New Orleans Aftermath

This matter has excited interest and it isn't going to go away any more than the 9/11 job. Here are some pictures that hint at why.

SWAT team Thugs Look Thugs and Act Like Thugs
They also look fairly amateurish. These men haven't served in Ireland or anywhere else for real. But screwing Americans and their Constitutional rights doesn't need experts, just corruption.

Sigmund gives us pictures, hundreds [ make that thousands ]  of pictures in glorious Technicolor. See for yourself. Think for yourself. Decide for yourself. The camera cannot lie. That's what we were told before they went digital. It wasn't true even then but these are fairly fresh from the source and look plausible. They also tie in with other sources. Thanks Sigmund. The source is


Crime takes hold of new New Orleans
Crime, that old menace of the old New Orleans, is back... There have been 147 people killed in New Orleans this year, police say, down from 204 by this time in 2005. But the city's population is about half what it was before Katrina flooded 80% of the city.... That means New Orleanians are murdering each other at a rate of 73.5 murders per 100,000 residents. That figure is above that of the nation's most murderous city Compton, Calif., whose rate was 67 murders per 100,000 people in 2005, according to the latest FBI statistics.


Katrina - Problem or Business Opportunity?
For some of us it is pure opportunity? The report does not bother to tell us whether he is robbing his brothers or a white man but guessing is easy. It was four truck loads and that is a fair amount of aid.


Police chief defends officers
Police in Orleans are wonderful caring human beings who ran out of ammo and did not stand by and watch white women being raped far less join in. The colour of aforesaid police men is unspecified and very largely black.


Race Baiting as New Orleans Sinks
Weather problem or black problem? Some one else tells us that it the blacks who are the problem but good when it comes  to blaming the white man.


Storm Survivors Told To 'Expose Themselves
That was from the police. They didn't so they were left to die. This Yahoo report gives The Liverpool Echo of 6 September as the source. It  was no longer there on 9 September - for me at all events although there were Katrina reports either side of it. Was this a cover up? Perhaps. One event of this sort is one of those things. When it happens repeatedly it looks like a pattern of suppression.


Words as Propaganda Tools
Media bias is alive and kicking. The main tool is suppression of the truth. The next is the diversion; waffle about a footballer or actress. Then there are the emotional words. Watch how they sneak under the radar and feed us their real  message and the truth comes down the line.


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