There are no short solutions to attacks on Christendom and civilization but there are long term answers. Back in the 1950s Holy Mother Church told us the Family was under threat. Holy Mother Church was right in its analysis but failed to come up with a solution. The Tories are sometimes called the stupid party. They still have not worked out how they were beaten by New Labour, far less found an answer.

Sean Gabb has found ways forward. He is the leading theoretician of liberty in England who has read his way through Marx, understood what the man had to say and knows how he was wrong. He knows about Antonio Gramsci, Jacques Derrida, Louis Althusser, Michel Foucault, Jacques Derrida and probably others. They are typically French quasi intellectuals who get believed by middle class fools and rogues of the sort that become journalists and producers with the BBC.

Complaining about these thing is part of the answer. The bigger picture is about hearts and minds. It is no coincidence that the humanities departments of every university in the west is full of the Useful Idiots who are Antonio Gramsci's witting or unwitting propagandists.

Going into your local pub, telling people that television is rubbish is fairly pointless. Every one there will know that you are right but do they understand the agenda that is causing it? Making noises in the right places will tell the enemy that we know what is going and force to justify themselves. They will not like this. They have been getting away with it for a long time now and that is the way that they like it.

Have a look at How to Complain and Who to Complain To for some answers.


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