The 43 Group: Untold Story of Their Fight Against Fascism

This book claims that anti-Semitism was rife after the war, that Jews carried out criminal attacks on Nazi sympathizers and that they had fought against the Germans. Those commenting seem to have believed Morris Beckman, the author. I decidedly do not.

If there were Nazi sympathizers in that time they were unlikely to have been open about it. I know that very few Jews took the opportunity to fight the Wehrmacht but they do like to murder, steal and torture when they can get away with it. Look in the British war cemetery at Oosterbeek and you might find as many as half a dozen of them among well over a thousand Englishmen, Scots, Welsh, Irish and men of the Empire. There are more Wehrmacht than Jews there. Ditto for the Poles. It is the same in the hundreds of Commonwealth War Graves run by the Commonwealth War Graves Commission. And we had just found out about the concentration camps. Belsen was not good publicity for the Nazis. Confirmation is at Jews And Lack Of War Service.

It turns out that Vidal Sassoon, a Jew & barber was one of the thugs involved but his Wikipedia entry does not bother to tell us about his criminal past. So many Jews lie just as naturally as they breathe. Then of course they complain about Anti-Semitis but when it come to the causes there is a Deafening Silence.


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 This is the only book that has made me want to research the subject more thoroughly, and ironically it couldn't be harder [ Could this just possibly be because it did not happen? - Editor ]. Morris Beckman was in the 43 Group before it even became the 43 Group, and so he is ideally placed to give a history, informative, and emotive. After WW2 there was a rise in fascism in Britain, a fact no one wants to remember. They became such a problem that a group of people, mostly Jewish, mostly men, but in no way exclusive, came together to fight the fascists on their own terms. It's a story of street fights, running battles, espionage, and even a spot of romance. It's a part of history that should not be forgotten about. They won, they saw they won, they disbanded. There was no testosterone driven need to continue. I'm not Jewish, I'm not a man, but my blood was stirred.


Riveting account of militant anti-fascist resistance in the UK in the years following the second world war. In existence for only 5 years, the group were mainly active in London where Mosley's British Union of Fascists were busiest in their attempts to win favour amongst the white working class.

Initially comprised of 43 ex-servicemen, the Group were appalled at the xenophobic and anti-semetic [ sic ] ranting of the Mosleyites, who would meet on London's street corners and berate passers-by.

Many Jewish soldiers, recently returned from fighting the fascists abroad, were shocked by the level of protection given to the fascists at home by the police - all in the name of freedom of speech of course. Many of those who went on to join the 43 Group first encountered BUF rallies on their way home from cinemas showing footage of the recently liberated concentration camps.

The Groups philosophy of the "3 D's" - Discuss, Decide and Do it - were quickly manifested on the streets of London, with literally thousands of fascist meetings and rallies sent packing. [ Do you believe that? I don't - Editor ]. Quickly gaining a reputation, The Groups ranks swelled to hundreds, organized in 'wedges' of a dozen or so. These wedges would attend a BUF rally and at a given signal would storm the speakers platform, attacking BUF stewards and speaker. The Groups military background ensured tight discipline and brutally effective actions. This, combined with a number of spies within the fascist ranks. Ensured the 43 Group almost always came out on top, closing down two-thirds of all fascist activity in the UK until it's simultaneous demise with organized fascism in Britain.
Despite the Groups ferocity when fighting the fascists, they offered no resistance if arrested by the police. This policy was in keeping with their goal of convincing the State to ban fascist organizations. The Group could not then be seen to be attacking the State. Modern anti-fascism in the shape of Anti-Fascist Action/No Platform, has an altogether more cynical and politically radical analysis of the role of the State, made up as it is of anarchists and communists Beckmans' generation were not revolutionary in that sense. Their motivations being a quite reasonable desire to see off annoying idiots with megaphones and jackboots on their streets . With the BUF in utter demise by 1949 the Group disbanded, job done. Many subsequently migrated to Israel.

The 43 Group is a thrilling testament to the positive role militancy can play in social movements. It's also the only book I've ever read with a foreword by none other than Vidal Sassoon [ one of the perpetrators - Editor ].


After WWII ex-service men and women, had thought they had seen an end to the Nazis and Fascism. But instead the post war world saw a resurge [ sic ] in organized Fascist thugs and racist/anti-semitic [ sic ] groups. Already the all too worrying signs were showing; the state was defending their speeches and marches, alongside this organized Jewry was ignoring the situation. As a result political similarities were emerging with that of Germany 1933.

Giving an almost [ sic ] fiction like narrative, Beckman and the 43 group come into the scene to try and confront the enemy on their own terms and look to be having fun doing it. This is an history book written the way history should be written, and this book particularly is probably the most important written on the subject of anti-fascism after the Second World War.

Errors & omissions, broken links, cock ups, over-emphasis, malice [ real or imaginary ] or whatever; if you find any I am open to comment.
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