Adam Kokesh

Is fairly evidently a Useful Idiot; that is at best. An Agent Provocateur working for the enemy is another possibility.

Kokesh Charged With Felony Assault On A Policeman 
At a marijuana protest.
Comment by John Hammell on Monday
Adam Kokesh is being ignored by Gun Owners of America, and by Jews for the Preservation of Firearm Ownership, and for very good reasons. I have had a dialogue with both organizations to see what they think of him. Both groups are in agreement that it is a mistake to give the guy any publicity, and I agree. It would be child's play for the CIA to insert a mind controlled goon such as Aurora theater shooter James Holmes  into Kokesh's planned July 4th march. I agree with Hollywood's assessment. So do GOA and JPFO. All it would take for Kokesh's march to backfire badly on all gun owners and patriots would be for a single shot to be fired from his group that kills a cop. Keep in mind the timing on this planned March and what could flow from it if an agent provocateur that no amount of Alex Jones inspired cameras could possibly stop were inserted into it. Obama will be signing The United Nations Arms Trade Treaty on June 3rd after is was passed overwhelmingly in the UN General Assembly (154-3 with 23 abstentions with the US mindlessly voting in its favor.) As I write this, it looks like Obama would not have the votes to ratify this treaty, however that could easily change if a plant were inserted into Kokesh's march, if the plant killed a cop, and if that triggered a war on that bridge.

Have government instigated "false flag" events been used before to advance anti freedom agendas? I submit to you that all these school shootings, the OKC bombing, and the Boston marathon bombing have all been orchestrated events intended to manufacture consent for increased stripping of our civil liberties.

Explain to me how you think Kokesh is going to somehow vet who marches armed with him into DC?

He is an undisciplined stoner with a huge ego, that is true, and I submit to you that anyone with a rifle slung over their back will be welcomed by him with open arms at Arlington National Cemetery where his march will begin, and that could easily include a James Holmes type mind controlled agent provocateur.

Keep your powder dry. Only fools rush in. The DC police will arrest Kokesh and anyone stupid enough to join him, and if a mind controlled sleeper agent like a James Holmes is implanted into his midst, and that person fires on a cop, we'll all pay the price in the form of roving TSA VIPER teams on the streets, in shopping malls, at sporting events, on interstate highways- all the plans are in place for this, why HELP the globalist bastards to speed up their martial law timetable? How does that help us? How does it help us to provide the other side with all the ammo they need to further try to demonize gun owners in the mass media? Would that help us lobby congress against gun control? The answer is self evident. This is why GOA and JPFO do not back this guy, he's a dangerous loose cannon, an angry guy with a gigantic ego and he could do us all a lot of damage.