Beyond Chutzpah

Beyond Chutzpah was written by Norman Finkelstein and is about the Palestine versus Israel conflict. It is a book that made him very unpopular in Zionist circles. He also wrote  The Holocaust Industry which was about Jewish fraud so he may have felt that he couldn't get any more unpopular in Israel. It is fair to say that he has not been murdered by Mossad but it has cost him promotion in the academic field.

Given that Professor Finkelstein is a Jew whose parents really did survive Nazi Germany you might think that he has  good reason to be interested in Jewish issues and to tell the truth about them. Given that he has chosen to go against the media consensus you might think that he is wrong in what he says. The media want you to think so. That is their preferred option. They will settle for keeping you ignorant of him.

The starting point for his book was another by Joan Peters who was a journalist with CBS. She wrote From Time Immemorial which was about the Jewish take over of Palestine and very much for the Zionists. It was heavily and extravagantly praised. It was also fraudulent. Professor Finkelstein proved it. People tend not to check the footnotes. They tend to believe that a book of history is going to be fairly honest. This one was not.

His position on Zionist operations is that they took over Palestine and that  it was a gross abuse of human rights accompanied by a major wall of obscurantism. lies and fraud. If you know that the media are largely owned and controlled by Jews it is easier to see how and why this happened. See Jew Watch Media on the point.

Professor Finkelstein's chief opponent in public debate is Alan Dershowitz, a professor of law who made a lot of money out of human rights cases. He then publicly advocated torture to extract information. In practice he meant using it only on the enemies of Jews. See Why Terrorism Works - at Chapter 4. Many people feel that the man is an unprincipled rogue. Professor Dershowitz made a number of attempts to get publication of Beyond Chutzpah stopped [ see ] which you may feel tells you who is in the right.

Another propagandist, one Philip Greenspun of MIT tells us that Europe created Israel "as a concentration camp for Jews" - see page 44 and Dershowitz claims that Israel is not bound by international law. See page 46. Believe them if you want.

This a subject area which is controversial and agendas are very important to players and propagandists. Before taking a source seriously you should know where they are coming from. Trust the Wikipedia if you want but not until you have seen what has to tell you about them.  Read for yourself. Think for yourself. Decide for yourself.



The Holocaust Industry- Reflections on the Exploitation of Jewish Suffering

From Time Immemorial- The Origins of the Arab-Jewish Conflict Over Palestine

Alan Dershowitz, Professor of Torture

Why Terrorism Works - see Chapter 4


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