Asian Babes


She looks rather nice.


Yukuakoizumi is cheerful.


Yuko Sakaki is smiling for us.

Any fool can be uncomfortable.


Yumi Terao is the name. She looks a bit worried.


Nothing on except some bubbbles looks good to me.


She is new. She is Japanese and she knows a good surgeon.


Yayakozuki is Japanese and disgruntled.


She looks quite nice really.


Would she do?


She looks nice and happy.


Swimming is an excuse to be in the buff.


Ready, willing and able I think.


Xiao Long Nu might be Vietnamese.


Tonya-Booher is the name. English she is not.


She is a big girl.


Living in a war zone has a down side.


Her coat is falling off.


She leaves something to the imagination. It works.


Now she is nice; confident too


A little puss.


They can be graceful and tasteful.


An uppity little Miss.


Are those her going out clothes?


Another with a nice smile.


It is not her day.


She is another confident one.


Is Eve reaching for that apple, the forbidden fruit?


I like her ear rings.


She is happy too.


She looks happy.


Some boots are made for walking. Some are for hiding.


She needs care and attention.

Bar girls have a point. I have a pint.


Is she praying to her mirror?


Beach time is a good time.


Come for a swim with me.


She looks nice.


Japanese Scotch? Japanese lass?


Yang Lin is the name.


She could be fun.


Her top is coming off.


Yumiko looks quite nice.


Clean girls are nice girls.


Happy and intelligent?


Yumi Lee is the name and here is the girl. She might be a bossy boots.


She looks thoughtful.


Miwayoshiko is her name.


She is a fine up sitting lass.


Cleanliness is next to Godliness.


Cheerful is a good start.


That is a rather short skirt.


She gives a meaning to the corridors of power. I like it.


Come out with your hands up.


Art is the name of the game. That is the story.


A naked chefette with a nice smile.


A boy named Sue? No, make that a girl.


Beach babes are best.



She could a nice friend.


This one looks like trouble.


Here is a nice looking lass.


Tea ceremonies are not normally in the nude. Complain if you want.


She'll do, won't she? Not as the Brain of Hong Kong though.


Here she is looking good.


Here is someone with clothes on. It is called art.


She is thoughtful but what is she thinking about?


Tres artistique?


Happy is the way to be.


She looks interested and thoughtful.


She has got her socks on the wrong way.


Down in the jungle something stirs. Let's hope there aren't too many leeches there.


She looks happy.


She still looks all right.



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