A site with a left wing perspective. He links to other sites including http://www.sabotage.org/handbook/ Read about him in the Wikipedia  which is also an interesting source. He is worth a look, if only because he is going to tell you things that the system will not.

Voxfux is the pen name of a popular New York City based political essayist who wrote scathing attacks against the government of the United States and in particular the Bush family. The main thrust of his investigations is that international terrorism is actually perpetrated by a shadowy group of industrialist billionaires variously known as the Illuminati or the New World Order. Voxfux writes that global terrorism is used as a pretext by the ruling industrialists to wage wars of global conquest. Voxfux writes that the intelligence agencies, cults, think tanks, governments and religions are in fact under the control of this group of industrialists. Among the organizations which Voxfux links to the Illuminati is the CIA, FBI, Council of Foreign Relations, Bilderberg Group, Knights of Malta, Trilateral Commission, Freemasonry, Jesuit order, various cults, Ku Klux Klan, Nazism, Catholic church, the major media, and many others. Voxfux describes a pyramidal hierarchy which is controlled at the top by this group of industrialist billionaires.

The Voxfux websites surfaced in 1998 and gained popularity around the time of the attacks on the World Trade Centre. A frequent commentator on world events his writings became popular on the various Indymedia sites. The Voxfux writings are characterized as being a mix of complex political theories and an provocative vernacular.

Voxfux was the subject of an interagency manhunt in December of 2002 involving the FBI, CIA, US Secret Service and NYC and Suffolk County Police regarding his political writing. He went into hiding in New York City and was eventually supported when groups such as the Centre for Constitutional Rights, the American Civil Liberties Union, The Electronic Frontier Foundation stepped forward in defence of the writing. Voxfux was represented by the high profile civil rights lawyer and ABC radio talk show host, Ron Kuby, who offered the US government a deal whereby they meet with Voxfux with representatives from the media present. The government declined the offer and eventually agreed to call off the manhunt and put the case against Voxfux in a state of dormancy for fear that the case would become a lightning rod, enraging anti government sentiment.

* Voxfux (http://www.voxfux.com)
* VoxNews (http://www.voxnews.com) - this is kaput.
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