then provoke the Islamics into making a fuss and burning a few embassies down. Add in the death threats and pictures of bad tempered fools with silly hats and it is off to war we go. Remember the Jewish anthem - Onward Christian Soldiers - while they stand back and laugh up their  sleeves.
Kurt Nimmo [ follow the link for more ] tells us that the publication in Denmark was a deliberate provocation and that there are clear ties between Jyllands-Posten  and Zionist Neo-Cons.” One of them Daniel Pipes, the Neo-Con ideologue who says the only path to Middle East peace will come through a total Israeli military victory but who did not serve on his own account  [ too important? ].


Free speech has liberals tongue-tied [ 7 February 2006 ]
Janet Albrechtsen tells us that an author could not find anyone who had the bottle to do the drawings for a children's book and that  editor of Jyllands-Posten invited a lot of artists to do something. Twelve came through and then we were off.
She does not tell us that Malmö, a little town in Sweden was close enough to the mainland to see English and American bombers working during the war years. It is now heaving with ethnics [ 24% ] and the rape capital of Scandinavia.
But politicians in Victoria, the one in Australia have no compunction when it comes to harassing Christians who take a position on Islamic evil.
Australia braces for Muslim backlash [ 7 February 2006 ]
Backlash or just viciousness?? They started the aggro at Cronulla and the police took it out on Australians. This time they can't blame people so they might even get a grip of the criminals. It is what they are  very well paid to do. See the cartoons at  jyllands-posten.jpg
Exhibition of Prophet Muhammad cartoons to be organized in Moscow [ 7 February 2006 ]
This could be interesting and an opportunity to catch vicious thugs in the act. See some quite good Islamic cartoons at - here is one:
Dutch Islamists post cartoons of Anne Frank and Hitler in bed [ 6 February 2006 ]
They are at Arab European League but the site is over loaded, sad to say. The Jews sound quite relaxed about them. Nazis might be annoyed though. Arabs are prone to cartoons as well but they have a savage tone. Given that they are being murdered by thugs in the Middle East you can see why. Some are quite good. See or Dec%20200... and or Arab cartoons.
Westerners hunted over cartoons  [ 4 February 2006 ]
Islamic twerps in silly hats are vicious and dangerous. Importing them is utter stupidity or sabotage by rogues with an agenda. Ask at your local university why they worship Stalin and use Antonio Gramsci's top down technique to destroy the civilization that they live in. Here is one of the drawings:-
See the rest at jyllands-posten.jpg
Racism Rears Its Ugly Head In Sloane Street
Islamics spew hatred. Did any of them get done for incitement? Let's not be naive. This is in Kensington, in the heart of civilization. Blair fiddles while London dies. Nero was mad - so he had an excuse. Will the Tiber flow red? With thugs in the streets and Marxists at the helm it is all too likely. Enoch was right.
Outrage Grows Over Muhammad Cartoon
American Renaissance is for white people. They seem quite moderate on this one.
The ugly truth about Muhammad
Find out about the man who started this ball rolling from a priest who spent his life converting Muslims to Christianity
Arab Media Portrayal Of Jews
The ADL or Anti Defamation League is a Jewish operation and has a very big axe to grind. This offering seems calm and factual. They do not explain quite why it is that they are so sincerely disliked.
Satire can be a sharp sword.



Robert Crumb Makes A Point


What An Awful Smear On A Very Wonderful Human Being














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