African Infantryman Of The Year

This splendid competition is about the Good, the Bad and the Ridiculous. You will need to join the Army Rumour Service, [ ARRSE for short ] if you want to vote on this one.

Can the West African soldier really be that bad? It looks genuine to me. It may have been set up by a cameraman with a sense of humour.
PS It seems to have been an advertising ploy.


While the 2008 contest was hotly contested, this year the competition is likely to be even more fierce & we start with this fine fellow.

Now lets set aside the somewhat interesting choice of battledress & focus on the personal weapon. The MG 42 & its many variants is a fine weapon, but is it just me or is this particular example missing a rather critical part? [ Hint to civilians: Look for the barrel ]

From African Infantryman Of The Year


Ethiopian Warrior

This was taken in the Omo Valley, South West Ethiopia in 2008. He does not look too happy.


To be fair he got his man but the idea of using the sights has not caught on in Somalia.

Start them young.

This could turn out to be an awful mistake for the sergeant major.


Let us assume she has the softer, feminine side suggested by having the safety catch on.


This lad is starting young. He is also getting through the ammo rather fast. It was in Haiti.


African Infantryman of the Year Competition rocked by racism allegations
The organizers of the African Infantryman of the Year competition face allegations of blatant & old fashioned racism over this morningís entry which shows black militiamen who has "whitened up", plunging it the entire series into the..........

The Bloemfontein based Ex-Mercs Castle Lager Coalition have condemned the competitions organizers decision to publish the picture as stupid & offensive, while members of Johannesburg's Rand Club have added to the chorus of disapproval. Speaking from the club's Spencer Whiting Armoury, General Jannie van der Witte Aarde warned that it will cause serious offence & went on to add that itís a throwback to an era when white mercenaries were used. He added that these days "whiting up" is considered to be dehumanizing to white people & racist.

Against this backdrop, the organizers were simply cock-a-hoop to receive a genuinely non-black African nomination from one ex-Corporal Deluxe Mapatabi...

Love the African Infantryman series & wanted to send a bio of another famous African warrior, Sir Morris fford-Blanchfork in his field kit & belt order. It is arcane knowledge that European officers led the best African Regiments. As a survivor, I can sorely attest to that.


African infantryman of the year pictures by swat1945us - Photobucket
He is a man with problems


Nigerian or space man?


Team Somalia


Black intellectuals politicians


Mobility - African style


Kalashnikov with pet & safety catch on


Camouflage, a new idea?


She hasn't worked out what the sights are for - a magazine is falling off as well.


He looks vicious.


Off to school? The rifle is an oldie


What's that thing in her hands?


Firepower is fun


He has them under control


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